musical accompaniment   (伴奏)

Silent films always had musical accompaniment.

In 1993, Shanes covered the song with musical accompaniment.

Joshi rendered all her songs without any musical accompaniment.

piano accompaniment   (ピアノ伴奏)

She composed songs with piano accompaniment.

Hand-cranked silent movies were shown with piano accompaniment.

Cash's version features guitar, organ, and piano accompaniment.

orchestral accompaniment   (オーケストラ伴奏)

The song was performed with orchestral accompaniment on the album "S&M".

She also sang several aria concerts with orchestral accompaniment at the court.

For solo voice with orchestral accompaniment For solo voice with piano accompaniment

instrumental accompaniment   (器楽伴奏)

Lyric could also be sung without any instrumental accompaniment.

It is a stripped back track with minimal instrumental accompaniment.

Therefore, Byzantine music remained monophonic and without any form of instrumental accompaniment.