İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

accused of having   (sahip olmakla suçlanıyor)

Both defendants were accused of having mistreated Allied inmates.

He was also accused of having extramarital affair with lover, He Ping.

Caligula and his sisters were accused of having incestuous relationships.

falsely accused   (yanlış suçlanmış)

If a man is falsely accused of lying he invokes ""Donyi-e!

Yu heard the news and falsely accused Pei and Guo of crimes.

Mangyans have also been falsely accused of beings 'beggars', in general.

accused of murdering   (öldürmekle suçlanıyor)

He was also accused of murdering "tens of thousands of Jewish prisoners".

When Sundar is accused of murdering his brother, Bhabhi arrives to acquit him.

After being accused of murdering a prostitute in 1974, Huey Newton fled to Cuba.

later accused   (sonra suçlandı)

He later accused the Britons of having eaten his uncle.

His father was later accused of mismanaging trust funds.

Brucan later accused Apostol of having given in to pressures.

accused of using

She was also accused of using witchcraft against Emperor Dezong.

Angola has been accused of using chemical weapons in its civil war.

Apple was initially accused of using the clock design without permission.

accused of murder   (cinayetle suçlanmak)

He is accused of murder, kidnapping, etc.

Dr. Leon Azoulay was accused of murder after one of his patients died.

Peter is accused of murder.

accused of treason   (ihanetle suçlanmak)

Six years later (c. 632–33) Myang Mangpoje was accused of treason and executed.

He was accused of treason for being a separatist thinker and a Marxist-Leninist.

Shortly afterwards the archbishop and other leading churchmen were accused of treason.

accused of sexual   (cinsel suçlarla itham)

In August 2017, Onew was accused of sexual harassment.

In November 2017, he has been accused of sexual harassment.

It was later revealed that he was accused of sexual assault.

accused of stealing   (çalmakla suçlanıyor)

At the same time, Eleanor was accused of stealing jewels from the Tower of London.

The sage is accused of stealing, and just before he is going to be killed, Lord Vishnu comes and saves the day.

After the talks, one of the Navajos was accused of stealing a horse from a Mexican who was accompanying the troops.

accused the government   (hükümeti suçladı)

He accused the government of making a "political football out of human suffering".

Sahaphum Party particularly accused the government of failing to provide peace and order.

In 2002, Democrat Party Alongkorn Pollabutr accused the government of granting favors to M Group shows.

accused of killing   (öldürmekle suçlanıyor)

In 1900 a mob killed a black man accused of killing a white man.

Five other insecticides based on fipronil were also accused of killing bees.

When he was 10, his older brother, Willie, was accused of killing a white man.

accused of witchcraft   (büyücülük yapmakla suçlandı)

This is said to house a total of around 1,000 people accused of witchcraft.

In Villach in the 13th century, three women are accused of witchcraft by a priest.

Sometimes old women in Ghana are accused of witchcraft, particularly in rural Ghana.

often accused   (sık sık suçlanıyor)

However, it is often accused of being Eurocentric.

For her failure to marry, Elizabeth was often accused of irresponsibility.

He was often accused of obscurity on the subject by his opponents, both Reform and Orthodox.

publicly accused

Knox publicly accused many NRA leaders of being too moderate.

In November 2019, Kieffer was publicly accused of groping by a UC graduate student.

Along with damage of the Joan Barry scandal, he was publicly accused of being a communist.

wrongly accused   (yanlış şekilde suçlandı)

It may also be used to exonerate the wrongly accused.

Marta was murdered and John Ross wrongly accused of the crime.

The character is a famous attorney; known for defending the wrongly accused.

accused of corruption   (yolsuzlukla suçlandı)

President Temer is himself accused of corruption.

On the other hand, his administrations have been accused of corruption.

In May 2015, 14 people were arrested, including nine FIFA officials, after being accused of corruption.

accused of committing   (işlemekle suçlandı)

Magnitsky was accused of committing the fraud himself and detained.

The military is accused of committing massacres, killings, torture and abuses of human rights during this time.

The majority of colonial African soldiers were accused of committing crimes of rape and mutilations against German population.

people accused   (insanlar suçlandı)

This is said to house a total of around 1,000 people accused of witchcraft.

As a lawyer some of his more renowned cases were those involving people accused of Communist activities.

As a result of her instruction methods, some people accused her lessons of pushing beliefs of paganism onto students.