aboard the ship   (船に乗って)

Chew remained aboard the ship during the voyage.

A caged fake rabbit was shown aboard the ship.

Keith is then transported aboard the ship as a prisoner.

served aboard   (乗せた)

In 1806 he served aboard HMS "Woolwich".

Russel served aboard the battleship .

He served aboard , , , , , , , and .

crew aboard   (乗組員)

She had 239 men of her crew aboard, 50 some being on "Fox".

252 people were rescued from the 338 passengers and crew aboard at the time.

Rumble Bee, a robotic bee, was a member of Commander Dogstar's crew aboard the Indefagitable.

aboard ship   (船に乗って)

The first episode introduced a winged shuttlepod, two of which were carried aboard ship.

His practical jokes and quirky humor aboard ship earned him the nickname, "The Storm Petrel of the Merchant Marines".

This was a hit with the Portuguese who did a lot of fighting aboard ship and on river craft, and valued a more compact gun.

people aboard   (乗っている人)

All 178 people aboard both planes involved died.

Both ships sank, and "Aguila"s sinking killed 152 of the 168 people aboard, including all but one of the naval staff.

Of the 715 people aboard, 26 men were lost with the ship, and a Lieutenant Edward Isaacs was taken aboard "U-90" as prisoner.

came aboard   (乗った)

During the tour, over two million visitors came aboard.

Donald Foster came aboard as executive director in 1964.

Upon arrival the chief, who had met Douglas the year before, came aboard while 200 villagers sang songs.

men aboard   (乗っている男性)

"Trio" had 160 men aboard and reached Freetown, Sierra Leone, on 2 February.

When the flagship's powder store caught fire, all men aboard were instantly killed.

The boats wrecked off the coast of Texas, and most of men aboard the boats were lost at sea.

serving aboard   (乗船)

While serving aboard "Cornelia" he travelled to Bombay.

My father Lt Commander Jess Knight Dodge was serving aboard the Dobbin at this time.

After serving aboard the battleship , he underwent flight training and became a naval aviator.

officer aboard   (乗務員)

He was division officer aboard the cruiser and the tank landing ship .

Lieutenant Hunter Scott, a Naval Aviator, served as a flight deck officer aboard .

Promoted to lieutenant in 1871, he served as a gunnery officer aboard the ironclad in 1883.

taken aboard   (乗った)

He sees a ship, jumps from his plane, is taken aboard the ship, and calls for help via radio.

At the end of the festivities the Flame was taken aboard the Mexican destroyer ARM "Durango".

The crew was taken aboard by two passing steamers, "Westa" and "Phoenix", and was landed at Hernøsand and Yxpila.

passengers aboard   (乗客)

Only four of the 30 crew and passengers aboard survived.

He died when he refused to leave the ship while there were still passengers aboard.)

A train in the station was also badly damaged although there were no passengers aboard.

aboard the aircraft   (航空機に乗って)

It was filmed aboard the aircraft carrier USS "Yorktown."

All aboard the aircraft were killed.

There were 160 passengers and 10 crew members aboard the aircraft.

aboard a ship   (船に乗って)

Tom goes aboard a ship in dry-dock that is about to be launched.

Once, his family was aboard a ship that ran into a storm and sank.

Howard is a crew member aboard a ship that makes contact with the Red Dwarf crew.

launched aboard   (乗船)

He was launched aboard Soyuz T-11, on April 2, 1984.

Znamya-2 was launched aboard the Progress M-15 resupply mission to the Mir space station on 27 October 1992.

Alexander Gerst, Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor, and Sergey Prokopyev launched aboard Soyuz MS-09, on June 6, 2018.

brought aboard   (乗せた)

Miles was hired as head coach and Gundy was brought aboard as offensive coordinator.

He moved to afternoons and Joan Holliday was brought aboard to fill the mid-day position.

Sacha and Haji met and brought aboard both Elliott Wilson and later Jefferson "Chairman" Mao.

aboard ships   (船に乗って)

Immigration inspections were conducted aboard ships or at docks.

More than 15,000 receiving sets were in use aboard ships in 1970.

As of November 2008, APMSS has ten teams aboard ships in the MSPA region.

deployed aboard   (搭載)

The squadron deployed aboard in July 2013 following a year-long work-up cycle.

At that time, he was ordered to report to VF-24, deployed aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

After VF-24, he was assigned to VF-14 and was deployed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

all aboard   (出発進行)

A pinnace, "Catch", went down with all aboard lost.

She foundered in December 1810 with the loss of all aboard.

The Shedai, an ancient race of beings, threaten the lives of all aboard Vanguard.