Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

ability to make   (capacidad de hacer)

Beiranvand's main trait is his ability to make very long throws.

She complimented Cardi B's ability to make good use of her only verse.

Cobweb's only apparent powers were allure and the ability to make an entrance.

ability to use   (capacidad de usar)

In third season (Week 3), ability to use a joker was introduced.

Nix calls himself "The Puritan" and has the ability to use real magic.

In 2013, 20,235 people reported the ability to use New Zealand Sign Language.

ability to create   (capacidad de crear)

The ability to create the effect is largely tempo-dependent.

The ability to create custom units was praised, as was the depth of the tech tree.

The mural called “La epopeya del intelecto” deals with the ability to create and invent.

ability to play   (habilidad para jugar)

This early model did not include the ability to play sound.

The Internet Scrabble Club offers the ability to play Clabbers online.

Unlike the DD-1EX, the DD-10EX also had the ability to play audio files.

ability to control   (capacidad de control)

He has the ability to control human minds easily.

It also has the ability to control and manipulate the elements.

RT-M-160 («РТ-М-160») - with the ability to control the rear wheels.

ability to perform

Disability is the lack of ability to perform physical daily activities.

Reportedly, storms interfered with her ability to perform psychokinetic acts.

During this period the squadron became known for its ability to perform cold weather operations.

s ability

The MERV system measures a filter’s ability to capture large particles.

The result is variation and uncertainty in the manufacturer’s ability to serve the market.

One’s ability to read in a language is further enhanced by a concurrent learning of writing.

ability to produce   (capacidad de producir)

Some isolates do not show the ability to produce zoospores.

The Leyland plant also had the ability to produce four wheel drive vehicles.

Humans also lack the genetic ability to produce these sensory cells actively.

s ability

The MERV system measures a filter’s ability to capture large particles.

The result is variation and uncertainty in the manufacturer’s ability to serve the market.

One’s ability to read in a language is further enhanced by a concurrent learning of writing.

ability to speak   (capacidad de hablar)

Traumatised, Doudou loses her ability to speak.

She also briefly lost the ability to speak.

Zacharias is literally dumbfounded and loses his ability to speak.

ability to see

The ability to see color also decreases in old age.

She also has the ability to see and speak with the ghost of Det.

It has been shown that she has the ability to see (and control) ghosts.

ability to read   (capacidad de leer)

Haruka Kotoura is a 15-year-old girl who was born with the psychic ability to read minds.

Joseph is known for his technical ability, creativity, pace, and ability to read the game.

One’s ability to read in a language is further enhanced by a concurrent learning of writing.

ability to change

The NESTDOWN function has the ability to change the vertical sigma levels.

The antibodies are ineffective because of the virus' ability to change their coats rapidly.

Thus the ability to change direction quickly while in motion is critical for sports success.

ability to provide   (capacidad de proporcionar)

It has the ability to provide specialty products and services all 50 states.

The oracle responded that the impious on Earth hindered Apollo's ability to provide advice.

The 1999 Helms-Biden Act restricted the United States' ability to provide military support to the UN.

cognitive ability   (habilidad cognitiva)

Findings in these patients include hypotension, hypoxemia, seizures, and impairment of cognitive ability.

They also find that lower cognitive ability is associated with greater risk aversion and more pronounced impatience.

Childhood socioeconomic status influences neural development and affects cognitive ability and mental health through adult life.

ability to take

They had little doubt of their ability to take the Territory over to the South.

Stephen Sondheim noted the duo's ability to take the innovations of "Oklahoma!"

The sequel also introduces the ability to take and share photos from the various game modes.

ability to move   (capacidad de moverse)

As an earthbender, Bolin has the ability to move and shape earth at will.

It is motile, flagellated and thought to have the ability to move through mucus.

The article contains few words, and the ability to move shapes is introduced "slowly and deliberately".

ability to work   (capacidad para trabajar)

Their ability to work will be re-evaluated by the municipality after 5 months of illness.

His pitch recognition allows him the ability to work counts and he becomes more aggressive in hitter's counts.

They cited his ability to work across party lines and experience as an educator and former administrator with USF.

ability to communicate   (capacidad de comunicar)

The ability to communicate spontaneously develops only through authentic communication.

"Dys4ia" received praise from various sources for its ability to communicate a challenging subject.

Bryson has received numerous awards for his ability to communicate science with passion and enthusiasm.

including the ability

Various criteria were enforced to ensure the quality of the runners, including the ability to run a kilometre in five minutes or less.

The Android app has a number of features that the iPhone app does not have, including the ability to control the app using only the voice.

"No Regret" added a handful of new maneuvers to the original game, including the ability to dive forward, and to sidestep while crouching.

ability to pay

Your ability to reason, like your ability to pay attention and make comparisons is zero.

The houses were built according to people's ability to pay, tastes, and cultural background.

the ability to pay attention in class, to cooperate, to organize and to seek help) and college premia.

ability to fly

Some beetles have lost the ability to fly.

A purple tapir and Kuromi's sidekick with the ability to fly.

She displayed the ability to fly and to create and control blizzard-like weather patterns.

ability to get

Their lack of sight does not hinder their ability to get food.

The ability to get goals at crucial times gave Dooley a second Leinster medal.

The delay proved costly in terms of his ability to get his forces out of Egypt.

ability to run

They have the ability to run and turn well.

However, Brody finds the drugs give him confidence in his ability to run his restaurant.

Essentially, a 35 ns pixel mode was added plus the ability to run arbitrary horizontal and vertical scan rates.

according to ability

In foreign languages and mathematics from year 7 to 10, lessons are divided into different sets that can be attended by the students according to ability not to age.

One quarter of the places in these schools were directly funded by central government, while the remainder attracted fees, some paid by the Local Education Authority and some by the parents of pupils; the amounts were set according to ability to pay.

technical ability

He has great strength and athleticism, as well as good technical ability.

He had a remarkable technical ability as did both, assisted and scored goals.

Joseph is known for his technical ability, creativity, pace, and ability to read the game.

unique ability

This gives it the unique ability to bend notes via the Doppler effect.

Rodin possessed a unique ability to model a complex, turbulent, deeply pocketed surface in clay.

While in Centopia, Mia changes into a winged elven girl with the unique ability to talk to unicorns.

ability to detect   (capacidad de detectar)

However, the ability to detect the odor varies greatly.

Other advantages include the ability to detect low RCS targets at low altitudes.

The ability to detect interactions is a major advantage of multiple factor ANOVA.

ability to carry

Actual ability to carry out the apprehended contact is not necessary.

It offers the ability to carry legal loads up to tall, which other trailers cannot.

There is also an optional roof rack that provides ability to carry outdoor equipment.

ability and aptitude   (habilidad y aptitud)

Ideally, the Sportpony would have the competitive ability and aptitude of its larger relatives, but retain the unflappable pony personality.

ability to maintain   (capacidad de mantener)

The etymology of the area referred to its ability to maintain great crops for agriculture.

This is due for its ability to maintain high weld strength, hermetic sealing, and high production rates.

They are known for their ability to maintain stomach temperature (homeothermy), which is unusual among fish.

ability to understand

Or is it merely "simulating" the ability to understand Chinese?

The physician will complete a brief assessment of the patient's ability to understand and produce language.

Its vision is to empower the young people of Pakistan with the ability to understand their role in society.

ability to transform   (capacidad de transformación)

It has the ability to transform into a variety of different animals.

Again, he is a monster-type with the ability to transform into the Onyx Blade.

Because of its ability to transform spaces, ambient video is often used for meditation or relaxation.

include the ability

Employee rights include the ability to refuse unsafe work.

This early model did not include the ability to play sound.

Other advantages include the ability to detect low RCS targets at low altitudes.

ability to generate   (capacidad de generar)

Dendrites contain voltage-gated ion channels giving them the ability to generate action potentials.

In April, AOL took several steps to expand its ability to generate revenue through online video advertising.

Asp has the ability to generate a unique form of radiant bioelectricity that she can channel as lightning-like blasts.

ability to learn

Theodore is fascinated by her ability to learn and grow psychologically.

The ability to learn and understand language is an extremely complex process.

Therefore, a country's ability to learn from the leader is a function of its stock of "human capital".

ability to operate

Methods are subroutines with the ability to operate on objects or classes.

Multiple court cases have also reinforced tribes' ability to operate these businesses.

In engineering it may refer to the machine's ability to operate without human involvement.

ability to form

Hence, 802.11ax has the ability to form high capacity Wi-Fi ad hoc networks.

David inherits this ability to form ectoplasms, though his eventually become more solid.

Mercury is unique among the group 12 metals for its ability to form the M–M bond so readily.

ability to turn

Hence her ability to turn into a coyote at will.

The regulations demand the ability to turn completely in a road just 25 feet wide.

A boost will dramatically increase a player's speed, but will decrease their ability to turn.

ability to handle

designation to those who have demonstrated their ability to handle the responsibilities of airport management.

To this day, the Quarter Horse dominates in events that require speed as well as the ability to handle cattle.

It also contribute to the tannin levels and the grape's ability to handle the effects of oak aging in the barrel.

ability to manipulate   (capacidad de manipular)

She also cuts off Ashe's ability to manipulate rage, rerouting the energy to herself.

Chronos created the immortal Pricus, who shares Chronos's ability to manipulate time.

According to his official profile, his main objective is to gain the ability to manipulate the dead.

ability to adapt   (capacidad para adaptarse)

The Marshall Field Store demonstrates his ability to adapt this style to a modern commercial premises.

Apart from its large size, the red fox is distinguished from other fox species by its ability to adapt quickly to new environments.

She has the ability to adapt her style to accommodate the demands of a wide musical repertoire from baroque to contemporary composers.

having the ability

This helps the mind having the ability to experience or to feel a sense of self.

Frederick is credited with having the ability to sit out difficult political situations patiently.

Despite having the ability to work as a member of Hawthorn's defense, he became a regular center half-forward for Hawthorn.

athletic ability

He's got athletic ability that people still haven't seen."

At 6-2 and 203 pounds, Barney had great size and natural athletic ability.

He was awarded the university's Wingate Cup for best all-around athletic ability.

lost the ability

She also briefly lost the ability to speak.

Some beetles have lost the ability to fly.

Nearly all African Americans had lost the ability to vote.

ability to find   (capacidad de encontrar)

He is also known for his ability to find new singers.

Changing Bear used this ability to find her brothers.

as well as the ability to find a service with a particular name.

special ability

Each different character has at least one special ability.

Each character also has a special ability that they can use to combat monsters: D.J.

At the third level, players earn a special ability, depending on the type of improvement.

ability to survive

It is valued in cultivation for its vivid flowers, and its ability to survive drought conditions.

The North American Opossum ("Didelphis virginiana") is notable for its ability to survive snake bites.

Denervated muscles have shown the ability to survive after periods of denervation or in the case of a damaged nerve.

ability to write

His ability to write stories made him well known in the school.

Upon completion of ALS, the graduate receives the ability to write performance reports on subordinates.

In an interview with Rock Hard Magazine in May 2016, he said that he had suffered from depression, which was affecting his ability to write new lyrics.

natural ability

He had a natural ability to hold a 4x4 beat.

It is not clear if this is a natural ability or a function of his armor.

Anthony’s experience and natural ability made him a logical choice as partner.

limited ability

Most mammals have limited ability to digest dietary fiber such as cellulose.

Both have limited ability to compensate for changing aerodynamic conditions.

Helen Newcome grows distressed at her limited ability to help her fiancé, and leaves for a trip abroad.

ability to absorb   (capacidad de absorber)

These include an ability to absorb new technology, attract capital and participate in global markets.

Jones now had the ability to absorb the life energy of other people, leaving behind smoldering skeletons.

A mutant, Christoph possessed the ability to absorb kinetic energy through impact with little to no harm.

ability to hold

He had a natural ability to hold a 4x4 beat.

Charlotte has the uncanny ability to hold her breath for nine hours.

In other cases, the ability to hold or use the foreign exchange may be otherwise limited.

ability to walk

A king was losing his sight and his ability to walk.

Rajvansh loses his ability to walk.

When Clara later comes to visit, she miraculously regains her ability to walk.

ability to access   (capacidad de acceso)

It has additional RAM (Random Access Memory) and the ability to access more cartridge data at one time than the 2600.

Regardless of your browser of choice, your ability to access web applications simply and efficiently has become the norm.

The Pixel Launcher exclusively supports the ability to access the app drawer and most recently used apps from the overview as well.

great ability   (gran habilidad)

"His body must have a great ability to overcome them."

He showed great ability for the study of languages and ancient documents.

Following his debut, Hasi described him as having "great ability and the speed, and I can see a bright future for him."

ability to grow   (capacidad de crecer)

Maize spread to the rest of the world because of its ability to grow in diverse climates.

Due to its ability to grow and reproduce quickly, the water oak is often the most abundant species in a stand of trees.

The main metaphor of the book is the hardy Tree of Heaven, whose persistent ability to grow and flourish even in the inner city mirrors the protagonist's desire to better herself.

ability to capture

The MERV system measures a filter’s ability to capture large particles.

VSN has an ability to capture images with different depth of focuses in the scene using several cameras.

The higher the MPR, the better the filter’s ability to capture particles from the air as it passes through the filter.

ability to keep   (capacidad de mantener)

He is known for precise striking and his ability to keep a high pace.

The demands of motherhood and her other career as a chemicals expert reduced her ability to keep playing football at the top level.

Sergei and Viktor are tasked with covering up the murder, but have doubts about Trafficant's ability to keep the truth from coming out.

uncanny ability   (habilidad asombrosa)

His biggest strong point was his uncanny ability to score goals.

Charlotte has the uncanny ability to hold her breath for nine hours.

A former colleague says Rai has an uncanny ability to cut through red tape.

ability to withstand   (capacidad de soportar)

Another story that tests Captain Gault's ability to withstand feminine wiles.

He earned the nickname for his strength and ability to withstand his opponent's strikes.

Stoneware and ironstone ware were popular choices for restaurants for their ability to withstand heavy use.

ability to compete

The lower the number, the greater the impact the impairment was on an athlete’s ability to compete.

ability test   (prueba de habilidad)

In an educational report Robert Coe compared students' scores in the ALIS ability test with equivalent grades achieved in A level exams over the period of approximately 20 years.

To be eligible for mentally gifted programs in Pennsylvania, a student must have a cognitive ability of at least 130 as measured on a standardized ability test by a certified school psychologist.

ability to deliver   (capacidad de entregar)

The ability to deliver pieces of DNA to the required parts of a cell includes many challenges.

It has a range of about 50 to 120 km, with the ability to deliver warheads, anti-tank and anti-personnel mines.

The ability to deliver integrated high quality services will require care professionals to use sensitive medical data.

ability to recognize

Readers have the ability to recognize and bind to specific sites on chromatin to alter epigenetic signatures.

For example, the ability to recognize individual groups members could solve the problem of cheating behavior.

Animals were tested on their ability to recognize objects, learn their valences and make object selections from memory.

musical ability

I admire her editorial and musical ability when it comes to crafting a tune."

Her mother was a singer, although her father's musical ability was limited to "whistling on pitch".

While still a small child, her father noticed her natural musical ability, and encouraged her interest in music.

no ability

Note that aloe vera has no ability to protect people from new or further sunburn.

Since the only notes available were those on the harmonic series of one of those pitches, they had no ability to play in different keys.

I liked the end result, but I had no ability to analyze it at all,” Halonen said to the Finnish news magazine "Suomen Kuvalehti" in 2015.

gained the ability

Finally, birds gained the ability to soar.

He also gained the ability to see some elements of darkness that are hidden to others.

In May 2010 the administrative board gained the ability to "exclude" students and fail them.

ability to bring   (capacidad de traer)

Weiss was inspired by Armstrong's ability to bring people of different races together.

Women called upon Artemis, a goddess with the ability to bring new life into the world as well as the ability to take it away.

The Fourth Pillar's Reward is Life, its function is not determined in the book, but is possibly the ability to bring people back from the dead.

ability to vote   (capacidad de votar)

Nearly all African Americans had lost the ability to vote.

Moreover, the ability to vote was linked to land ownership.

The Congress of Deputies had greater legislative power than the Senate, having the ability to vote confidence in or withdraw it from a Prime Minister and to override Senate vetoes by an absolute majority of votes.

ability to manage   (capacidad de gestionar)

On the other hand, parents may better understand their ability to manage another child.

Kabila demonstrated little ability to manage the problems of his country, and lost his allies.

It reflects the institution’s maturity and ability to manage and conduct its specialist discipline.

ability to travel   (capacidad de viajar)

There, she meets a worker named Mario, who soon learns about her ability to travel to Centopia.

Standing against this are the members of the Rabbit Shed Shop café, who possess the ability to travel into these worlds in order to stop the virus.

There is plenty of danger to go around as well, especially after the Time Lords restore the Third Doctor's ability to travel through time and space.

demonstrated the ability

He also has demonstrated the ability to exhibit surprising dexterity and speed when the need arises.

Despite all their achievements, Kanzi and Panbanisha also have not demonstrated the ability to ask questions so far.

These mood stabilizers are used for long-term mood stabilization but have not demonstrated the ability to quickly treat acute bipolar depression.

ability to identify

His group claims the ability to identify electromagnetic signals that are precursors to earthquakes.

Psychologists see pity arising in early childhood out of the infant's ability to identify with others.

The ability to identify as two individual entities two closely spaced fluorophores is limited by the diffraction of light.

ability to act

As characters are knocked out, they lose their ability to act.

The role challenged her ability to act as natural as she can be.

To show the compatibility of necessity and liberty, Hume defines liberty as the ability to act on the basis of one's will e.g.

remarkable ability   (habilidad notable)

She also has a remarkable ability to latch onto a casual comment and connect it to the case at hand.

However, not too long after development, tardigrades demonstrate a remarkable ability to withstand these conditions.

Tetraamminediaquacopper(II) hydroxide is known as Schweizer's reagent, and has the remarkable ability to dissolve cellulose.

standardized ability

To be eligible for mentally gifted programs in Pennsylvania, a student must have a cognitive ability of at least 130 as measured on a standardized ability test by a certified school psychologist.

standardized ability test   (prueba de habilidad estandarizada)

To be eligible for mentally gifted programs in Pennsylvania, a student must have a cognitive ability of at least 130 as measured on a standardized ability test by a certified school psychologist.

ability to develop   (capacidad de desarrollar)

Telz was especially noted for its ability to develop its talmidim in lomdus.

She is known for her ability to develop mutually beneficial community partnerships.

To steal another's property is also stealing from one's own potential ability to develop.


Nash’ ability to entertain and sustain interest lies within his sharp arrangements, memorably melodic compositions and strong leadership qualities.

Her works are renowned for their ability to capture the feelings of loneliness and darkness; they also showcase Hughes’ ability to add suspense while maintaining pacing throughout her stories.

After creating an online website to sell copies, an influx of book orders and support strained Kilodavis’ ability to meet demands and produce a sufficient amount of the more expensive, locally-copied books.

ability to bind   (capacidad de atar)

Calreticulin and Calnexin's ability to bind carbohydrates associates them with the lectin protein family.

This ability to bind covalently to DNA via their alkyl group is the primary cause for their anti-cancer effects.

At the molecular level, an antigen can be characterized by its ability to bind to an antibody's variable Fab region.

unusual ability   (habilidad inusual)

They have the unusual ability to climb down trees head first, unlike other birds which can only go upwards.

Tina works for the Swedish customs office and uses her unusual ability to sniff out emotions, including guilt and shame, to detect contraband.

ability to choose

The game comes with the ability to choose from three difficulties.

It further allows more time and the player has the ability to choose 1964 as the end point.

The ability to choose the strategy card received in the reinforcements phase makes the cards a powerful tool for winning the game.

ability to connect

Some providers claim to have the ability to connect an interpreter at any time of day, within a matter of seconds.

It had the distinct ability to connect via USB 1.1 or FireWire, while subsequent releases had connectivity to USB 2.0.

He had to get his melodies to "go" somewhere, to have the ability to connect together instead of standing apart and separate.

ability to build

He was intrigued by Jewish music's "ability to build a jolly melody on sad intonations".

The novel, "has none of Fleming's ability to build up tension or introduce detail casually.

Today, the three plants that make up TMMC have the ability to build over 600,000 vehicles annually.

lack of ability   (falta de habilidad)

Disability is the lack of ability to perform physical daily activities.

The lack of appropriate simulators contributed to the crew’s lack of ability.

Unwillingness and lack of ability are intertwined considering most individuals are unaware that these attitudes even exist.

acting ability

Furthermore, he praised many of her lines and her acting ability.

It's fine with me, because I don't wanna limit my acting ability," he added.

The creators were "blown away" both by his resemblance to Grammer and by his acting ability.

ability to draw

And her ability to draw bright young talent grew.

Furthermore, this affected the young artist's ability to draw large audiences and commercial success.

The ability to draw appears to be unchanged, and a number of famous artists are believed to have been color blind.

fighting ability

For example, the walls of Jericho fall because Yahweh fights for Israel, not because the Israelites show superior fighting ability.

It was believed that the people of Sabbajee could muster 3,000 fighting men, whose fighting ability was well known in the surrounding regions.

In the aftermath of the battle for Đà Nẵng, U.S. military commanders in I Corps held different views on the fighting ability of the PAVN 2nd Division.

ability to become   (capacidad de convertirse)

He has the ability to become invisible.

Argentine brown bats have shown the ability to become carriers of the rabies virus.

In 1930, entertainer Bill Miller believes that he has the ability to become a solo performer.

vocal ability

She exhibited her vocal ability at a young age, but not her mother's fiery temperament.

He shared that he would never have a duet with Trizzie due to the differences in style and vocal ability.

Lee has been criticized for her vocal ability, which she responded with "I think everyone thinks differently, so they can think so.

ability to continue

His father is concerned about Hoke's financial ability to continue raising the girls.

By doing so, through frostbite, he lost the ability to continue his career – and allowed Herzog to triumph in his.

By 2017, membership of the union had fallen, leaving it concerned about its ability to continue as an independent organisation.

ability to think   (capacidad de pensar)

Ethics can also refer to a common human ability to think about ethical problems that is not particular to philosophy.

In this regard, a person has lost the ability to think independently, and all the thoughts are the result of suggestions by good or fallen spirits.

Divergent question A divergent question is a question with no specific answer, but rather exercises one's ability to think broadly about a certain topic.

ability to conduct   (capacidad de conducir)

Electrodermal activity describes changes in the skins ability to conduct electricity.

The insulation properties depend on bubbles of gas enclosed within the material, which reduce its ability to conduct heat.

The food denial campaign also put great pressure on the MNLA and damaged their ability to conduct assaults against British positions.