Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

provides access   (cung cấp truy cập)

Exit 7 provides access to a local industrial park.

The road provides access to the park's cabins.

Sarmiento) provides access to the City Center.

public access   (truy cập công cộng)

It provides the only public access to the island.

The station itself is not open to public access.

The quarries are private land with no public access.

gain access   (được quyền truy cập)

Attackers are using creative ways to gain access to real accounts.

The robbery begins as Thunderbolt and Red gain access to the building.

The AAPS sued to gain access to the list of members of the task force.

easy access   (dễ dàng truy cập)

It offers easy access to a secluded beach.

The town is rich with more than 600 Autorikshas for easy access.

The Gulf of Honduras facilitated easy access to Yucatán and Belize.

open access   (truy cập mở)

This was referred to as "safe guarded open access".

Since January 2012, the journal is published open access.

The Journal contains open access articles.

provide access   (cung cấp truy cập)

In 1566 a canal was completed to provide access for ships.

Two ladders or wooden staircases provide access to the house.

The lease provide access south to the PRR at Marion Junction.

direct access   (truy cập trực tiếp)

It does not have direct access to a railway.

A direct access is also provided to the station car park.

Dump and restore direct access volumes.

access road   (đường vào)

Along the main access road there is also a Zoo.

Connaught Road West is the major access road.

It is in elevation and can be reached via an access road.

providing access   (cung cấp quyền truy cập)

Within the tower was a staircase providing access to the upper floors.

The Glen Ellan Distributor Road is the main road providing access into the area.

Here, the road has an interchange with CR 48, providing access to Winterplace Ski Resort.

internet access   (truy cập Internet)

Around 49% of Georgians had internet access in 2014.

A teacher computer in each classroom is networked with internet access.

Most recently, in 1998, the NFCIS was updated to optimize internet access.

access to all   (truy cập vào tất cả)

Savile had full access to all parts of the hospital.

Two elevators were provided, to give access to all floors.

They have access to all of the functionality provided by IIS.

no access   (không truy cập)

The southbound side of I-395 has no access to northbound US 1 here.

There is no access to the water.

There is no access between Brambleton Avenue and I-264 toward downtown.

limited access   (truy cập hạn chế)

Guests may always log in for free, but have limited access.

The building's limited access had caused a number of problems.

His neighborhood received limited access to water and electricity.

free access   (truy cập miễn phí)

He was given free access to it from the age of seven.

Private cars were allowed free access to the bridge from 1 May 1976.

All of them were provided with free access to governmental hospitals.

access to information   (truy cập thông tin)

It's the access to information gender divide.

The digital commons provides the community with free and easy access to information.

Disparate impact may also be reflected in access to information about voter ID laws.

access points   (các điểm truy cập)

bring the total freeway access points to a total of four.

Two former access points to Goose Island have been removed.

There are efforts to support Debian on wireless access points.

access control   (kiểm soát truy cập)

This is a derivate of the discretionary access control model.

access control, parking, ticketing etc., on their smartphones.

A typical IP access controller supports 2 or 4 basic access control readers.

not have access   (không có quyền truy cập)

The local population does not have access to the drug.

Retired NHS staff do not have access.

About one third of the Central African Republic's population do not have access to clean water.

access point   (điểm truy cập)

The most common access point is from the northern end.

"Qafa e Gurit" () is the local access point to the lake.

The ferry terminal is the access point to Enggano Island.

full access   (truy cập đầy đủ)

Savile had full access to all parts of the hospital.

The students continue to have full access to activities at their high school.

access to education   (đăng kí học)

Socialized gender roles affect females' access to education.

In many parts of the world, girls' access to education is very restricted.

The enslavement of African Americans removed the access to education for generations.

able to access   (có thể truy cập)

Only the most determined explorer will be able to access the secluded bay.

Performers were able to access areas with pool tables, bean bags and a bar.

The unit is normally positioned so the public are able to access the vehicle.

road access   (đường vào)

The Great Western Highway is the main road access route.

Sauraha has good road access for private-rental vehicles.

The museum has no road access, and is best reached by boat.

gained access   (đạt được truy cập)

GroupLogic gained access to Acronis’ customer base.

Insects and birds then gained access to the aircraft.

At the age of eighteen she gained access to a legacy.

allow access   (cho phép truy cập)

This station will allow access for Line 1 and Line 2 trains.

Larger ones scrape away the shell to allow access through the spire.

Zlarin is one of few islands on the Adriatic Sea that do not allow access to cars.

denied access   (từ chối truy cập)

After his transfer, the CIA denied access to Zubaydah.

Serbian and Polish nationals were denied access to outside observers.

All Muslims including those living nearby were forcefully denied access.

gives access   (cấp quyền truy cập)

The park also gives access to the Downtown Trail.

The latter gives access to three entrances.

The King's Stairway gives access to the "Tower Hall" (Tårnsalen).

provided access   (cung cấp quyền truy cập)

It provided access to the town of Ruth.

Tewa tradition holds that its pools provided access to the underworld.

Some of the BBSes that provided access to illegal content faced opposition.

easier access   (truy cập dễ dàng hơn)

The addition will provide easier access for visitors from El Sobrante and Richmond.

Tsuen Wan Line passengers in the Tsuen Wan direction now have easier access to these cars.

The access channel was dredged in the early 2010s, allowing easier access to Panamax size ships.

access roads   (đường vào)

Most access roads are in poor condition.

Exploitation has been hampered by insecurity and access roads.

In 2017 an application was made to alter the access roads to the house.

better access   (truy cập tốt hơn)

90 percent of users responded that they would use TEEAL more if they had better access.

The Brasília metro is not comprehensive so buses may provide better access to the center.

Many programs have been developed to help individual physicians gain better access to evidence.

equal access   (truy cập như nhau)

All people had equal access to him.

Moreover, women don’t have equal access to military education and careers.

Throughout her life, Brown continued her advocacy in the cause of equal access to education in Kansas.

early access   (truy cập sớm)

It was released out of early access on 29 May 2019.

It was released in early access for Steam August 28, 2018.

The game was released on Steam in early access on 12 December 2017.

improve access   (cải thiện truy cập)

The new centers were expected to further improve access to services.

In 2011, the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor project commenced to improve access for freight trains.

In order to improve access to the airport, an S-Bahn line was planned to the airport as early as 1958.

lack of access   (thiếu quyền truy cập)

Their first public action in 1976 was to protest the lack of access to contraception.

The lack of access to fire meant that people were unable to cook during the festival.

In addition, a lack of access to effective contraception contributes to unsafe abortion.

without access   (không có quyền truy cập)

Paper forms are still necessary for those without access to the internet.

Energy Access for All 1.1 billion people worldwide live without access to energy.

The area had been one of the few areas in the country without access to public television.

given access   (truy cập)

He was not given access to a lawyer until late April 2002.

Both Europeans and Muslims were lodged and given access to electricity and water.

It seems that this walled up window had given access to one of the corridors of the sacristy.

access to health   (tiếp cận với sức khỏe)

Approximately 90% of the population had access to health care services.

Still the access to health care, sanitation, and basic amenities are poor.

These hearings resulted in improvements such as improved access to health care, housing, and schools.

main access   (truy cập chính)

Along the main access road there is also a Zoo.

It is the main access point to Alcatraz.

The main access of the church is through a wooden door with two leaves.

access to water   (tiếp cận với nước)

for a protected location with ready access to water.

His neighborhood received limited access to water and electricity.

This gave them a commanding view over the surrounding area and easy access to water.

allowed access   (cho phép truy cập)

At other times, members of the public are allowed access.

The Faroese were allowed access to the large Danish waters in the North Atlantic.

A precarious step below the engine allowed access to the crank handle and radiator.

giving access   (cấp quyền truy cập)

There are 10 gates giving access to the fort.

It contains a stairway giving access to the upper floors.

It has a single mezzanine at transept level, giving access to one entrance.

ballot access   (tiếp cận lá phiếu)

Charlie Earl gathered enough raw signatures to obtain ballot access.

For example, King County, Washington's demographics require them under U.S. federal election law to provide ballot access in Chinese.

The nine committee members split their allegiances between the Anti-Prohibition Party and Taxpayers Party for the 2010 elections; neither achieved automatic ballot access.

only access   (chỉ truy cập)

One could only access this tower via a drawbridge.

One roadway is the only access to the town.

The only access was via a muddy track.

get access   (có quyền truy cập)

On The Go, a mobile application where users can get access to local news.

The claimant thus sought to get access to the account and the communications it contained.

Due to some delays, members of Roboto were unable to get access to the space until November 11.

gaining access   (đạt được quyền truy cập)

They proposed gaining access to the Netherlands by sea.

This period also saw more women gaining access to higher education.

Unauthorized access is a concern and can result in users gaining access to sensitive information.

access to public   (tiếp cận công chúng)

The utility ensured access to public baths for inhabitants of Cieszyn.

These give fans greater access to public figures such as creators, authors, and actors.

The area had been one of the few areas in the country without access to public television.

access between   (truy cập giữa)

There is no access between Brambleton Avenue and I-264 toward downtown.

Stairs and escalators provide regular pedestrian access between all levels.

In general, access between the platforms involves crossing the tracks by pedestrian level crossing.

allows access   (cho phép truy cập)

The Staff of Life allows access into Koriszegy Crypt.

The sign shown here on the left allows access only to motorized vehicles.

There is also an elevator at Winnetka Station that allows access to the trail.

having access   (có quyền truy cập)

The remaining one percent of respondents reported having access to no devices at home."

Distributed key generation prevents single parties from having access to a private key.

This makes it easier to advance clinical trials by having access to a large patient registry.

greater access   (truy cập nhiều hơn)

Deep roots allow greater access to moisture, which helps in drought periods.

It is only during festivals and rituals that all have greater access to mutton.

These give fans greater access to public figures such as creators, authors, and actors.

access via   (truy cập qua)

Interstate 91 passes east of the village, with access via Exit 9.

The station has disabled access via a lift ascending to Invalidenstraße.

Waterfall, access via a track in the forest, is active in the rainy season.

used to access   (dùng để truy cập)

The bus used to access the memory is 128 bits wide.

The route can be used to access the southern shores of Carters Lake.

I-664 is used to access US 13, US 58, and US 460, which all head west toward Suffolk.

access through   (truy cập thông qua)

Larger ones scrape away the shell to allow access through the spire.

Prince Edward's Gate continues to provide access through the Charles V Wall.

Some offer access through packet switched networks or packet radio connections.

no public access   (không có quyền truy cập công cộng)

The quarries are private land with no public access.

The site is private land with no public access.

difficult to access   (khó tiếp cận)

Even journalists find it difficult to access celebrities for interviews.

Lajamanu is difficult to access, mainly due to the distance from major cities and towns.

Additionally, this method can measure specific points on a bridge that might be difficult to access.

allowing access   (cho phép truy cập)

There is also an intersection allowing access to the island.

All work is stored virtually in the cloud, allowing access through any computer with a modern browser.

After crossing the 14th street Bridge, the freeway has a left-side exit allowing access to US 1 (exit 1).

give access   (cấp quyền truy cập)

Two elevators were provided, to give access to all floors.

The stairs to the upper floor also give access to the service wing at half-landing level.

Saint-Laurent, give access to a common ticket hall; one is integrated into an apartment building.

access to both   (truy cập vào cả hai)

The stop provides access to both Firswood and Whalley Range.

It has good road transport links with easy access to both the A49 and A5.

They are all placed on ground level with direct access to both courtyards.

access to more   (truy cập vào nhiều hơn)

The data all suggests that wealthier families have access to more devices.

If a user wants to gain access to more than that, a subscription is needed.

The network provides access to more than 21,000 lawyers in the US and abroad.

gave access   (đã cấp quyền truy cập)

Altar Interactive agreed and gave access to the source-code.

A stone staircase gave access to the entrance to the tower on the second floor.

The line gave access to New York City via the Hunters Point Ferry and to Brooklyn via horse-drawn omnibus.

granted access   (truy cập cấp)

In June 2013 DB was granted access to the tunnel.

Those who were granted access to the Field of Reeds included both gods and righteous souls.

As a result, the fourth placed team in the league, Zulte Waregem, were granted access directly.

access to resources   (truy cập vào tài nguyên)

As referenced before, living in a group gives an individual access to resources and partners.

In this theory, different levels of the economy have access to resources of different quality.

She founded The Nurturing Network to provide women with access to resources, counseling and advice.

controlled access   (kiểm soát truy cập)

There is an underground garage with a controlled access.

Macau has fewer than of highways, many of which are partially controlled access.

The legionary base of Melitene controlled access to southern Armenia and the upper Tigris.

restricted access   (giới hạn truy cập)

The area has restricted access since it is used for naval exercises.

Authors can also deposit the postprint inside the archive with restricted access.

The outbreak of the Second World War restricted access to materials for sculpture.

memory access   (truy cập bộ nhớ)

This results in slightly reduced memory access speed.

A usual solution preserves copies of registers until a memory access completes.

JPEG), S3TC's fixed-rate data compression coupled with the single memory access (cf.

improved access   (cải thiện truy cập)

It was rebuilt by Charles J. Phipps, re-opening on 18 November 1882 with improved access.

These hearings resulted in improvements such as improved access to health care, housing, and schools.

This added resource allows rapid transport for critical patients, as well as improved access to remote areas.

pedestrian access   (lối đi cho người đi bộ)

It has pedestrian access from SH2.

The bridge is normally closed, allowing pedestrian access around the dock.

Stairs and escalators provide regular pedestrian access between all levels.

access to safe   (truy cập an toàn)

In 2000, 70% of the population had access to safe drinking water and 21% had adequate sanitation.

The percentage of people with access to safe drinking water rose from 77% to 96% between 1996 and 2006.

Only 49 per cent of the total population had access to safe water, while only 15 per cent had access to proper toilets.

random access   (truy cập ngẫu nhiên)

Relative files also allow for both sequential and random access.

It can also be used as dielectric in resistive random access memories.

All semiconductor memory, not just RAM, has the property of random access.

access to higher   (truy cập vào cao hơn)

Pilasters support vaults presumably for access to higher niches.

This period also saw more women gaining access to higher education.

Successful completion of this process gains students access to higher education.

access to many   (truy cập vào nhiều)

It provides access to many of the entry points in the BWCAW.

Microbes have access to many systems underlying human behavior.

Morga's official position allowed him access to many government documents.

increase access   (tăng quyền truy cập)

Thaksin initiated the Income Contingency Loan program to increase access to higher education.

The program helped increase access to healthcare from 76% of the population to 96% of the population.

Introductions of laws that increase access to contraceptives have been associated with decreased fertility in the United States.

data access   (truy cập dữ liệu)

Measures to prevent unauthorized data access should also be used.

Full data access available here.

The in-memory data-store provides high speed data access to the portion of the data that needs it.

universal access   (truy cập toàn cầu)

The station has ticket machines and has universal access.

The board for the Houston Carnegie Library had planned for universal access to the facilities.

In the attic, above the Ark, a ‘universal access’ gymnasium has been inserted along with an office and changing rooms.

access to electricity   (tiếp cận điện)

It had access to electricity in the early 1980s.

The majority of the Dominican Republic has access to electricity.

Currently, only 55 percent of outlying villages have access to electricity.

remote access   (Truy cập từ xa)

This feature allows traffic managers remote access from a PC, laptop or dedicated control room.

ARA slowly disappeared in the late 1990s when TCP/IP took over the vast majority of networking needs, notably remote access.

As of 2006, and Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) was made available to the public for remote access of the library's holdings.

not access   (không truy cập)

Thus the function cannot access memory out-of-bounds.

A person or a company in bankruptcy can not access its assets (with some exceptions).

It's important that the consumer has been informed if he could not access all the Internet.

online access   (Truy cập trực tuyến)

Free searchable online access is available from Kvinfo.

The university provides online access to e-books, electronic journals, and academic databases.

It provides online access to subscription-based publications for and throughout the Parliament as a whole.

access is available   (truy cập có sẵn)

Free searchable online access is available from Kvinfo.

Lake access is available at two boat ramps and a full-service marina.

Internet access is available in public places throughout the country.

right of access   (quyền truy cập)

The act creates a general right of access, on request, to information held by public authorities.

This section shall not be construed to limit the public's right of access to public records and meetings as provided by law."

The FERPA, on the other hand, simply establishes the parents' right of access to and control of education record related to the child.

well as access   (cũng như truy cập)

The marina also has shower and toilet facilities, as well as access to ice and laundry service.

The area now contains over 80 acres of conservation land as well as access to the Charles River.

E Health Point provides preventive and curative healthcare services as well as access to drinking water.

access route   (tuyến đường truy cập)

The Great Western Highway is the main road access route.

There are three sections of the park, each with a different access route.

It serves Fayette State Park as an access route from US Highway 2 (US 2).

access to other   (truy cập khác)

They can block doors and passageways to prevent further access to other areas.

This bank played a major role in Charlotte's growth, as did the city's railroad access to other areas.

From its south end to about halfway through Kearny, US 1-9 Truck is freeway-standard, with access to other roads controlled by interchanges.

access to medical   (tiếp cận y tế)

Many patients lived in remote areas with minimal access to medical care.

Almost six million Afghans had no or very little access to medical care.

Setzler was an outspoken critic of proposals to expand access to medical marijuana in Georgia.

access to clean   (truy cập để làm sạch)

have access to clean water.

Prevention methods against cholera include improved sanitation and access to clean water.

About one third of the Central African Republic's population do not have access to clean water.

unauthorized access   (truy cập trái phép)

It prohibits unauthorized access or damage of "protected computers" as defined in .

Two factor authentication is a method for mitigating unauthorized access to a system or sensitive information.

The only issue arose with respect to the first element, and the meaning of the undefined term "unauthorized access".

order to access   (để truy cập)

Job seekers pay a subscription fee in order to access postings in their field.

Many local authorities set up ALMOs to manage their homes in order to access extra funding.

They are most commonly used in closets, in order to access one side of the closet at a time.

access to activities   (tiếp cận các hoạt động)

The students continue to have full access to activities at their high school.

right to access   (quyền truy cập)

The Ombudsman said this section was potentially a breach of a prisoner’s right to access drinking water.

5.2% of Ghana's GDP was spent on health in 2010, and all Ghanaian citizens have the right to access primary health care.

A party to a proceeding should have the right to access documentation which had been produced by the other party to the proceedings.

access to food   (tiếp cận thức ăn)

Other workers said they were simply denied access to food, water, and toilets.

The researchers concluded that rats derive value from another rat's access to food.

Chimpanzees have been observed using tools such as rocks and sticks to obtain better access to food.

access to new   (truy cập mới)

Some scordatura drop the pitch of one or more strings, giving access to new lower notes.

Recent rebel attacks on a government-owned wheat silo and army gasoline depots have given them access to new supplies.

Each progressive class change grants, gain access to new spells, skills, weapons and wings as well as an associated change in appearance.

access to healthcare   (tiêp cận chăm soc sưc khỏe)

Discrimination can also exist in access to healthcare and nutrition.

The majority of the population has no health insurance or access to healthcare.

The issues raised have included access to healthcare, transportation and agriculture.

disabled access   (truy cập bị vô hiệu hóa)

The station has disabled access via a lift ascending to Invalidenstraße.

In 2012 a concrete switchback ramp for disabled access was added in the NE corner of Block B.

Consideration of possible future NHL salaries to home renovations for disabled access were part of public discussion.

increased access   (tăng quyền truy cập)

Bridge aims to ensure more children have increased access to a quality education.

Steil supported initiatives that froze tuition and increased access to quality, affordable education.

Relationships have been found between increased access to green space, improved rates of physical activity, and reduced BMI.

ease of access   (dễ dàng truy cập)

Benefits associated with ease of access to museum records (e.g.

After World War II, it developed due it its ease of access to Osaka and Kyoto.

Escalators are installed on all levels (including ground level) for ease of access going upwards.

market access   (tiếp cận thị trường)

For the middle-income countries, the primary issue is market access.

The issue of market access to high-income countries is a thorny but crucial one.

The technology will be opened for application to encourage broad market access and reduced impact on the environment.

rail access   (truy cập đường sắt)

The PRR, working with the LIRR, developed several new proposals for improved regional rail access in 1892.

One early problem for each settler was the lack of rail access; the nearest station was in Iowa City away.

The Bristol and Exeter Railway (B&ER) had opened its line to Taunton on 1 July 1842, giving rail access to London.

wireless access   (truy cập không dây)

There are efforts to support Debian on wireless access points.

AT&T was initially the sole U.S. provider of 3G wireless access for the iPad.

Wireless ATM, or mobile ATM, consists of an ATM core network with a wireless access network.

restrict access   (hạn chế truy cập)

This has caused some landowners to restrict access or prohibit bouldering altogether.

It was impossible to restrict access to data, meaning a procedure could access and modify data item.

Because this creates a security hole, CONNECT-capable HTTP proxies commonly restrict access to the CONNECT method.