İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

abandoned due   (vadesi gelmiş)

This project had to be abandoned due to the war.

The second ODI match was abandoned due to heavy rain.

It was completely abandoned due to a lack of funding.

later abandoned   (sonra terk edildi)

The settlements were later abandoned for new explorations.

The gun was disabled by a premature detonation and later abandoned.

The hotel was closed in 1957, turned into offices, and later abandoned.

eventually abandoned   (sonunda terk edildi)

The quarries were eventually abandoned in the 1680s.

This system was eventually abandoned.

C&NW eventually abandoned the Minnesota Prairie Line tracks in 1982.

project was abandoned

The project was abandoned in May 1940.

When the settlers refused to convert, the project was abandoned.

Once again, six songs into the album, the project was abandoned.

abandoned when   (ne zaman terk edildi)

It was abandoned when Megalopolis was founded.

790 AM was abandoned when the gospel format was moved to 97.5 FM.

The mission was abandoned when Cruzat prohibited the trade in hides.

largely abandoned

The diggings were largely abandoned by 1893.

This terminology is now largely abandoned.

The cloth is today largely abandoned.

then abandoned   (sonra terk edildi)

The boat was docked and then abandoned in 1914.

The programs were then abandoned for nearly nine years.

The fort was then abandoned for twenty years.

now abandoned

The airfield closed in 1945 and is now abandoned.

The fort is now abandoned on private property.

soon abandoned

The interurban was not rebuilt and soon abandoned.

VF-12 soon abandoned its aircraft to the Marines.

In any case this project was soon abandoned.

completely abandoned   (tamamen terk edilmiş)

It was completely abandoned due to a lack of funding.

Ephesus was completely abandoned by the 15th century.

After 1955 the area was completely abandoned.

finally abandoned   (sonunda terk edildi)

It was finally abandoned in the sixteenth century.

The proposed dam was finally abandoned in 1968.

The Board of Ordnance finally abandoned the castle in 1881.

abandoned because   (terk edildi çünkü)

The project was abandoned because of the death of producer Majendran.

The album was abandoned because the members had different priorities.

The mine was abandoned because of a lack of funds to purchase an engine.

abandoned in favor   (lehine terk edilmiş)

Fourth, large menus were abandoned in favor of shorter menus.

The project was finally abandoned in favor of ICBM development.

This idea was later abandoned in favor of being its own stand-alone series.

abandoned during   (sırasında terk edildi)

Birka was abandoned during the later half of the 10th century.

The great fortress was abandoned during the reign of Neferhotep I.

Londinium, once a major city, was completely abandoned during the 5th century.

abandoned ship

Some of her crew abandoned ship via the lifeboats.

At 0715, the crew of "Muenschen" abandoned ship, to be picked up by .

Her captain and members of her crew were killed, and the survivors abandoned ship.

abandoned in favour   (lehine terk edilmiş)

However, in later years this was abandoned in favour of String Theory.

Therefore, this theory was very soon abandoned in favour of other explanations.

Recently, the V configuration has been abandoned in favour of straight engines.

abandoned house   (Terk edilmiş ev)

An abandoned house owned by a church stood in as the Myers house.

Will lures her to an abandoned house and destroys her balloon with a bow and arrow.

Natalie explains that she gave birth in an abandoned house but her daughter was stillborn.

abandoned building

By the time of World War II it was an abandoned building.

We filmed it in an abandoned building [in NYC] in the dead of winter.

The existing abandoned building is 49' x 18', and consists of six rooms on two floors.

abandoned village

In 2014, it was listed as an abandoned village.

abandoned buildings   (terk edilmiş binalar)

By the late 1960s, the abandoned buildings were deteriorating severely.

When the Boy Scouts took over the area, the abandoned buildings were quite dilapidated.

Much of his work centers around deserted farms and other abandoned buildings in Iceland.

plan was abandoned

However, the price of coal fell soon afterwards and the plan was abandoned.

The plan was abandoned after Jagger met the potential director, Nicholas Ray, and disliked him.

In 1975 the plan was abandoned in favour of the "A+" version that will reach production in 1980.

subsequently abandoned   (sonradan terk edildi)

He subsequently abandoned his Christian beliefs.

The scheme was subsequently abandoned in November 2006.

Both Bir el Mazar and Maghara Hills positions were subsequently abandoned.

abandoned the project

The makers abandoned the project due to creative differences.

GM encountered problems running at very low lift, and abandoned the project.

"Alley Cat" was begun by another programmer, John Harris, who abandoned the project.

line was abandoned

The line was abandoned that year.

The line was abandoned in 1973.

The line was abandoned in 1927.

quickly abandoned

In the event, the 1-pounder was quickly abandoned.

1 stack was quickly abandoned in 1924, leaving only No.

Procter quickly abandoned the second siege.

abandoned the idea

Dismayed at their failure, they abandoned the idea of suicide.

Later, because of French involvement in Mexico, he abandoned the idea.

At the 1939 18th Congress, Stalin abandoned the idea that the state would wither away.

abandoned children

Today over 100 orphans or abandoned children live at Nyumbani Children's Home located in Karen, Nairobi.

Foundling Hospital, Dublin The Foundling Hospital () was a hospital for abandoned children in Dublin, Ireland.

While living in London's Saville Street, he took part in efforts to create a home for the city's abandoned children.

crew abandoned

Some of her crew abandoned ship via the lifeboats.

Most of her officers and crew abandoned her on 18 July.

"U-76" was forced to the surface, and the crew abandoned her.

gradually abandoned

The track was gradually abandoned south from Nelson to Salmo during the 1990s.

The group gradually abandoned its funk roots and moved into the more commercial pop arena.

The village was gradually abandoned after the war; in 1953 four houses were still inhabited.

idea was abandoned

However, the Japanese surrendered and the idea was abandoned.

The idea was abandoned after feasibility studies failed to prove it was possible.

However this idea was abandoned following the emergence of the Ulster Senior League.

site was abandoned   (site terk edildi)

The site was abandoned and the holes sealed.

Following the fire, the site was abandoned.

The missile site was abandoned in 1965.

match was abandoned

The second ODI match was abandoned due to heavy rain.

Day 2 of the Test match was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to rain.

The match was abandoned and replayed the following week at another local ground.

ultimately abandoned

However, their plan was ultimately abandoned.

The route was ultimately abandoned by the state by 2013.

The plans were ultimately abandoned.

abandoned the family   (aileyi terk etti)

His father abandoned the family in 1810, and his mother died the following year.

The father abandoned the family when Lilia was young and her mother raised her alone.

In 1981, his father abandoned the family, converted to Islam and moved to Makhachkala.

abandoned all   (hepsini terk etti)

(Zhuge Liang) has abandoned all of them.

But when the Muawwidhatayn were revealed, he used them (for protection) and abandoned all else besides them.

Upon her accession to the throne in 1972 Queen Margrethe II abandoned all titles except the title 'Queen of Denmark'.

not abandoned   (terk edilmemiş)

The glacial river channel is not abandoned.

The company lost most of its functionality and production capability when the Soviet Union dissolved, yet was not abandoned.

Such initiatives are often temporary, informal and citizen-led as well as taking place in unused, if not abandoned, urban spaces.

abandoned railroad

The highway began at an abandoned railroad grade at the north city limit of Marquette.

The route enters Linden and heads past industry as it crosses an abandoned railroad branch.

The property also includes an abandoned limestone quarry and abandoned railroad bed and bridge.

having abandoned

She is also angry with Khushi and Sanjana for having abandoned her.

Maps of the Enlightenment period practically universally used copper plate intaglio, having abandoned the fragile, coarse woodcut technology.

During the "Avengers vs. X-Men" storyline, Asp was once again seen as part of the Serpent Society, apparently having abandoned her attempts at reformation.

abandoned warehouse   (terk edilmiş depo)

He then floats through an abandoned warehouse under iridescent lights.

Filmed in an abandoned warehouse, the music video for "Fantastic Baby" was directed by Seo Hyun-seung.

Nearing the end of the season, Vivian is killed by Noi, after being locked up in a burning abandoned warehouse.

abandoned before

Gače was abandoned before the First World War.

The prehistoric mound settlements were abandoned before the Bronze Age.

Many do-it-yourself aircraft projects are abandoned before they are completed.

plans were abandoned

These plans were abandoned and were expanded into a new plan called Operation Reindeer.

The shipping industry received support from Norwegian Coastal Administration and the plans were abandoned in 1974.

The plans were abandoned after 11 neighboring municipalities rejected giving grants for the necessary technical upgrades.

found abandoned   (terk edilmiş bulundu)

The first was built about 1141 and found abandoned by Hearst in 1925.

The Dili heliport was found abandoned, but not burnt or seriously damaged.

One of the attackers' vehicles was later found abandoned on the road to El Salvador.