car accident   (自動車事故)

When he drinks and drives, he has a car accident.

Papară was in a car accident in 3 September 2005.

Papară started snowboarding after a car accident.

automobile accident   (自動車事故)

In 1963, Al Staples died in an automobile accident.

In 1940, Ivey was killed in an automobile accident.

In 1908, Lilienthal died in an automobile accident.

traffic accident   (交通事故)

He died on 16 September 1900 in a traffic accident.

He died in a road traffic accident in Belfast in 1930.

Esat Hilmi Bayindir was in a traffic accident.

accident occurred   (事故が発生した)

It was about this time that a serious accident occurred.

An accident occurred 15 minutes after the show commenced.

The accident occurred on the way to work.

road accident   (交通事故)

He had a road accident at the age of sixteen years.

He died in a road accident in Pune on 22 July 1995.

Kulothungan died in a road accident on 28 July 2018.

fatal accident   (死亡事故)

It was the only fatal accident involving Concorde.

These, too, usually commemorate a fatal accident.

Miraculously, he survives the almost fatal accident.

motorcycle accident   (バイク事故)

Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident on 1971.

Lee died in a motorcycle accident on 21 August 2008.

His disability is due to a motorcycle accident.

accident when   (事故時)

Dilip meets with an accident when he is struck by a car.

In the year 2019, this overpass has an accident when motorcyclists drive at high speeds.

Morgan was left paralysed from the chest down after a road accident when she was 18 years old.

accident during

Suryaprakash is killed in a car accident during the chase.

On 3 May 2006, Rafal Wilk had an accident during a speedway meeting in Krosno.

He was killed at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, after an accident during qualifying.

accident involving

It was the only fatal accident involving Concorde.

On July 20, 1965, Cordero died during an accident involving a plane.

Bhagyamati's mother was killed in an accident involving their fathers.

serious accident

It was about this time that a serious accident occurred.

In 2004, the Heideroosjes tour bus was involved in a serious accident.

He was not to be deterred, even after a serious accident in which he got severe concussion.

accident near   (近くの事故)

On 1 October 2013, Gemma died following a car accident near Rome.

He died in a car accident near Tompkins while travelling to a CCF rally.

Ibler died, aged 70, in an automobile accident near Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

auto accident   (自動車事故)

Around this time, Piedad supposedly dies in an auto accident.

A Duryea car was involved in America's first known auto accident.

Jody Gilbert died from complications from an auto accident in 1979.

before the accident

Three men died before the accident and were buried at sea.

Moments before the accident, the female passenger yells out "Craig!"

In this hallucination, Katerina was the science officer of the Red Dwarf before the accident.

accident caused

The accident caused all flights to be halted on 3 July.

The coroner ruled his death an accident caused by cocaine use.

A horse-riding accident caused her to have hemiplegia in her left leg.

train accident

In 1918 a train accident in nearby Long Meg Cutting killed seven people.

In 1996, Pavey lost her left arm and left leg in a train accident in Zurich.

In 1994, McQueen lost both of his legs after a train accident in Birmingham, Alabama.

tragic accident   (悲惨な事故)

A tragic accident cost him his life in 2005.

After this tragic accident heart broken Rohan went to America.

"Lotta Continua" leader Silvio Viale called it a "tragic accident".

riding accident

A horse riding accident ended her life in 1965.

He reexamined his choice after a near-fatal riding accident.

In 1491, Afonso, Prince of Portugal was killed in a horse riding accident.

boating accident

In the summer of 1998, Tugnutt was involved in a severe boating accident.

On August 27, 1975, lead singer Bob Scholl was killed in a boating accident.

A boating accident initially brings Armando and Sol together, lighting the spark of love.

accident happened

The accident happened on "Westerbeek"s 6th voyage from the Dutch East Indies.

The boy was with three friends and 20 other people when the accident happened.

The accident happened when he was 23 years old and also resulted in both his legs being broken.

accident investigation   (事故調査)

There are three parts to a fatal accident investigation.

The accident investigation found this odor not to be related to the fire.

While Donna is in the school, the police continue the accident investigation.

vehicle accident

Case 3: A vehicle accident fatality was reportedly seen walking out of the ambulance.

On 27 April, the death of a student in a vehicle accident was blamed on security officials who had fired tear gas onto the campus.

Dr Anrich Burger was a quadriplegic as the result of a motor vehicle accident and had publicly stated that he was seeking an assisted suicide.

freak accident   (フリーク事故)

Piet Duvenage died in a freak accident on the field during a club rugby practice in May 1947.

Unfortunately, Tin Cup Chalice was killed on April 17, 2009 in a freak accident while training at the track.

The Swamp Thing originally thinks that he is Alec Holland, transformed by the freak accident into a monster.

following an accident

Brown died on 14 April 1986, following an accident at home (cerebral haemorrhage).

One person was in intensive care following an accident along Interstate 78 in Hunterdon County.

Darke is paralysed from the chest down following an accident, aged 21, whilst sea cliff climbing.

nuclear accident

has a plot focused on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the nuclear accident there.

The bulk of the radioactivity in nuclear accident fallout is more long-lived than that in weapons fallout.

The fourth meeting was held in the wake of the nuclear accident at Fukushima and the natural disaster in Japan.

hunting accident

He died in 1843 after a hunting accident.

He died in a hunting accident aged 38.

Before the war Kowerski lost a part of one leg in a hunting accident.

accident and emergency   (事故と緊急事態)

It is a District General Hospital with a 24-hour accident and emergency department.

Ninewells Hospital, is the only hospital with an accident and emergency department in the area.

She moved to Swansea as a junior doctor, where she worked in accident and emergency at Morriston Hospital.

rail accident   (鉄道事故)

Kalindi Express had rail accident on 20 August 1995 when it collided with Purushottam Express near Firozabad at 02:55 am on the Delhi-Kanpur section.

In 2016 the country suffered the worst rail accident in its history after an overloaded train derailed near the town of Eséka, killing at least 70 people.

He was the son of Robert Aldred Marshall (1852-1884) a wealthy mining engineer from Nottinghamshire who died in the Bullhouse Bridge rail accident, and Dorothy Ann Tarr (1852–1879).

aviation accident

The crash was the deadliest aviation accident in 2006.

It was the deadliest aviation accident in the world at the time.

, this remains the deadliest aviation accident on Russian territory.

railway accident

He died in the 1955 Barnes railway accident.

A fatal railway accident occurred on 23 February 2007, just to the south of Grayrigg.

The debacle of the 2002 Al Ayyat railway accident showed significant deficiencies in the status and maintenance of the equipment.

serious car accident

23 November 2007 had a serious car accident.

In 1967, he suffered a serious car accident, after which he started to grow his signature mustache to disguise his scar.

Although Tong and Sun pursue the criminals, they get into a serious car accident involving a passing Jeep who seriously cripples Sun.

mining accident

That same year, Taggart was killed during a mining accident.

Here, he falls in love with his chief engineer, Kumud Raina, and survives a mining accident.

When he was three his father, Valentino, emigrated to Canada where he died in a mining accident in 1913 when aged 29.

major accident   (大事故)

A major accident occurred at "Betriebswerk Hof" on 2 September 2001.

A major accident at the triangle happened on 26 September 1908, when two trains collided.

She is a world-renowned violinist who lives in seclusion as she recovers from a major accident.

bus accident

He lost his left leg in a bus accident at age three.

Coincidentally, this was the same bus accident in which Ganesh was also travelling.

Sinai bus crash The Sinai bus crash was a bus accident in the Sinai Peninsula in August 2006 which left twelve Israeli tourists dead.

accident rate   (事故率)

Moreover, the aircraft proved difficult to maintain and had a high accident rate.

From 1967 to 2005, the Royal Air Force (RAF) recorded an accident rate of about one Hercules loss per 250,000 flying hours.

Significant military variants of the C-130 include: Former operators The C-130 Hercules has had a low accident rate in general.

flying accident

The unit's victories came at the expense of seven pilots killed in action, and one killed in a flying accident.

The squadron's victories came at the expense of five killed in action, one killed in a flying accident, and six wounded in action.

The unit's victories came at the expense of eight killed in action, one killed in a flying accident, and one taken prisoner of war.

no accident

It is no accident that the Coleridge sketch immediately follows that of Godwin.

They soon discover their tire puncture was no accident and find barbed wire wrapped around it and realize someone did this intentionally.

Peter Coyote, in the 1990 introduction to "Ringolevio" states that Grogan's choice of that alias is "no accident" but without elaborating.