accidentally killed   (誤って殺した)

Orion was accidentally killed either by Artemis or by Gaia.

In the final shoot out he was accidentally killed by a stray bullet.

Blacklight later attacks Shadowhawk and is accidentally killed by him.

accidentally shot   (誤って撃った)

Shitkicker is accidentally shot in the head by Secrets.

Paul Kearney accidentally shot himself fatally in 1960.

It was Long's bodyguards who accidentally shot Long, not Weiss.

accidentally kills   (誤って殺す)

A fight ensues and Milhouse accidentally kills Fred.

An argument ensues, and Bonnie accidentally kills Cookie.

When Worth chases Magnus later he accidentally kills Imogene, restoring the timeline.

accidentally hit   (誤ってヒット)

She also yelled at Luke, the driver who accidentally hit Jake.

He died at the age of 81 when he was accidentally hit by a racing cyclist.

Ben saw a snake terrorizing Betsy, and swatted at it with an oar, but accidentally hit Betsy with it.

accidentally shoots   (誤って撃ちます)

Grace accidentally shoots her brother Liam Donovan (Maxim Baldry), and frames Warren for it.

While escaping after getting the CD he is caught by police and accidentally shoots two police officers.

Carly's son Michael (Dylan Cash), wanting to protect his family, purchases a gun and accidentally shoots Kate.

when he accidentally   (彼が誤って)

Ranpha's crush on Takuto grew when he accidentally kissed her.

Robdal died shortly afterwards, when he accidentally sat on his own detonator during a bank robbery.

Cormac Limbs discovered his powers when he accidentally cut off part of his nose when he was younger.

accidentally discovered

Eduard accidentally discovered polystyrene in 1839.

The Castle family accidentally discovered a mob killing.

A peasant digging in his field accidentally discovered the vessel and sold it as scrap metal.

accidentally killing

But the fire spreads, accidentally killing the gang leader.

After accidentally killing his master he leaps out of a window to his death.

The feeders, however, drive the boyfriend into a craze and he ends up accidentally killing himself.