classified according   (分類される)

Antigens can be classified according to their source.

Capsids are broadly classified according to their structure.

These are further classified according to their exact location.

vary according   (に応じて異なります)

Sign production can often vary according to location.

These institutions can vary according to different contexts.

The quantity and quality may vary according to personal taste.

varies according   (によって異なります)

The color of the plumes varies according to rank.

Data collection varies according to type of data.

It composition varies according to its agenda.

reviews according

"Buu's Fury" received "mixed" reviews according to Metacritic.

The game received "mixed" reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.

divided according

Teams are divided according to the regional principle.

The vowels of Australian English can be divided according to length.

To organise the collected materials, it was divided according to the language.

according to legend   (伝説によると)

It is here that, according to legend, King Edmund the Martyr hid from the invading Danes.

The relic was brought to Tours and later, according to legend, a phial of it was given to Angers.

In 356 BC the temple of Artemis was burnt down, according to legend, by a lunatic called Herostratus.

according to historian

But according to historian Ahmad Hasan Dani, it was built in 1677.

Guillot was "negligent and easy-going" according to historian Charles Oman.

This according to historian Kamath is broadly called "horizontal treatment".

according to local

Marie Harel did make Camembert cheese, according to local custom.

It was placed at the site of an old marketplace, according to local tradition.

Independent bottlers are allowed to sweeten the drink according to local tastes.

according to tradition

Most tianguis operate more according to tradition than by formal rules.

The "Shiva Sutras" appeared to Vasugupta in a dream, according to tradition.

His proper name was Caolán and according to tradition he was appointed by St. Patrick.

built according

Temples built according to this design are:

The town was built according to the governor's plan approved.

Monuments and great mosques are also built according to this style.

according to review

The remake received mixed reception, according to review aggregator Metacritic.

"Warped" received "universal acclaim", according to review aggregator Metacritic.

"Gran Turismo" received "critical acclaim", according to review aggregator Metacritic.

ranked according

The teams were ranked according to overall points.

Initiates are ranked according to a totem position.

Teams were ranked according to the match points won in every round.

according to other   (他によると)

However, according to other sources, there is no historical evidence for this.

"Principe Umberto" went down quickly with the loss 1,926 men (1,750 according to other sources).

Since 1973 (according to other sources since 1975) Roxana becomes a soloist of the VIA Blue Guitars.

population according

This represents 9.20% of its pre-war population according to the 1991 census.

This represents 2.47% of its pre-war population according to the 1991 census.

This represents 44.95% of its pre-war population according to the 1991 census.

separated according

The school is dual medium; Afrikaans- and English-speaking pupils study under one roof, but classes are largely separated according to mother tongue.

according to video

The game received "mixed" reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.

The game received "average" reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.


He was – according to the Dictionary of National Biography – a very good man of business.

In 1979 the glacier tongues retreated – according to the extent and height of the glacier-nourishing area – from above sea level.

In November 1087, Abu Bakr was killed in battle – according to oral tradition by an arrow, while fighting in the historic region of the Sudan.

according to ability

In foreign languages and mathematics from year 7 to 10, lessons are divided into different sets that can be attended by the students according to ability not to age.

One quarter of the places in these schools were directly funded by central government, while the remainder attracted fees, some paid by the Local Education Authority and some by the parents of pupils; the amounts were set according to ability to pay.

according to official

In 1998, 176 people were kidnapped, 90 of whom were released, according to official accounts.

It killed at least 60 people (more than half of which children) according to official statements.

Nine men drowned in the heavy surf according to official figures; local rumour put the toll higher.

ancestry according   (先祖)

The following is the queen's ancestry according to the royal chronicles.

The following is the princess's ancestry according to the royal chronicles.

14.2% were of German, 11.4% Irish, 10.2% English, 8.3% United States or American, 6.1% Finnish, 5.6% Norwegian, and 5.4% Scottish ancestry according to the 2000 United States Census.


"Pác Bó" means “source mouth” according to the local language.

"Every state has some version of the statutes New York used,” according to lawyer Kelly H. Kolb.

A version for Xbox Live Arcade was being developed by Atlus, but “most likely won't happen” according to Frozenbyte.

according to another   (別によると)

The date is uncertain, either 28 April (according to one source) or 1 or 2 May (according to another).

Its Sultan Umar Walashma (or his son Ali, according to another source) is recorded as having conquered the Sultanate of Shewa in 1285.

But according to another source, the word "geology" comes from a Norwegian, Mikkel Pedersøn Escholt (1600–1699), who was a priest and scholar.

according to plan

Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan.

All goes according to plan.

Steve's actions do not go according to plan when Michelle blames him for Ryan's departure.

according to how

The competitors were ranked according to how many victories they earn.

Teams were seeded according to how they finished in the previous edition.

Teams were seeded according to how the country representing finished in the last tournament.

according to different

These institutions can vary according to different contexts.

The population of Arabs in Turkey varies according to different sources.

all of the syllable other than the initial consonant), according to different authors.

according to data   (データによると)

Of those shares, 90 were lower one year later while 21 gained, according to data from S&P Capital IQ.

Turkey became the European Union's fifth-largest trade partner in 2015 according to data released by Eurostat.

Serbia is the second top investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to data spanning May 1994–December 2013.

world according

AIG is the sixth-largest company in the world according to the 2007 Forbes Global 2000 list.

He was among the 50 highest ranked economists in the world according to Research Papers in Economics.

Monaco is the richest country in terms of GDP per capita in the world according to the World Bank report.

division according

There is also a division according to the Ammonian Sections (in Mark 240, the last in 16:19).

There is also a division according to the Ammonian Sections, with references to the Eusebian Canons.

according to whether

Personal tax liability differs according to whether an individual is resident in the island or not.

A phalanx is named according to whether it is proximal, middle, or distal and its associated finger or toe.

Some assess human resource policies according to whether they support an egalitarian workplace and the dignity of labor.

according to various

Most people are in favour of a scheme according to various studies that have been conducted over the years.

At Aiud, Tudor became a victim of repeated torture, and, according to various commentators, suffered a martyr's death.

On May 19, according to various sources, 1000-5000 Venckiene's supporters protested at the Presidential Palace in Vilnius.

varied according

Effective application of the decrees varied according to local conditions and customs.

The theory and practice of divorce in the Islamic world have varied according to time and place.

In the past, notifiable diseases in the United States varied according to the laws of individual states.

listed according

The schools are listed according to their highest level of education.

Players are listed according to the date of their first-team debut for the club.

The vascular plants of the mountain have been listed according to the 'Red List' of the IUCN.

seeded according

Players were seeded according to the April 2018 ITTF World Ranking.

The top six teams were seeded according to conference winning percentage.

arranged according

The interior is arranged according to a three-tract corridor plan.

Then, within each price group, orders are arranged according to time.

The roll call classes are arranged according to the students' surnames.

according to what

The audio changes according to what the player is doing in the game.

His judges would resolve disputes on an ad hoc basis according to what they interpreted the customs to be.

The classic gumbo is made with chicken and the Cajun sausage called andouille, pronounced {ahn-doo-wee}, but the ingredients vary according to what is available.

platforms according

"Vexx" received "mixed reviews" on all platforms according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.

The game received "mixed" reviews on all platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.

The game received "mixed" reviews on both platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.

according to plans

The building was enlarged during 1931-1932, according to plans by E. M. Miles.

It was significantly altered according to plans by Fuller & Delano in 1897 for William Hogg.

The building was completely remodeled in 1908, according to plans by noted architect Elmer C. Jensen.

named according

The streets are named according to their cardinal directions.

Lunar months were originally named according to natural phenomena.

Organic compounds are named according to the organic nomenclature system.

although according   (にもかかわらず)

Cerro de las Mesa is within the Olmec heartland, although according to Wiercinski, "the series .

Khalil's exact year of birth is not known, although according to the Mamluk-era historian, Khalil ibn Aybak as-Safadi, he died "in his thirties or less".

Aratus in his "Phaenomena" said that the star Arcturus lay below the belt of Arctophylax, although according to Ptolemy in the "Almagest" it lay between his thighs.

because according   (なぜなら)

Orwell expressed surprise that they should still want him, because according to the Communist press he was a fascist.

This is because according to legend, the aufhocker would leap upon the back of the victim before biting their throats.

The NCAA gave King a longer suspension than Moore because according to their investigation King knew he was violating NCAA rules.

according to points

Teams are placed into tables, placing them in order according to points accrued.

Teams are ranked according to points (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss).

The teams are ranked according to points (3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss).

organized according

The report is organized according to those categories.

The garden is full of plants organized according to geographical areas.

Each village is organized according to the relationship among individual patriline.

people according

The population of Bulgaria is people according to the 2011 national census.

It has a population of 9,600 people according to the Ukrainian Census (2001).

The population of the district as a whole was 44,080 people according to the 2009 census.

made according

At this stage of the flight, the flight controls are made according to pre-programmed data.

A decision is determined by custom if it is made according to local rules and the customs of the people.

If moves can be made according to either one die or the other, but not both, the higher number must be used.

according to several

The construction covered 6 to 10 hectares according to several authors.

A shva is categorized according to several attributes of its grammatical context.

Female chimpanzees appear to consume much less animal flesh than males, according to several studies.

according to many

The steel strings produce a brighter tone, and according to many players, a louder sound.

This area, according to many archaeological finds, has been inhabited since the Neolithic age.

This monument belongs to a group of tombs of Azerbaijan with towers and domes according to many features of it.

distributed according   (に従って配布)

The distancelist formula_78 is distributed according to this.

National election ballots are distributed according to a member's primary base.

According to the equations above, the outputs y are also jointly distributed according to a multivariate Gaussian.

females according

, The village has a total number of 13 houses and the population of 67 of which 33 are males while 34 are females according to the report published by Census India in 2011.

, The village has a total number of 11 houses and the population of 63 of which 35 are males while 28 are females according to the report published by Census India in 2011.

, The village has a total number of 27 houses and the population of 139 of which 80 are males while 59 are females according to the report published by Census India in 2011.

designed according

There emerged a palace designed according to the principles of Russian Classicism.

The fort "Freidrich Wilhelm" was designed according to the plans of the architect A. Staubert in 1822.

Those heteronyms were designed according to their horoscopes, all including Mercury, the planet of literature.

groups according

The components are divided into three groups according to their size.

Baryons are classified into groups according to their isospin ("I") values and quark ("q") content.

The villages are normally grouped into two main groups according to their relative location to the oasis.

according to reports

No fighting had been witnessed in the area in several days according to reports.

The Redskins chose not to re-sign Landry, according to reports his departure from the team was mutual.

The main issue of discontent was the lack of a bypass, which, according to reports, should have already been built.

according to law

The council has the right to impose taxes, duties and regulations according to law.

The doctrine of the rule of law dictates that government must be conducted according to law.

but high government official of Joseon dynastys demands was childs of Prince Euneon was all punishment according to law, but King Sunjo of Joseon was refusal and answers.

according to author

It was, according to author Steve Turner, a "marriage made in heaven ...

Bassett came to Plymouth on the ship "Fortune" in November 1621, possibly as a single man, according to author Charles Banks.

Hawick was first named "Havig", according to author Martin Ulvestad, who wrote extensively about early Norwegian–American settlements in Minnesota circa 1907.

year according

In 2015, tourism in summer increased by 25 percent in contrast the previous year according to the country's tourism agency.

Intricate details would change from year to year according to annual design changes and specifications of the real cars produced.

Lots will transform with different objects and decorations throughout the year according to current seasons, holidays, and festivals.