İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

taken into account   (dikkate alındı)

This is not taken into account by the above table.

Then (the expression for δ is taken into account).

Qualifying rounds are not taken into account.

take into account   (dikkate almak)

Such analyses do not take into account future reserve growth.

Brock did not take into account that Little Rock is a small city.

The BMI also fails to take into account loss of height through ageing.

taking into account   (hesaba katarak)

PSNR-HVS-M improves on PSNR-HVS by additionally taking into account visual masking.

These sites will be air-conditioned taking into account the comfort and safety of passengers.

Delegates make decisions as they think is best, taking into account technical criteria and consensus.

bank account   (banka hesabı)

At that time, the PBR's bank account held $8,000.

Less than 5 percent of Cameroonians have access to a bank account.

Along with the pictures are bank account numbers and German names.

own account   (kendi hesabı)

[see Tischendorf Lesebuch, Tischendorf's own account].

He then farmed with his father, and on his own account.

A parent first registers their own account.

takes into account   (hesaba katmak)

It takes into account all aspects of life," she explains.

It takes into account the nonlinearity of the brain-to-body relationship.

The MPR only takes into account the microscopic particles between 0.3 and 1 µm.

detailed account   (detaylı hesap)

A detailed account of these will be found in the article Canonical Hours.

Plutarch gives a detailed account of it, with a lively picture of the palace.

A highly detailed account of the plot and the assassination is provided by Suetonius.

not account   (hesap değil)

Quantum mechanics does not account for these features of reality.

However, growth rate alone does not account for observed fractionation.

Numerical error analysis generally does not account for cancellation error.

named on account

Big Island was so named on account of its size.

The area was so named on account of its lofty elevation.

Rocky Run was so named on account of its rocky character.

take account

The system does not take account of surface treatment.

Such identification from the output, however, cannot take account of unobservable dynamics.

The examinations changed with time to take account of advances in medicine and medical education.

current account   (mevcut hesap)

This is to be contrasted with enormous current account deficits.

As a result, Djibouti's current account balance has been in deficit.

The current account grew from 0.7% of GDP in FY2002 to 3.3% at FY2005.

wrote an account

Dampier wrote an account of the visit.

George Augustus Sala wrote an account of Evans's Supper Rooms in 1852.

Thomas Helsby, a clerk in the employ of Vernet, wrote an account of the murders.

account when   (ne zaman hesaplanır)

Andersen protested against Manus' account when it was published.

that must be taken into account when identifying safety measures that must be taken.

This has to be taken into account when categorizing and discussing archaeological ceramics.

published an account

Spencer published an account of his style in 1963.

Simart published an account of the indictment of the Vandive family.

In 1857 he published an account of the rocks and fossils of Uitenhage.

took into account   (Hesaba kattı)

If plans took into account neglected groups, the cost would be higher.

The Eastern High Court's original fines took into account the repeated warning the association had been given.

As Gorbachev himself declared:  “The new thinking took into account and absorbed the conclusions and demands of .

fictionalized account   (kurgusal hesap)

was a fictionalized account of the rape of his daughter that occurred in Manhattan in 1983.

A fictionalized account of his life was presented in the book "Matin Rouge" ("Red Sunrise") by .

It is a fictionalized account of Sir John Franklin and his expedition to find the Northwest Passage.

historical account

It has now been shown to be a historical account.

His diary is a historical account of the steady development of the Ramakrishna Order.

Here, he is appealing to the traditional historical account of the foundation of Rome.

fictional account

The game is a fictional account of Japan's warring states period.

His fifth novel, "The Master" (2004), is a fictional account of portions in the life of author Henry James.

A fictional account of the burning of the town is given in "The Scouts of the Valley" by Joseph A. Altsheler.

personal account

Choupette's personal account, @ChoupetteOfficiel, was only created after Lagerfeld's death.

"Crusade in Europe" is a personal account by one of the senior military figures of World War II.

Schoenbrun is the author of "On and Off the Air", a personal account of the history of CBS News through the 1970s.

account of how

Joseph gave this account of how he left home in the 1912 newspaper interview.

Selkirk develops an explicit account of how F-marking propagates up syntactic trees.

Harold Langsam has attempted to give a positive account of how a further fact would give such a reason.

gives an account

The main character, a sailor named Thompson, gives an account of his ocean voyage.

The Mackay historian gives an account that gives John "Ian" Mackay a clear victory.

Euripides in his Iphigenia in Aulis gives an account of his fight with Python and the events aftermath.

eyewitness account   (görgü tanığı hesabı)

Le Vaillant gave the first eyewitness account of such a migration in 1782.

An even higher runup point was measured on a cliff near the town of Eyl, solely on an eyewitness account.

An eyewitness account of the collision is available in the book "Splinter Fleet" by Theodore R. Treadwell.

another account   (başka bir hesap)

By another account he just said, "Jesus Christ."

Yet another account gives the name of "Good Hope"s master as John Napier.

In another account, an Englishman stopped to visit and offered to investigate.

savings account   (tasarruf hesabı)

TFSA (disambiguation) A TFSA is a tax-free savings account.

Most banks will, however, set this limit to $0 for debit cards issued to their customers which are linked to their checking or savings account.

It established uniformity in the disclosure of terms and conditions regarding interest and fees when giving out information on or opening a new savings account.

contemporary account

A contemporary account cited a number of reasons for the losses suffered by the Democrats.

The late 4th century author Vegetius provides the only contemporary account of ancient Roman crossbows.

Wertheimer, according to a contemporary account of one of his relatives, Abraham Levi, was called the "Juden Kaiser."

autobiographical account   (otobiyografik hesap)

The book review committee stated that the book contained a "true and inspiring" autobiographical account.

An autobiographical account and reflection on this episode can be found in the non-fiction book, "The Sign of the Cross".

Wanderwell continued to give lectures, and during this period, she wrote an autobiographical account of her travels, "Call to Adventure!

no account

There is no account fee or connection charge.

Of the number of dead Turks he could give no account: they did not enter the register.

Aeroplan points expire if the member has no account activity for a period of 12 months.

full account

He later wrote a full account of the funeral.

Flavian sent a full account to Pope Leo I.

Roque Funes said: "Nobody can give a full account of what this is.

account of what

Roque Funes said: "Nobody can give a full account of what this is.

People should be accountable, and render account of what they've done.

Holmes demands a full account of what happened at the Abbey Grange that night.

does not account

Quantum mechanics does not account for these features of reality.

However, growth rate alone does not account for observed fractionation.

Numerical error analysis generally does not account for cancellation error.

gave an account

In his ‘IS-LM – an explanation’ he gave an account which allows it very limited value.

He gave an account of his father and his own reminiscences in "The à Becketts of Punch" (1903).

He gave an account of the Arab people in the Tongdian in 801 which he wrote when he returned to China.

following account

He died suddenly at his house in Sapperton in 1975, aged 91, when the art historian David Gould wrote the following account: Owlpen Manor

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History provides the following account of the history of the United Shoe Machinery Corporation.

He gives the following account of Lalitaditya's career: Lalitaditya invaded the Antarvedi country, whose capital was located at Gadhipura (Kanyakubja).

official account

Maria Amalia died of tuberculosis at the age of 35 according to the family's official account.

The official account from the Indian Navy states that the pirates fired at the frigate with an RPG.

Employees may only have one official account per system and the account ID and login name must follow the established standards.

newspaper account

Day printed the first newspaper account of a suicide.

The Weeper then shows his other Bittermen the newspaper account of what has happened.

Another newspaper account stated that he became "broken down physically and mentally."

written account

The first written account of a game played was on October 15, 1862, on the Montreal Cricket Grounds.

The local springs had been discovered hundreds of years ago; the first written account dates back to 1522.

The earliest mention of the Hadza in a written account is in German explorer Oscar Baumann's "Durch Massailand zur Nilquelle" (1894).

account holders

In Kuwait, all banks provide a debit card to their account holders.

Also 10% of their account holders ask for more information on cross-sale products.

Bristol Pound account holders can convert £Bs to and from pounds sterling at a 1:1 ratio.

account states

One account states its clutch consisted of a single egg.

Another account states that he returned to Mexico and served in the army there.

One account states that on two occasions they walked within yards of his hideout.

account of events   (olayların hesabı)

Zayd Tutton of the iERA disputed Krauss' account of events.

In 2008, Carreon self-published his account of events as "The Chronicles" through his own imprint.

A comparison between the two shows the French copy provides a somewhat different account of events at Chinon.

account for more   (daha fazlası için hesap ver)

Foreign students account for more than 21% of the student body.

Among them, coal reserves account for more than half of Kizilsu's coal reserves.

These three regions account for more than a third of all households using solar energy.

different account

The manual of Rayman 2 does however contain a different account of Rayman's origins.

A comparison between the two shows the French copy provides a somewhat different account of events at Chinon.

An entirely different account of Dvorak's disqualification was published in October 1900 by "The Michigan Alumnus".