İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

forced to abandon   (terk etmeye zorlandı)

Dog owners in Venezuela have been forced to abandon their pets.

The British colonel was forced to abandon two of his four cannons.

Faced with these plagues, residents were forced to abandon the village.

decided to abandon   (terk etmeye karar verdim)

Grant decided to abandon the Spotsylvania area.

That night, the insurgents decided to abandon the city.

In 1959, it was decided to abandon 25 Hz generation altogether.

abandon ship   (Terkedilmiş gemi)

The captain, Samuel Alshager, was the last to abandon ship.

He therefore ordered the passengers and crew to abandon ship.

Janeway is forced to order all but the senior staff to abandon ship.

not abandon   (terk etme)

In other words, England would not abandon the Protestant cause.

Doc tells Cullen he will not abandon Durant despite the death warrant.

He tells Cole he loves Ruth and will not abandon her, unlike her own father.

decision to abandon   (terk etme kararı)

The violence of these mob-style games led to widespread protests and a decision to abandon them.

Wei Zhong cannot fathom his mother's decision to abandon him for his younger brother and holds contempt towards her and Ah Di.

The launch of F12 was postponed whilst a project review was carried out, which led to the decision to abandon the Europa design.