located about north   (北について)

It is located about north of the village of Røkland.

It is located about north of Potlatch, Idaho.

It is located about north of Milan and about east of Como.

located about northeast   (北東に位置する)

The pond is located about northeast of Groton.

The First Nation is located about northeast of Winnipeg.

It's located about northeast of Puurmani, by the Pedja River.

located about northwest   (北西に位置する)

It is located about northwest of Saco and Biddeford.

Arsenal was located about northwest of Eerie.

It is located about northwest of central Saint Petersburg.

located about southeast   (南東に位置する)

It is located about southeast of Milan and about east of Cremona.

The Fort d'Andoy is located about southeast of the center of Namur.

It is located about southeast of Turin and about southeast of Asti.

located about east   (東に位置する)

It is located about east of the town of Kingscote.

It is located about east of Red Oak, Oklahoma.

It is located about east of Toronto and west of Montreal.

located about south

The airport is located about south of Kolwezi.

Kulb is located about south of Wadi Halfa.

The Fort de Dave is located about south of the center of Namur.

located about southwest

It is located about southwest of the town of Sortland.

It is located about southwest of Genoa and about north of Imperia.

It is located about southwest of Turin and about northwest of Cuneo.

located about west

It is located about west and north of Trail City.

Bjørhusdal Church is located about west of the village.

It is located about west of Ancona and about southwest of Pesaro.

came about when   (いつ来た)

It came about when Orson had an idea for a song.

The collaboration came about when the band heard the duo were fans of them.

The Renegades came about when the team purchased the physical assets of the Command.

talks about how

He then talks about how he just finished wrapping up his new movie in Jamaica.

This chapter talks about how blacks used to get beaten up and tortured by whites.

It also talks about how you can include diversity, stereotypes, other cultures, etc.

came about because   (から来た)

This came about because of complaints to Thomas Jefferson.

His demise apparently came about because of a plot involving Helga and her sister Frakkök.

This procedure came about because of constant complaints of personal mail being previously opened before arrival.

just about every   (ほぼすべて)

During World War II Bendix made just about every ancillary instrument or equipment for military aircraft.

However, just about every influential public man in Australia otherwise supported the conscription campaign.

Behind just about every technological achievement is a successful application of Mass Properties Engineering.

debate about whether

There has been debate about whether "Archaeopteryx" could really fly.

There was a debate about whether Nierenberg delayed to release the report.

There is some debate about whether the speech that is extant is the original speech.

only about half   (約半分だけ)

Awareness is low; one study found only about half of researchers had read the ICJME criteria.

It was described as mediocre by modern sources, and attracted only about half the numbers of the Degenerate Art one.

Actually this shape is only about half as wide as a traditional portrait and close in proportion to a typical doorway.

information about how   (方法に関する情報)

This helps the player collect information about how to attack them effectively.

There is also much information about how the universe was thought to work stored in the mythology of the constellations.

that he promised would be sent to politicians; he distributed information about how to put together political groups to influence elections and lawmakers.

talk about how

They talk about how they got into the Sprawl.

They talk about how women can use sex to control their husbands.

"You talk about how fragile a season is," Tide coach Nick Saban said.

talked about how   (どのように話しました)

While binding and gagging her, the Weeper talked about how he wept for Mary.

In many parts of the song, Alejandro clearly talked about how his love sold her soul.

The show had a different concept and talked about how men could please women nowadays.

talking about how   (方法について話します)

He has stated that "peace may still be achieved by talking about how to co-exist."

The book starts out by talking about how to include special education into the art classrooms.

She is slowing the group down, and overhears the traders talking about how they will sell her back into slavery to get rid of her.

story about how   (方法についての物語)

Her recollections include a story about how her cousins taught her to sound less English whilst in Ireland.

in progress, and a hare finishing his story about how he got revenge on a hunter that had been stalking him.

The oldest known story about how Gautama Buddha becomes a bodhisattva is the story of his encounter with the previous Buddha, Dīpankara.

information about what   (何についての情報)

"She published false information about what was happening in the district," he claims.

Further information about what will happen to individual and group listings was provided.

The Romanian "Arta plastică" was bringing information about what was happening in the country but also news of the art-world abroad.

think about what   (何について考える)

I think people began to think about what shows would be cool.

Sometimes you have to think about what you want out of your career.

The more you think about what Altman's done, the more impressive his accomplishment becomes".

came about through

For Theodore, this came about through the conversion of several close friends and the slow results of study and reading.

His fourth directorial outing came about through "Colors" (1988), followed by an Emmy-nominated lead performance in "Paris Trout" (1991).

The first of the Easter services at Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, California, came about through a fiesta given by Behymer that was attended by Theodore Roosevelt.

questions about how

They were then asked questions about how many of a certain item there were in a set.

The objective is to answer fundamental questions about how planetary systems form and evolve.

In an interview by Elmo, she answered questions about how a blind person can learn to use other senses to get along in the world.