İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

leave of absence   (izinli olmak)

Following the conference, Kwan took a brief leave of absence.

He took a leave of absence and was appointed a brigadier general.

He took a leave of absence from Haaretz in 1971 and resumed in 1978.

presence or absence   (varlık veya yokluk)

The presence or absence of many markers is more accurate.

This phenomenon is unrelated to the presence or absence of a fan.

The best place to start is with words in which its presence or absence is obvious.

during his absence   (yokluğunda)

Dionysus would inhabit the temple during his absence.

He wonders what might have happened to her during his absence.

The cathedral chapter was to appoint an administrator during his absence.

long absence   (uzun süreli yokluk)

Due to the long absence, the team moved to group "C".

Goldman suffered during his long absence.

Northup apologizes for his long absence while his family comforts him.

years of absence   (yıllarca devamsızlık)

After thirty years of absence, he finally returns home.

On October 2 of 2016, Michishige posted an entry in her blog after 2 years of absence.

This would be Sabian's debut in ROH and Ruckus's return to ROH after 4 years of absence.

complete absence

However, in the complete absence of any eyewitnesses or survivors, no clear-cut leads were available.

Coma patients exhibit a complete absence of wakefulness and are unable to consciously feel, speak or move.

The gland may develop with a partial or complete absence of the cortex, or may develop in an unusual location.

during the absence

Ermengarde was the regent of Brittany during the absence of her spouse from 1096 until 1101.

Whoever, therefore, shall dare molest or seize these during the absence of their owners, shall incur excommunication.

The Deputy Mayor is the Chairman of the Finance Standing Committee and also presides over the Council meetings during the absence of the Mayor.

absence of other   (başkasının yokluğu)

In the absence of other snakes, mussuranas can feed also on small mammals.

In the absence of other players, Hobbs was expected to be the leading batsman on the tour.

Hypochloremia (having too little chloride) rarely occurs in the absence of other abnormalities.