numerous accolades   (数々の称賛)

The short received numerous accolades by the CGI & VFX industry.

Chao has received numerous accolades for his work in the hospitality sector.

Lozano's success has earned him numerous accolades in the sports business community.

many accolades   (多くの称賛)

In track Ponikvar accumulated many accolades.

The brand has won many accolades and awards for its products.

Scherzinger has received many accolades throughout her career.

several accolades   (いくつかの称賛)

In 2017 and 2018, Colorado Springs received several accolades.

Reed was nominated for several accolades for her work with Blaque.

The recipient of several accolades, including two National Film Award.

awards and accolades

Westover's book earned her several awards and accolades:

The game also won various awards and accolades, including best RPG of 2015.

Villagers had won several matches, awards and accolades in cricket,football and Khusti.

received accolades

The book received accolades from non-religious reviewers as well as from the religious community.

As a member of the Joachim Quartet, Halíř toured extensively and received accolades wherever they went.

Current Members Carimi received accolades from the International music scene, including "Best Album of the Year".

other accolades   (その他の称賛)

Among other accolades, their "Big Brother" podcast was the No.

Jane is the proud recipient of 3 FICTS Awards and 3 RTV Awards amongst other accolades.

For his work on the series, he has won several Canadian Screen Awards, among other accolades.

accolades including

Ruvheneko has been awarded many accolades including but not limited to:

The film fetched her several accolades including, Best Director and Best Actress award at Enchanteur Maldives Film Awards 2012.

Prakash was active in dramatics during the college days and has won many accolades including Best Actor awards in Calicut University Interzone arts festival.