not accept   (不接受)

The party does not accept donations from companies.

Iran's Shi'a clergy did not accept Kemal's position.

Elites of the area would not accept this until 1844.

refused to accept   (拒绝接受)

Philippines, but RMN refused to accept their offers.

Dankwardt refused to accept bribes from Dernath.

Erzhu Zhao, in anger, refused to accept Gao's advice.

did not accept   (不接受)

Iran's Shi'a clergy did not accept Kemal's position.

Emperor Dezong did not accept his suggestions.

The court did not accept these protestations.

willing to accept   (愿意接受)

However, they were willing to accept double loads of .

An inexperienced chick was willing to accept these as food.

The EU and the Council of Europe are willing to accept a moratorium as an interim measure.

does not accept   (不接受)

The party does not accept donations from companies.

The journal does not accept unsolicited book reviews.

It does not accept compulsory ICJ jurisdiction.

forced to accept

When it does not, she is forced to accept that Ashley has died.

It was forced to accept that all of its traffic must pass through the "Aachener Reich".

When his roommate gained super-powers and became the Griffin, Bart is forced to accept his destiny.

refuses to accept

Annie refuses to accept this.

That is why my conscience as a pastor refuses to accept this constitution.

It turns out that this was not a part of their nuptials and Zara refuses to accept the divorce.

agreed to accept

Goodman eventually agreed to accept £500 a year with a residence abroad.

Warner then agreed to accept the union's demands, and the kidnapping threat ended.

The Wends agreed to accept Danish suzerainty and the Christian religion at the same time.

decided to accept

He was offered the Governorship of Tasmania in June 1924, and decided to accept.

They then decided to accept the offer from PT Liga to play again in the Liga Indonesia Premier Division.

Some time later a large donation was made to establish a chapel and the College Council decided to accept it.

not to accept

Bangs chose not to accept, since Grant's term was ending shortly.

His second term ended December 31, 1887, and he decided not to accept another term.

Those of the sons who had decided not to accept the role of chief disappeared ahead of time.

accept the offer

160 a month, he decided to immediately accept the offer.

None of the contestants accept the offer.

Hildebrand and Rüdiger eventually convince him to accept the offer.

refusal to accept   (拒绝接受)

This can be seen in the refusal to accept any delegates from the National Defence Party (NDP).

Barnard College was created in 1889 as a response to the university's refusal to accept women.

The other prisoners reacted with aggression to Wallenberg refusal to accept his role as savior.

accept a position

In 1931, Hyde became the first organic chemist to accept a position at Corning Glass Works (now Corning Incorporated).

In 1994 Dye moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota to accept a position with Indian Health Service as the chief medical officer.

When Snowden left the Mint to accept a position as postmaster in 1876, President Ulysses Grant promoted Bosbyshell in his place.

reluctant to accept   (不愿接受)

Griswold was, at first, reluctant to accept the position.

Giovanni is reluctant to accept and leaves the offer open.

At first, he is reluctant to accept Cameryn as the assistant to the coroner.

accept the position

It wasn't until 1975 that he would accept the position.

Griswold was, at first, reluctant to accept the position.

He returned to Washington to accept the position on April 9.

only accept

Anarcho-capitalists only accept collective defense of individual liberty (i.e.

and would only accept one response, ""Con todo el mundo,"" or in Spanish, "with all the world."

The fire department would not listen, saying they would only accept orders from the Fire Chief.

universities accept

Under the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Agreement, many Pennsylvania colleges and universities accept these credits for students who transfer to their institutions.

accept these credits

Under the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Agreement, many Pennsylvania colleges and universities accept these credits for students who transfer to their institutions.

unable to accept

Patroklos is unable to accept her form and later kills her during a duel.

Joe's ghost leaves as Allison cries, unable to accept her husband's death.

He returns a shattered man, unable to accept the complexities of the world.

ready to accept

But his employers are not ready to accept Iqbal's decision.

Here Amarasimha is not ready to accept the match, so, he is arrested.

Thus, intuitionists are ready to accept a statement of the form "P or Q" as true only if we can prove P or if we can prove Q.

refusing to accept   (拒绝接受)

However, WJ faced severe media scrutiny for refusing to accept responsibility for the incident.

Eadbald outraged the church by marrying his stepmother, which was contrary to Church law, and by refusing to accept baptism.

This practice is discouraged by the Commission, as is the practice of certain shops of refusing to accept high-value euro notes.

able to accept

Ishvara Puri replied that, "Being able to accept foodstuffs from Your hand is a matter of great fortune for me."

To be able to accept payment with BankAxept cards, the merchant must sign an agreement directly with BankAxept AS.

However, neither Yardley nor Mann, the two likeliest candidates, were able to accept the captaincy of the MCC side in Australia that winter.

prepared to accept

He wasn't prepared to accept that it was the truth.

Mary is prepared to accept full responsibility for her actions.

It appears that Aonghas, as MacDonald's heir, was not prepared to accept this settlement.

unwilling to accept   (不愿意接受)

However, he was unwilling to accept that this could happen.

Kajal is unwilling to accept this marriage and blames her in-laws for ruining her life.

Yueniang is unwilling to accept the fact that she is always manipulated by others and decides to end her life.

declined to accept

He declined to accept the nomination as a candidate for reelection in 1848.

He declined to accept the offer, saying that there was a higher Obi than himself.

Agnus was appointed US Consul to Derry, Ireland, and confirmed by the Senate, but declined to accept the position.

accept an appointment

On March 2, 1831, Tomlinson resigned from office to accept an appointment to the U.S. Senate.

A Republican, he was first elected Attorney General in 2002 and left office in 2009 to accept an appointment by Gov.

Richard F. Kneip would be the first governor to be elected to a four-year term, though he resigned to accept an appointment.

refuse to accept   (拒绝接受)

Rory and Amy refuse to accept their fate and flee to the roof.

Initially, the families refuse to accept them but finally come around.

As that comes to an end, he leaves us a lesson: to refuse to accept any injustice."

accept or reject   (接受或拒绝)

The creditors have 45 days to accept or reject the consumer proposal.

Toriel offers to provide a home for the human; the player can choose to accept or reject this.

The player swipes left or right on a card depicting an advisor, in order to accept or reject their suggestion.

accept responsibility

<br> Sing with jubilation!<br> Prepare to accept responsibility<br> And to help each other!

However, WJ faced severe media scrutiny for refusing to accept responsibility for the incident.

Joshua told them that if they did not accept responsibility for hidden things, the waters of the Jordan would descend and drown them.

accept all

From 2005 to 2007, organisers had to accept all ProTour teams, leaving only two wildcard teams per Tour.

Mary McLeod Bethune said that the world was unable to accept all of the contributions Black women have made.

Generally, Bajans recognise and accept all "children of the island" as Bajans, and refer to each other as such.