not able   (できない)

She was not able to compete again until May 2015.

Gurgel was not able to compete in an open market.

This gun is not able to be mounted on sledge mounts.

not be able   (できない)

She will not be able to seek parole again until 2026.

Jane says he will not be able to move on until Red John is dead.

You will not be able to look away."

able to get   (得ることができます)

And he may be able to get along without the money."

They were not able to get the right to compete.

They were able to get the half-key from Nancy.

able to make   (作れる)

Because I should have been able to make it happen.

He was also able to make the All-SEC freshman team.

But, Lilith was able to make a bargain with Elijah.

able to use   (使える)

As Poitrine, she is able to use magic and use the .

Anup is able to use his Sonic Stunner and escape.

They are able to use a sliding seat in their boats."

able to take   (取ることができます)

He was later able to take some law school classes.

And he’s able to take anyone on with just one hand!"

Despite the hardship, he was able to take art lessons.

only able   (できるだけ)

During that time, he was only able to study part-time.

Maximus was only able to collect $162,000.

DXA is only able to provide the areal bone mineral density.

able to play   (遊べる)

She was able to play pennant bowls with sighted bowlers.

He is also able to play in central midfield.

Visitors were able to play smaller drums.

able to return   (戻れる)

However, she was able to return in nine months.

She was able to return home just twice a year.

In 1949 he was able to return to West Germany.

able to see   (見える)

However, he is not able to see only one future, but several.

As a psychologist, Norman is able to see through the illusion.

From such a distance he would not have been able to see any detail."

able to find   (見つけることができます)

Davey is then able to find another $1,000 money flag.

Meanwhile, Carol is able to find Henry fending off walkers.

A student will be able to find itself an internship provider.

not being able   (できない)

It's my worst nightmare not being able to hear.

Paige's voice ended up worse with her not being able to talk at all.

This led to Denel not being able to pay staff and company pensioners.

able to escape   (逃げることができる)

Fletcher and Jaffe are able to escape captivity.

The victim was able to escape unscathed by screaming.

The girl is able to escape undetected from the house.

able to provide   (提供できる)

DXA is only able to provide the areal bone mineral density.

213 was able to provide relief cover.

These "o-chum"s were able to provide housing to a family of six.

able to reach   (届く)

Would they be able to reach "Shyamol Chhaya"?

She was damaged, but not sunk, and was able to reach port.

Some 20 or 30 Jews were able to reach the forest that night.

able to win   (勝つことができます)

So far seven players have been able to win the award twice.

The Middle Party was able to win one seat in the House of Representatives.

The bid team that he was part of were able to win a licence for ZiFM Stereo.

able to hold   (持てる)

Later the stadium was able to hold only 4,000 people.

The new garage is able to hold over 350 buses.

The building was able to hold 340,000 people.

able to produce   (生産できる)

Cave fish and surface fish are able to produce fertile offspring.

Only Nathan Astle was able to produce a big score, finishing on 109.

Despite this, the group was able to produce a number of collaborative works.

able to move   (動ける)

"And I told them I wasn't able to move to Orange County.

She was able to move at 3 knots breaking 1.5 meters of ice.

The player is able to move within a straight line on a 3D arena.

able to continue   (続けられる)

"Houston" was able to continue service with the ABDA fleet.

She never knew if she would be able to continue going to school.

He was not able to continue and Monaco was disqualified as a result.

able to keep   (保つことができる)

It was also able to keep him afloat when in water.

They were able to keep it due to the Treaty of Versailles.

The Khaldis however were able to keep control of their land.

able to obtain   (入手できる)

He was able to obtain an eight album deal from the label.

By mid-1942, the RAAF was able to obtain some USAAF replacement shipments.

Eventually, he contacted the photographer and was able to obtain a specimen.

never able   (決してできません)

Hassan likes Shafaq but is never able to tell anyone.

The Romans were never able to entirely subject Vasconia.

Conrad later said he was never able to collect the money.

able to secure   (確保できる)

Neither party was able to secure seats in either legislature.

He was tried and imprisoned, but was able to secure his release.

Bender was able to secure a guillotine choke at 3:42 of the first round.

still able   (まだできる)

Even after Wyrmroost, Seth is still able to laugh.

About 55 of the airplanes were still able to fly at that time.

Some meetings were still able to be held during the occupation.

longer able   (長くできる)

Many viewers were no longer able to receive CFJP.

He felt no longer able to serve the military in any aspect.

Around 12 o'clock, Somervell was no longer able to climb higher.

not been able   (できなかった)

But so far we have not been able to arrest them.

Maskaev had not been able to really hurt Peter.

She had not been able to consult with lawyers.

able to work   (働ける)

It also was able to work closely with other tanks.

That's why I was able to work every other day.

Nevertheless, the 132nd Infantry Division was able to work its way up to the river.

able to defeat   (負ける)

in a rematch and is able to defeat and kill J.D.

He later encounters Dmitrii and is able to defeat him.

Su was subsequently able to defeat and capture Ashina Helu.

able to maintain   (維持できる)

In addition, it was able to maintain pregnancy in animals.

For several months, the French were able to maintain themselves.

Nevertheless, the SPD was able to maintain its absolute majority.

able to perform   (実行できる)

In two months SILENT was ready and able to perform.

The player is able to perform melodies based on several ragas.

Devotees are able to perform archanai by the priest thereafter.

no longer able   (もはやできません)

Many viewers were no longer able to receive CFJP.

He felt no longer able to serve the military in any aspect.

Around 12 o'clock, Somervell was no longer able to climb higher.

able to create   (作成することができます)

Painman is also able to create dummies of himself.

His goal is to one day be able to create a clone of a woolly mammoth.

However, before she died, the daughter was able to create the cursed video.

able to achieve   (達成できる)

A feat which they were not supposed to be able to achieve!

The conference was not able to achieve a legally binding agreement.

The best place the club were able to achieve during the decade was third in 1974–75.

finally able   (ついにできた)

Julie strokes his hair, finally able to tell him that she loved him.

Years later, Pinal was finally able to do it in Mexico with another director.

On 10 March, he was finally able to scupper the royalist forces at Zacatepec.

able to gain   (得ることができる)

The winners are able to gain the sonic stunner.

She was able to gain admission to Brigham Young University.

In 1962, Burtin was able to gain Eastman Kodak as another major client.

able to carry   (運べる)

Later-model Canberras would be able to carry both.

These ships were able to carry over 100 tons of goods.

Each ship will therefore be able to carry 32 ESSM missiles.

able to identify   (識別できる)

The archaeologists were able to identify at least 30 tombs.

They were quickly able to identify William Hance and arrest him.

She is able to identify these workers through the detection of pheromones.

able to bring   (持参できる)

Ranchod is able to bring Abha and Karan back together.

The development team was able to bring Giles Martin aboard as the game's music producer.

The company doubled in size by 1932 and was able to bring the first natural gas to Minnesota.

able to speak   (話せる)

Jim is also able to speak and appears to know their location.

Neither was able to speak; they returned to her home in silence.

She was able to speak Russian, French and English fluently as an adult.

able to survive   (生き残ることができる)

Alpha Delta Theta was not able to survive the 1930s.

They are able to survive in the superheated and sulfurous water.

He was a premature baby but was able to survive his early childhood.

able to enter   (入ることができる)

Two days later both vessels were able to enter Port Jackson.

From there Yuri was able to enter Moscow State University in 1953.

Film cameras were able to enter almost every aspect of Polish life.

able to run   (走れる)

"I was surprised we weren't able to run the ball better."

Memory-expanded and MMU-equipped Dragons are able to run OS-9 Level 2.

The emulator was simple, but it was able to run games such as Donkey Kong.

able to convince   (納得させる)

She assumes that Mishti will be able to convince Leo to sell.

Bill refuses at first, but Dodo is able to convince him otherwise.

able to complete   (完了することができます)

Du Bois died before being able to complete his work.

Panchayats were able to complete the tasks in two/three meetings.

Haben is able to complete the sequence quickly and gain the glasses.

able to capture   (キャプチャできる)

They were eventually able to capture 14 Mauser rifles.

In 1994 he was able to capture the title by outpointing Jesse James Leija.

Lee was not able to capture the men in the redoubt and left the next morning.

able to compete   (競争できる)

She was not able to compete again until May 2015.

Gurgel was not able to compete in an open market.

This classification has been able to compete at different skiing competitions.

then able   (その後できる)

Davey is then able to find another $1,000 money flag.

The psychiatrist is then able to recommend Profile 21.

He was then able to begin the reconstruction of the city.

able to establish   (確立できる)

No plants had been able to establish themselves there.

Ubaid Allah, in the meantime, was able to establish friendly relations with Amir.

Italy was one of the countries that was able to establish diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan.

able to control   (制御できる)

Troy was able to control the marine traffic entering this vital waterway.

The shah expected to be able to control legislation by influencing the Senate.

A central Capture server is able to control numerous clients across a network.

able to read   (読める)

Approximately 79% of Cambodians are able to read Khmer.

He maintained a large repertoire without being able to read music.

Some versions of the drive were also able to read Travan-type tapes.

able to give   (与えることができる)

Following this he was able to give up his job.

No international power was able to give the necessary support.

Therefore, Atha was able to give a very natural, realistic performance.

able to help   (助けることができる)

Percy is able to help out a friend – by accident.

Krishna agrees to be the coach and is able to help the team.

Gill and Nina realize John is in trouble but are not able to help him.

able to attend   (出席することができます)

Students are able to attend Orleans Parish School Board schools.

She worked “day and night” and was able to attend to 120 soldiers in one day.

He is able to attend office, make his own decisions and understand everything.

able to meet   (会える)

The Association is able to meet its objectives through a number of organs.

Nevertheless, SES-14 is still expected to be able to meet the designed lifetime.

Through Rinaldo, Ingram was able to meet and study with Bobby Shew and Laroon Holt.

able to go   (行くことができます)

all that are able to go forth to war in Israel."

How many kids are going to be able to go to college because of this?

This new equipment would be able to go and hold at least 78 passengers.

able to recover   (回復できる)

There they were able to recover 40 chests, worth about £40,000.

She observed "we were not in a good mood, but we were able to recover."

Police were able to recover images and videos, some of which had been deleted.

able to access   (アクセスできる)

Only the most determined explorer will be able to access the secluded bay.

Performers were able to access areas with pool tables, bean bags and a bar.

The unit is normally positioned so the public are able to access the vehicle.

able to support   (サポートできる)

The foot is thick and fleshy and well able to support the light shell.

It occupies an area of and is able to support around 20,000 head of cattle.

Some of the teachers were able to support talented students by paying their expenses.

able to save   (保存できる)

Tobias arrives at the home and is able to save Bill.

He is able to save the child, but not the woman.

"Susan" was able to save "Countess"s crew.

able to build   (構築することができます)

The team continued to not be able to build momentum in June, posting a 5–6 record.

He and Matilda grew the farm and were able to build a 22-room mansion on the property.

It was even able to build a new fine arts center, which opened in November of that year.

able to purchase   (購入できる)

By 1882, Beaumont was able to purchase the mill.

The Amerks were able to purchase a lighting system from a circus.

International fans were able to purchase tickets starting August 27, 2016.

able to handle   (扱える)

The mill was able to handle 2.5 barrels of corn an hour.

The battery is able to handle eclipses of up to 100 minutes.

Btrieve was able to handle concurrent transactions in the 6.x series.

able to travel   (旅行できる)

According to plan, passengers should be able to travel by tram in 2018.

He was able to travel and continue his boxing career while in the service.

Witches, however, have bird-shape dæmons able to travel long distances from their bodies.

able to detect   (検出できる)

Renfield is able to detect Dracula's presence and supplies clues accordingly.

The LRO Diviner is able to detect where water ice could be trapped on the surface.

There is a narwhal tusk, sometimes said to be a unicorn horn able to detect poison.

able to participate   (参加できる)

Therefore, it has been able to participate in both Likud- and Labor-led coalitions.

He was able to participate in La Traviata by making the costumes for the feminine chorus.

However she was not able to participate due to the late arrival of her proof of citizenship.

able to receive   (受け取ることができます)

Many viewers were no longer able to receive CFJP.

It is able to receive Boeing-737 and Airbus A320 aircraft.

This degree will impact the amount of benefits the worker is able to receive.

now able   (今できる)

Collaboration — People are now able to collaborate their work with each other.

In 1953 nursing students were now able to receive a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.

General Willcocks was now able to turn his attention to carrying out punitive measures.

able to buy   (買える)

Through his wealth, Audley was able to buy and invest in land.

Christians and Jews were also able to buy and sell in the real-estate market.

By the next year he was able to buy his first on the Madison from Charles Johnson.

able to communicate   (通信できる)

Players are also able to communicate with other players online.

Some of the Chinese crewmen were able to communicate via written notes.

Eventually she was able to communicate by rearranging pre-printed words.

able to operate   (作動できる)

In addition, freight trains will be able to operate at 70 MPH.

These water tenders are able to operate relatively independently.

To be able to operate on both lines, the car floors were higher than other tube cars.

able to put   (置くことができます)

The pilot was injured but was able to put the aircraft down in a ploughed field.

Firefighters were able to put the fire out without anyone sustaining serious injuries.

He was known for being magnanimous, deep thinking, and able to put up with indignities.

able to show   (示すことができる)

Hausdorff was able to show that this condition is also sufficient.

Lila is able to show compassion for her friend in her time of need.

"In a different time of system, I'll be able to show I can do more things," he said.

able to pay   (支払うことができる)

This led to Denel not being able to pay staff and company pensioners.

With the money from the trade Rapayet is able to pay Zaida's dowry in full.

In mainstream schools children are often not expected to be able to pay attention.

able to live   (生きられる)

Hence, Nestor was able to live for 3 generations.

They are able to live in peace, no longer fearing pirates.

Common limpets are believed to be able to live for up to twenty years.

able to pass   (合格できる)

However, after returning to school, Taylor was still able to pass his final exams and graduate.

They are often built to be able to pass under bridges and have small crews of three to eight people.

Bobby, Marty, Adrian, and Jaron were not able to pass him, although Jaron fell only a few pounds shy.

able to break   (破れる)

UV-C radiation is able to break down chemical bonds.

Gasquet was able to break back immediately and broke twice more to take the first set.

In the 6th game of the second set the Swiss was able to break and served it out for 6–3.

able to afford   (余裕がある)

He said he was not able to afford them afterward, either.

Later in his childhood the family was able to afford to move to the edge of Outremont.

Wilson was able to afford to enroll in the University of Alabama after all, earning his B.S.

able to form   (形成することができます)

In addition, the same atoms may be able to form noncrystalline phases.

The UPFA was able to form an administration with the support of the SLMC.

However, if the early oceans were acidic, carbonates would not have been able to form.

better able   (より良い)

Dogs are better able to tolerate aspirin than cats are.

Maximian fled to Massilia (Marseille), a town better able to withstand a long siege than Arles.

So adult spiders are better able to defend themselves and may die before parasitism is complete.

able to stay   (滞在できる)

It was not however able to stay united in the long term.

Ship is able to stay afloat and remain as light as possible.

After all, the team was able to stay alive and play in the TBL.

able to withstand   (耐えられる)

It is able to withstand salinity ranges from 0 to 76 ppt.

The minarets are able to withstand fast-moving trains passing close by.

Successful bookmakers must be able to withstand a large short term loss.

able to raise   (上げることができます)

Three months later Forster was able to raise "Selkirk".

Her owners were able to raise "J.D.

Armstrong was able to raise the vessel and return her to service.

able to leave   (去れる)

Molecules are then able to leave the mitochondria through porin.

Smaller particles are able to leave the chamber at lower flow rates.

It is unclear as to how Ghosn was able to leave Japan under the conditions of his bail.

able to determine   (決定することができます)

Authorities were not able to determine a motive.

Police were not able to determine why the woman was driving the wrong way.

This method is only able to determine the radius of the planet, not its mass.

able to successfully   (成功することができます)

Pam would be able to successfully pursue a claim for $5.

In 2015, scientists from the US and UK were able to successfully map the whale's genome.

Eventually, Copy II Plus version 5 was able to successfully defeat this copy protection.

able to walk   (歩くことができる)

By 1831, she was able to walk with crutches.

He is able to walk (with the aid of a cane) only days later.

If legs become disabled, the robot may still be able to walk.

able to stop   (止められる)

He was not able to stop the advances of his powerful vassal.

He continues fighting until Wonder Woman is able to stop him.

However, Joe and Aguri are able to stop the deal from happening.

able to understand   (理解できる)

They are able to understand those who speak Yupik in Bethel.

However, Searle himself would not be able to understand the conversation.

As Edward was growing up, he was able to understand more and more government business.

able to score   (得点できる)

Against all odds they were eventually able to score a goal.

Omar Bravo, 36, was not able to score.

Minnesota was able to score a field goal as a result of the penalty.

able to finish   (終了することができます)

As a result, he was not able to finish primary school.

The first phase of WKCD will be able to finish by the end of 2015.

With this the Wong Brother's Halimoen Film was able to finish the film.

able to offer   (提供できる)

Pie Five was named for the concept of being able to offer a pie in five minutes.

Prunty retained the rights to the soundtrack, and since has been able to offer it on Bandcamp.

In particular, Henry Dundas was able to offer the younger sons of gentry opportunities in India.

able to develop   (開発できる)

The Club was now in a position of being able to develop plans for a new clubhouse.

He was not able to develop the plate until he arrived in Paris nearly a week later.

Those front-line employees are able to develop a relationship between the customer and the brand.

able to accommodate   (収容することができます)

The stadium is able to accommodate 8,000 spectators.

The stadium is able to accommodate 17,750 spectators.

It would be able to accommodate up to 20,000 spectators.

able to come   (来ることができます)

In the end, HellRaisers was able to come back from a 14-12 deficit to win the game at 16-14.

Those players have been able to come up with different strategies for facing different characters.

In the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, Mazda was able to come home 5th in the constructor's championship.

never be able   (決してできない)

I thought, I'll never be able to do what these guys do.

At the time the doctor said that he would never be able to walk.

The fences, I'll never be able, as old as I am and broke down, to fix back.

able to retain   (保持できる)

As part of the bailiwick, Balerna was able to retain its privileges.

The starch granules are able to retain the water and expand due to gelatinization.

By trading among ourselves, we are able to retain more resources in the continent."

able to avoid   (回避できる)

Windcharger and Huffer were able to avoid being trapped.

The only one who is able to avoid the bitterness is Milly.

The team started to revive and was able to avoid relegation.

eventually able   (最終的にできる)

They were eventually able to capture 14 Mauser rifles.

Against all odds they were eventually able to score a goal.

They are eventually able to retrieve it.

able to fly   (飛べる)

She is also able to fly and run at subsonic speeds.

For example, if she becomes an owl, she would be able to fly.

The war ended before he was able to fly one of these aircraft.