Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more accurate   (más preciso)

This provides the ECU with more accurate data.

The presence or absence of many markers is more accurate.

It is more accurate in 13-limit than 31edo.

most accurate   (Más precisa)

He is the most accurate placekicker in NFL history.

Currently, atomic clocks are the most accurate clocks in existence.

It remained the most accurate world map for the next three centuries.

historically accurate   (históricamente precisa)

Though oft-repeated, the story is not historically accurate.

This film is not historically accurate.

Other elements of the "circus" were also historically accurate.

accurate information   (información precisa)

Wood's Prom Concerts, which were notable for their abundance of accurate information.

Perception accurately mirrors the world; animals get useful, accurate information through their senses.

Nenonen was able to provide these people with accurate information on what was going on in the country.

very accurate   (muy precisa)

Modern computer analysis found it to be very accurate .

DFT methods can be very accurate for little computational cost.

He is very confident of himself and his playing is very accurate.

less accurate   (menos precisa)

However, it is also less accurate than MCML near the source and boundaries.

Optical devices when used with rigorous activity can be less accurate or when used underwater.

Although it was less accurate than existing quartz clocks, it served to demonstrate the concept.

highly accurate   (alta precisión)

Her portraits were highly accurate and delicate.

She often demonstrated a highly accurate sense of danger.

Since then, caesium has been widely used in highly accurate atomic clocks.

not accurate   (no es correcto)

Time may be cached and therefore not accurate.

For scored voting systems, this definition is not accurate.

Our AI is not accurate enough to map the connectome by itself.

accurate representation   (representación precisa)

This grading system is an accurate representation of a student's skill in the content.

This illustration is a fairly accurate representation of how much cortical area represents each body part or region.

The effigy on her tomb shows a tall and large-boned woman with brown skin, though this may not be an accurate representation.

accurate description   (descripción precisa)

The Saville Report agreed that this is an "accurate description of what happened".

Voltaire's depiction of Leibniz's ideas was so influential that many believed it to be an accurate description.

In 1912, a neurologist William Mestrezat gave the first accurate description of the chemical composition of CSF.

provide accurate   (proporcionar precisa)

The main purpose of server-side lag compensation is instead to provide accurate effects of client actions.

Media independence is the capacity of a news outlet to provide accurate and unbiased information to the public.

Its goal was to provide accurate, unbiased information about security vulnerabilities in computerized equipment.

accurate measurement   (medición precisa)

Because of energy loss fluctuations, accurate measurement of the energy deposited is of less use.

For example, changing needle size is one way to bring the test swatch nearer to an accurate measurement in yarn weight.

After this complex growth is complete, the doctors will be able to obtain a more accurate measurement of the conditions.

accurate results   (resultados precisos)

To answer this question with a high certainty, we need accurate results.

All aspects of the Kirby–Bauer procedure are standardized to ensure consistent and accurate results.

It is imperative that this be done before the mining takes place, as it will help the algorithms produce more accurate results.

accurate measurements   (mediciones precisas)

Later, more accurate measurements revealed that this current is .

They were only able to track five stars, with six needed for accurate measurements.

More modern and accurate measurements give a distance around , which gives a luminosity around .

accurate data   (datos precisos)

This provides the ECU with more accurate data.

None of the major parties supporting a Telangana state produced accurate data to substantiate their claims of the number of suicides.

Chronicles and records of the time left no accurate data on mortality but more recent estimates are that the natives lost 20 to 25 percent of their population.