İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

outstanding achievements   (olağanüstü başarılar)

The prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in natural sciences and humanities.

The section awards the Marian Mięsowicz Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of physics.

In 1966, Harper was inducted into Chi Eta Phi Sorority and recognized for her outstanding achievements.

achievements include   (başarılar arasında)

MECC's achievements include:

Perkins' earliest achievements include the discovery of the negative pion in cosmic radiation.

His other notable achievements include a bronze and silver medal at the Tournament of Tuscany.

notable achievements   (Dikkate değer başarılar)

Some of his notable achievements are given here.

Most notable achievements:

The Symptom Distress Scale (SDS) is one of McCorkle's most notable achievements.

greatest achievements

His greatest achievements came in the 2013 season.

This album is considered one of Big Mello's greatest achievements.

Among the ECSC's greatest achievements are those on welfare issues.

academic achievements

She was awarded the Haddon Scholar for her excellent academic achievements.

Withrow High School students have received national recognition for their academic achievements.

He is laureate of a number of awards for outstanding academic achievements, most notable of which are:

other achievements   (diğer başarılar)

One of its other achievements was implementing a historic Uterine Fibroid surgery.

Please note: some former players may be listed elsewhere due to other achievements (i.e.

Among their many other achievements they were responsible for introducing the carrot to Denmark.

scientific achievements

The election is based on scientific achievements.

Fleming was knighted for his scientific achievements in 1944.

Chandrasekhar’s scientific achievements brought him many honours.

significant achievements   (önemli başarılar)

One of his most significant achievements was to enact a law separating church and state in public schools.

Despite significant achievements in human development and poverty reduction, serious challenges to growth call for reform.

One of the most significant achievements in this area was the exhibition of his artwork in the Modern Art Gallery BWA in Katowice.

achievements during

Other achievements during his career include:

Alya incised a number of achievements during her 4 years pursuing her degree.

Ranicki received numerous awards and honors for his scientific achievements during his studies.

major achievements   (büyük başarılar)

Team 279 had accomplished major achievements in the 21st century:

The project ended in November 2011 and a report with the major achievements was published.

One of the major achievements enacted by Symington as Governor came at the end of his first term.

many achievements

It is, however, the only way to receive any of the game's many achievements.

Macarthur Girls have had many achievements, including first in the state for standard English in 2012.

Among his many achievements, the project he holds most dear is his role as Road Construction Minister.

great achievements   (Büyük başarılar)

Mu Xin has also made great achievements in literature.

Greenspan continues that "The Wealth of Nations" was "one of the great achievements in human intellectual history".

In 2002, she joined Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and this was the beginning of her great achievements in politics.

lifetime achievements

Governor Burnett credited her with being instrumental in his lifetime achievements.

Dowd received a Grammy Trustees Award for his lifetime achievements in February 2002.

In 2009, she received the UCLA Medal from Chancellor Gene Block for her lifetime achievements.