Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

home and abroad   (trong và ngoài nước)

LTP staff also conduct workshops at home and abroad.

Aagaard's work was exhibited at home and abroad.

During World War I he saw service with various units at home and abroad.

study abroad   (du học)

All students are required to study abroad.

He recommended that she study abroad and offered his assistance.

By this time, students sent to study abroad had started to return.

moved abroad   (chuyển ra nước ngoài)

He moved abroad to play professionally for German 2.

In 1987, he moved abroad to France and played in the 3.

In 2006, he moved abroad by joining on loan Chicago Fire.

living abroad   (sống ở nước ngoài)

A few Armenians living abroad made large-scale investments.

This encourages transfers from Turkish Cypriots living abroad.

Nicholas was already living abroad and consequently was not present.

went abroad   (đã đi nước ngoài)

About 1877 his health began to fail, and he went abroad.

Some amateur-led tours went abroad under Lord Harris and Lord Hawke.

In 1854, he went abroad again.

travel abroad   (du lịch nước ngoài)

He was denied to travel abroad for treatment.

Shortly after his defeat, Florus departed from Rome to travel abroad.

As part of his job, Dmitri Prokhorov had the opportunity to travel abroad.

go abroad

Edward felt it prudent to go abroad for some years.

Yearly approximately 150 students of VAMK go abroad.

As a result of harassment he began efforts to go abroad.

sent abroad

He was sent abroad (1842), as a pensioner of the Academy.

He spread the rumour that the museum's objects had been sent abroad.

As the joint AFBiH began to develop, troops began to be sent abroad.

country and abroad   (trong và ngoài nước)

As a public speaker, he addressed audiences across the country and abroad.

Celebrated performers from within the country and abroad set the stage on fire.

He lectured widely in this country and abroad and attended many national and international meetings.

studying abroad

Myat Noe who is studying abroad and Russell are sweet couple.

She wanted to go back to school; since high school, studying abroad had been her dream.

In 1907, whilst studying abroad, Wilson sold Tocal and decided to pursue a career in the law.

studied abroad

Both had studied abroad and were eager for change.

She studied abroad at the University of London.

In his early years, he studied abroad in Japan.

travelled abroad

They then travelled abroad, visiting Lyon and Geneva, residing for a time at Augsburg.

Advised to try a southern climate, he travelled abroad, and died at Rome 3 March 1845.

He was educated at Bury St. Edmunds Grammar School in 1656 and travelled abroad from 1663 to 1666.

born abroad

7.3% of Atlantans were born abroad (86th in the US).

(States may exclude partially or fully children born abroad).

According to the 2011 census 385,899 residents were born abroad.

years abroad

He moved back to Sweden after ten years abroad.

He probably did spend several years abroad as Journeyman.

As a result of his father's army work, Weller spent many years abroad during his childhood.

trips abroad

This involved two long trips abroad.

As a consequence of these trips abroad, his continental reputation grew.

In his first trips abroad, Elgar visited Paris in 1880 and Leipzig in 1882.

traveled abroad

Salieri traveled abroad to fulfill an important commission.

Between 1954 and 1958, Odogwu traveled abroad for further studies.

Her father traveled abroad often and left his daughters to fend for themselves.

working abroad   (làm việc ở nước ngoài)

A considerable community is working abroad to earn for their families.

Substantial number of people from the village are working abroad and adding to national exchequer.

Earnings from people working abroad, especially from West Asia, is another major source of income.

work abroad   (làm việc ở nước ngoài)

Nakamura was the first Japanese missionary to work abroad.

Many youth study and work abroad.

Lots of people from Nochad work abroad and that is an alternate mode of income.

abroad to play   (ra nước ngoài chơi)

He moved abroad to play professionally for German 2.

Then he made the step abroad to play for Dutch side FC Utrecht.

He moved abroad to play professionally for Southend United and Leiftur.

trip abroad

In 1964, he made his first trip abroad to France.

In summer 1953 the first school trip abroad was made (to Italy).

Following his trip abroad Roelfzema returned to Leiden University to continue his studies.

missions abroad   (nhiệm vụ ở nước ngoài)

Botswana has a small number of diplomatic missions abroad.

maintains approximately the same number of missions abroad.

European Union missions abroad are known as EU delegations.

traveling abroad

The idea of his current company, Rype, was formed while he was traveling abroad.

He also insisted that they pay their own way to Europe, or whenever traveling abroad.

Thereafter, Clark worked briefly as a school teacher before traveling abroad to earn a law degree.

well as abroad   (cũng như ở nước ngoài)

Their art was exhibited nationally as well as abroad.

The icon is now being searched for in Finland as well as abroad.

He has performed at over 1,000 shows in India as well as abroad.

time abroad

During his time abroad, his work incorporated what he saw.

Their meeting and his time abroad spurred Chihuly to return to his studies.

During 1887–1892, he spent time abroad in Paris, London, Rome and in the Netherlands.

studies abroad

In 1997 he received the New Zealand Young Achievers Award which enabled him to continue his studies abroad.

She was exiled in the same year and finished her studies abroad at the University of Bristol in the UK in 1978.

He held various jobs as a jurist in 1915 and 1916, before being issued grants to undertake further studies abroad.

year abroad

Webster completed his dictionary during his year abroad in 1825 in Paris, France, and at the University of Cambridge.

After a year abroad he returned to Serbia to play with FK Slavija Kragujevac, FK Bežanija, and FK Radnički Obrenovac.

After matriculation at a high school in Gmunden and one year abroad in England, she studied Law at the University of Salzburg.

moving abroad

Ryan played his youth days for Belvedere before moving abroad.

3,100 of them moving abroad.

Permission stamps were given if there were no specific legal restrictions for their moving abroad.

move abroad   (di chuyển ra nước ngoài)

In January 2009, Soliman preferred to move abroad.

Mifsud left the club in June 2013 to seek a move abroad.

In summer 1996, he made his first move abroad by signing with Swedish side Degerfors IF.