İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

accusations against   (aleyhindeki suçlamalar)

The "Suda" has brought several accusations against Cratinus.

Several lawmakers have apologized for the accusations against Pou.

LaVey responds to some of the frequent accusations against Satanism.

false accusations   (yanlış suçlamalar)

There were false accusations and attacks against suspicious people.

However, Lee denied the claims and countersued her for false accusations.

Jacobs argued that the Party repeated Segal's "false accusations," and that she had "never been a lobbyist."

denied the accusations   (suçlamaları reddetti)

Marko denied the accusations and the two got together again.

Dostum denied the accusations in 2009.

led to accusations   (suçlamalara yol açtı)

This led to accusations of hypocrisy and mockery of its 'punk' ethos.

The accumulation of so much power by one family has inevitably led to accusations of nepotism.

The police did not immediately charge Mr. Cody which ultimately led to accusations of a cover up.

accusations made   (yapılan suçlamalar)

The movement grew larger in the early 1920s, in spite of all the accusations made against it.

In Moscow, Amar was tortured into making a full confession to all of the accusations made against him.

They continued to support accusations made against Alfred Dreyfus even after his innocence had been legally established.