İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

became a member   (üye oldu)

She became a member of a girl group named G.L.A.M.

In May 1834, Young became a member of Zion's Camp.

Hake became a member of the circle round Rossetti.

only a few   (sadece birkaçı)

There are only a few highways in the North region.

Currently only a few tombstones remain to be seen.

This often happened only a few days or weeks later.

signed a contract   (bir sözleşme imzaladı)

In 2013 signed a contract with Marmi Lanza Verona.

On 1 July 2015, Barreto signed a contract with U.C.

In May 2018 he signed a contract extension to 2022.

won a bronze   (bronz madalya kazandı)

He won a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

She herself won a bronze in the individual event.

She also won a bronze medal in the 100 m butterfly.

won a silver   (gümüş kazandı)

They lost this final, but still won a silver medal.

He also won a silver medal in the 1500 meter event.

He won a silver medal in the boardercross event.

just a few   (sadece birkaç tane)

They fly just a few meters above the forest floor.

To the south, there are just a few residences.

It was more than just a few percentage points.

won a gold   (altın kazandı)

Samantha won a gold medal with a time of 2:08:33.

In 1974, he won a gold medal at the Balkan Games.

He won a gold medal at the 1963 Pan American Games.

build a new   (yeni inşa et)

A fight to regain an old passion and build a new one.

In 1977, John initiated plans to build a new restaurant.

3 has plans to build a new Ultrafast mast.

within a few   (Birkaç içinde)

Most sunburns heal completely within a few weeks.

who had crawled up within a few yards of the position.

Toxicity may reoccur within a few days after treatment.

such a way   (böyle bir yol)

To have it taken away in such a way was terrible."

(Again, in such a way that 1 goes to the multiplicand.)

Fuel is handled in such a way that even small spills are minimized.

set a new   (yeni bir set)

The 2004 season set a new record with over burned.

The film set a new record for box office sales.

He set a new Irish record of 22.14 and finished 19th.

signed a new   (yeni imza)

On 30 May 2014, Hopper signed a new two-year deal.

He signed a new one-year deal for the 2009 season.

On 31 May 2011 he signed a new two-year contract.

only a small   (sadece küçük)

On the actual summit is only a small wooden cross.

Suburbanization played only a small role in Erfurt.

Survived only a small fragment 6 by 3 cm.

hours a day   (bir günün saatleri)

Its emergency department operates 24 hours a day.

Their status of trading 24 hours a day was retained.

It broadcasts 24 hours a day, on 92.1 in the FM band.

played a role   (rol yaptı)

Dolphins have long played a role in human culture.

She also played a role in the Dutch film Süskind.

He also played a role in the Camp David Accords.

create a new   (yeni bir tane oluştur)

Y&R was tasked to create a new global brand for Rebisco.

In January 1991 Zone 5 was split to create a new Zone 6.

We have to create a new rating for that.'"

became a part

It became a part of Grant Thornton on 1 July 2007.

Political violence became a part of this warfare.

Kannada films became a part of the event in 1969.

played a major   (büyük oynadı)

Natural light also played a major part in the design.

Religion played a major role during labor and delivery.

House played a major role in shaping wartime diplomacy.

became a regular   (düzenli hale geldi)

He became a regular forward and scored many goals.

He became a regular player as offensive midfielder.

He became a regular player as defensive midfielder.

became a major   (büyük oldu)

The taille became a major source of royal income.

It rapidly became a major freight route for the PRR.

In 1843 he became a major in the Texas militia.

played a key   (bir anahtar oynadı)

Sharon played a key role in the War of Attrition.

The air force played a key role in their defeat.

Pierre's family played a key role in politics itself.

play a role   (bir rol oyna)

It may play a role as potential therapeutic agent.

Governments can play a role in all of these areas.

Vitamin D also play a role in phosphate absorption.

days a week   (haftanın günleri)

During this time students trained 6–7 days a week.

The service operates hourly, seven days a week.

Metro buses and rail service run 7 days a week.

published a book   (bir kitap yayınladı)

He has published a book titled "" (The New Press).

He published a book on the "Indian Timbers" (1910).

He also published a book on making stained glass.

issued a statement   (Bir bildiri yayınladı)

The company issued a statement in response to the issue.

In February, Yow issued a statement of support for Williams.

The Romney campaign subsequently issued a statement saying, "Gov.

only a single   (sadece bir tane)

The plank ultimately failed by only a single vote.

The upper whorls have only a single row of tubercles.

There is 1 with only a single inversion, 0101.

form a new   (yeni bir form oluştur)

It was merged with another unit to form a new regiment in 1927.

It was merged with Lasino to form a new municipality, Madruzzo.

It was merged with Calavino to form a new municipality, Madruzzo.

through a series   (bir dizi boyunca)

Players navigate through a series of screens.

Users can query results through a series of search options.

humans) through a series of lower forms.

wrote a book   (bir kitap yazdı)

He wrote a book "On the Early History of Arcadia".

In 2013 he wrote a book titled "A Snid Of Milk".

Keene wrote a book about the opening with that title.

pursue a career   (bir kariyer peşinde koşmak)

Carrie then went on to pursue a career in writing.

She retired in 1973 to pursue a career in business.

(Mama) Mann who did not pursue a career as a musician.

filed a lawsuit   (bir dava açtı)

In April 2016, Wimdu filed a lawsuit against the law.

The band had filed a lawsuit with the Coca-Cola company.

The government had filed a lawsuit against Do for his social activism.

became a professor   (profesör oldu)

She then became a professor at Mercer University.

Brown became a professor of classics at Wesleyan.

In 1904 he became a professor at University College.

wrote a letter   (bir mektup yazdı)

Some did artwork, and she wrote a letter in character.

Wolf wrote a letter to talk about the album.

She wrote a letter to Chadral Rinpoche who confirmed this.

created a new   (yeni yarattı)

They created a new order, calling it Asparagales.

In 2014, Yishai created a new party, called Yachad.

In fact, the anti-virus would have created a new virus.

spent a year

She spent a year travelling around in South America.

She also spent a year with the Secret Service.

He spent a year at Al-Washm before joining Al-Shoulla.

ordained a priest   (bir rahip atadı)

He was ordained a priest on June 7, 1879 in Naples.

Alemany was ordained a priest on March 11, 1837.

On December 14, 1941, he was ordained a priest.

released a new   (yeni yayınladı)

They released a new album of bird songs in 2014.

In mid 2011, HP released a new version of the envy 14.

In 2002, Mumba released a new single "I'm Right Here".

elected a member   (üye seçildi)

He was elected a member of the 56 Group Wales (1971–75).

In 2016 he was elected a member of the Academia Europaea.

He was elected a member of the Royal Institution in 1902.

became a popular

The song became a popular Irish nationalist anthem.

It became a popular instrument after about 1910.

Calcata became a popular site for pilgrimage.

signed a minor   (reşit olmayan)

In , he signed a minor league contract with the Boston Red Sox.

In 2015, LaHair signed a minor league contract with the Boston Red Sox.

In January 2018, Cuevas signed a minor league contract with the Red Sox.

formed a new

Davies and Janion formed a new partnership in 1871.

In 1999, she formed a new soul band called Soul Explosion.

In 2008, he formed a new group and resumed the N'Harmony name.

introduced a new   (yeni tanıttı)

course & in its place introduced a new B.Tech.

In 1949, it introduced a new type of alkaline battery.

The Quran introduced a new way of writing to the world.

released a statement   (bir açıklama yayınladı)

Nottingham released a statement confirming his death.

Solomon later released a statement saying, "It's overkill.

The IBF released a statement in detail.

scored a goal

Martin also scored a goal in the win over Rennes.

In the 37th minute, Gergely Rudolf scored a goal.

He then scored a goal against Mioveni in a 4-0 win.

earned a bachelor   (lisans aldı)

He earned a bachelor's degree from Miami in December 2012.

He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Surrey.

Rocca earned a bachelor's degree from University of Michigan.

played a significant   (önemli bir rol oynadı)

The Town Hall played a significant part in public life.

Ukrainka's mother played a significant role in her upbringing.

Maragondon played a significant role in the Philippine revolution.

built a new

Sherman built a new "Childs Truss covered Bridge."

Samuel Marsden where he built a new home, Newlands.

James V built a new harbour at Burntisland in 1542.

within a year   (bir yıl içerisinde)

About 70% of people die within a year of diagnosis.

Sasipada taught her to read and write within a year.

The first draft of the DSM-III was prepared within a year.

find a way   (bir yol bul)

We've got to find a way to play better next week."

He promises he’ll find a way to make it up to Bob.

But those who love each other will find a way to reunite.

half a million   (yarım milyon)

By May 1945 half a million people (35%) had fled.

It has had over half a million views on YouTube.

The population is in excess of half a million people.

sent a letter   (bir mektup gönderdi)

Not long before Luke had sent a letter to Cora declaring his love.

The Guyanese government sent a letter to Venezuela on 8 January 1969.

Horiuchi sent a letter of testimony that he did not know these facts.

during a period   (bir süre boyunca)

Sell-through is calculated during a period (usually 1 month).

This was during a period of turmoil that made governing difficult.

This occurred in Paris during a period following the French Revolution.

times a year

He visits the United States several times a year.

The Lions and Suns play each other two times a year.

It is published eight times a year by Routledge.

made a number   (bir numara yaptı)

He made a number of films for Robert L. Lippert.

He made a number of studies of Richmond Bridge.

Bell made a number of administrative reforms.

took a job   (bir iş aldı)

She then took a job as a lecturer in the Dr. S.K.

In 1936 he took a job with the Office of Works.

After the war, Evers took a job as an insurance salesman.

signed a deal   (bir anlaşma imzaladı)

On 29 January 2020, Masiello signed a deal with Genoa.

In May 2017, Ronny J signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

Employees signed a deal in May 2014 and returned to work.

name a few   (Birkaç isim)

King, Counting Crows and Ry Cooder, to name a few.

Brighton, Lancaster, VZ to name a few).

Layout boats come in designs such as pumpkin seed, oval, box-like just to name a few.

half a century   (yarım yüzyıl)

It's their reunion for half a century.

He died in 1695, aged only 26; his widow outlived him by half a century.

only a handful   (sadece bir avuç)

Of the former Odhams strips, only a handful survived.

As of 2012 only a handful of hospitals had been designated.

As of 2018, only a handful of structures remain in the area.

opened a new

In 1922 Emilio opened a new distillery in Santiago.

Stanley opened a new plant in Aurora, Colorado.

In 2008, the school opened a new Post-16 block.

received a bachelor   (lisans aldı)

from 1940–42 and received a bachelor's degree in science.

He received a bachelor's degree in agronomy in March 1970.

He received a bachelor's degree in 1629.

launched a new   (yeni başlattı)

Together, they launched a new hedge fund platform.

During 2008, TAAG launched a new route to Beijing.

In June 2013, Hellion also launched a new web page.

earned a master   (usta kazandı)

He later earned a master's degree in physics.

Davis earned a master's degree in history.

He earned a master's degree in English from Columbia in 1953.

become a member   (üye Ol)

To become a member, one needs to pass the advanced test.

In July, 2013, they will become a member of Conference USA.

Institutions must purchase stock in order to become a member.

gained a reputation   (itibar kazandı)

Franco quickly gained a reputation as a good officer.

Bilotti soon gained a reputation for violence.

Mingus gained a reputation as a bass prodigy.

became a free   (özgür oldu)

Ruf became a free agent following the 2019 season.

He became a free agent, at the end of that season.

Brooking became a free agent on February 27, 2009.

announced a new   (yeni ilan edildi)

On June 5, 2010, the band announced a new line-up.

The Kaiser announced a new chapter in world history.

She announced a new album scheduled for spring 2012.

received a nomination   (aday gösterildi)

This movie received a nomination for the Gouden Kalf.

It received a nomination for an Eisner Award in 2015.

Day received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

when a new   (ne zaman yeni)

It was used until 1810 when a new church was erected in the town.

Further expansion occurred in 1830 when a new canal basin was dug.

The school was used from 1921 to 1988, when a new school was built.

once a year   (yılda bir kez)

As a weekly thing, it would get tired, but once a year?

Adults fly once a year between May and July.

The listing of starred restaurants is updated once a year.

became a hit   (hit oldu)

It became a hit, selling 25,000 tickets per week.

This version became a hit in Italy, Portugal and Poland.

His 1955 song "Onna Sendō Uta" (おんな船頭唄) became a hit song.

became a full

It became a full community college on July 1, 1946.

It became a full member of the organization in 2014.

In 1985 he became a full member of the Gallery.

become a major   (büyük olmak)

Now it has become a major commercial hub in city.

The annual event has become a major tourist attraction.

Drug resistance has "become a major concern".

plays a role   (rol oynamaktadır)

Emotion regulation plays a role in maladjustment.

IL-6 plays a role in neuronal reaction to an injury.

Cognitive load also plays a role in ironic control theory.

start a new   (yeniden başlamak)

He arrives in Erinsborough to start a new business.

Both want to start a new life at a new place.

They eventually fall in love and decide to start a new life.

creating a new   (yeni bir tane yaratmak)

Its popularity has grown since its invention, creating a new demand.

This is why the exodus is sometimes described as ""creating a new Antwerp"".

In late 1974, ABC Daytime approached Labine about creating a new soap opera.

established a new

By then, the writers had established a new villain, Kaine.

The crowd of 105,543 established a new NCAA attendance record.

He established a new Swami order in 2009: the Nayaswami Order.

became a partner   (ortak oldu)

He was aided by a local banker, who became a partner.

He became a partner in 1927 of Hentz, Adler & Shutze.

Dewar became a partner in Ross Harper Murphy, in 1975.

up a new

Just a few days after, he took up a new job at NK Zelina.

identity, takes up a new life as his old self in the capital.

In 2011 the school opened up a new playground for the students.

wrote a number   (bir numara yazdı)

He wrote a number of children's books which include:

He also wrote a number of choral works.

During this time he wrote a number of works on the specialty.

played a total   (toplam oynadı)

He played a total of 56 games for the Magpies.

He played a total of 23 matches in the season.

He played a total of 29 games for Poland, scoring 7 goals.

twice a year   (yılda iki kez)

It moults twice a year, during spring and autumn.

She was able to return home just twice a year.

Once or twice a year an academic workshop is organized.

made a total   (toplam yaptı)

He made a total of four appearances in 2016–17.

He made a total of 9 appearances in the season.

He made a total of 12 appearances for the club.

reached a peak   (zirveye ulaştı)

It later reached a peak population of about 6,500.

It reached a peak of #11 on the Oricon weekly chart.

The album's title cut reached a peak of No.

currently a free   (şu anda ücretsiz)

Chad is currently a free agent.

He is currently a free agent.

suffered a stroke   (felç geçirdi)

On 10 December 1896, he suffered a stroke and died.

In early 1999, he suffered a stroke and hemiplegia.

He suffered a stroke on 18 April 1869 in Chester.

published a number   (bir sayı yayınladı)

It also published a number of interim reports.

He has published a number of works, including:

Emery published a number of works, including:

produced a number   (bir sayı üretti)

The Komnenos dynasty produced a number of branches.

Wright has produced a number of cast recordings.

They also produced a number of local live shows.

half a mile   (yarım mil)

Alnmouth railway station is about half a mile away.

It is about half a mile to the east of Speech House.

It is less than half a mile from U.S. Route 51.

not a member   (üye değil)

However, he is not a member of the committee itself.

De León was not a member of any political party.

UN observer the Holy See is also not a member.

received a bye   (bir hoşçakal aldı)

União Tokodede and Lalenok United received a bye.

The top two teams received a bye to the semifinals.

All seeds received a bye into the quarter-finals.

released a single

She released a single of the same name on March 5.

He has also released a single, "Deny", with Anatii.

Afterwards he released a single named "la moulance".

building a new

FC Zestafoni management is building a new base for the club.

The dancers symbolised the workers building a new Australia for the future.

The Corris Railway is currently building a new locomotive to the same design.

accepted a position   (bir pozisyon kabul etti)

In June 2003 Scoble accepted a position at Microsoft.

Braman had accepted a position in the Nixon administration.

She then accepted a position at The Scripps Research Institute.

became a prominent   (öne çıktı)

After returning, he became a prominent "heel" in New Japan.

The Kerrs' son Michael Kerr became a prominent British lawyer.

Boudinot became a prominent lawyer and his practice prospered.

passed a resolution   (bir karar geçti)

The Texas House passed a resolution to honor him.

In 2016, the rabbis passed a resolution supporting transgender rights.

The Connecticut legislature passed a resolution praising the crew of "Dexter".

find a new   (yeni bul)

Building a starship, they left Earth to find a new home.

Often, it fails to find a new mate in its short lifespan.

Lakes formed, until the waters could find a new way to drain.

held a number   (bir numara tuttu)

Modestinus also held a number of Roman priesthoods.

It held a number of hearings around the country.

Tisserant held a number of offices in the Roman Curia.

became a teacher   (öğretmen oldu)

In 1930, he became a teacher at the Naval school.

He became a teacher at the Académie Julian in 1889.

Directly after graduation, Hart became a teacher.

played a part   (bir rol oynadı)

Therefore, a bad winter probably also played a part.

He also played a part in Måns Mårlind's "Snapphanar".

Social issues played a part in the campaign.