İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

company acquired   (şirket satın alındı)

In 2004, the company acquired J&L Specialty Steel.

The company acquired its first ships in circa 1820.

The company acquired Honeywell Aerospace in 1999.

later acquired   (daha sonra satın alındı)

Per Se was later acquired by McKesson Corporation.

Newcap later acquired CTVglobemedia's share of CKUL.

He later acquired the Australian mark from Steadman.

acquired the rights   (hakları elde etti)

Discovery Kids acquired the rights of the series in 2018.

The company acquired the rights to the Volkswagen Iltis in 1981.

On June 2, 2011, Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to "The Mighty".

newly acquired

She then toured of some of her newly acquired territories.

It is associated with the newly acquired freedom of the former slaves.

In 1999, Beuerlein beat newly acquired Jeff Lewis for the starting job.

company was acquired   (şirket satın alındı)

That same year, the company was acquired by Google.

The company was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2007.

In 2016, the company was acquired by Liquid Telecom.

acquired through

Culture can be acquired through diverse ways, like education.

KDZR was acquired through Salem Media of Oregon, Inc., for $275,000.

KDDZ was acquired through Salem Media of Colorado, Inc., for $550,000.

then acquired

Less then acquired the nickname of "Little Memphis".

It was then acquired by the local Masonic Lodge.

The company was then acquired by Roger Yates.

recently acquired

", with lyrics and vocals by a recently acquired Pye artist, Jackie Trent.

Among the measures proposed, several relate to the retail power recently acquired.

Bilbo sets about freeing them with the help of his recently acquired invisibility ring.

subsequently acquired

It was subsequently acquired by the National Museum of Ireland.

Leiria, being subsequently acquired by FC Porto in a €750,000 deal.

It was subsequently acquired by the Emperor Rudolf II and taken to Prague.

acquired the property

In time, George DeBlois acquired the property.

In 1982 the Ontario Heritage Trust acquired the property.

The City of Ventura acquired the property from Carne in 1921.

acquired land   (edinilmiş arazi)

In 1976 the Baqai Foundation acquired land on the outskirts of Karachi, on the M-9 Super Highway.

In addition to the parks within Denver, the city acquired land for mountain parks starting in the 1911s.

As a loyalist, he settled in Restigouche, New Brunswick in 1784 and acquired land along the Restigouche River.

eventually acquired   (sonunda kazanıldı)

MFC was eventually acquired by CLA in April, 2011.

The book eventually acquired the status of a folktale.

Copley Newspapers eventually acquired the paper outright.

acquired all

Bonville acquired all royal commissions in the south-west.

AWCL was established in 1910 and with public funding acquired all the assets of AWL.

In 2015, the Haslam family acquired all of CVC Capital Partners’ shares in the company.

acquired a reputation

In Burma, Blair acquired a reputation as an outsider.

They rarely lost and acquired a reputation as fierce warriors.

He quickly acquired a reputation as one of the finest instrumentalists in Venice.

acquired several

This rapidly acquired several fine commercial Victorian buildings.

The CPR acquired several smaller railways via long-term leases in 1912.

In the following years the ÖGEG acquired several retired ÖBB locomotives.

acquired during

This was acquired during "Operation Barbarossa".

He was released in 1999 with a lack of support from the friends he acquired during his rich days.

Here players can also view loading screen art, cinematics, and comic book covers acquired during gameplay.

acquired the land   (araziyi satın aldı)

The park board acquired the land in 1899.

Ezra Riley acquired the land, and sold it to the city in 1904.

The State of Illinois acquired the land making up this wildlife site in September 2001.

acquired the nickname   (takma adı aldı)

He acquired the nickname Narada from Sri Chinmoy.

Less then acquired the nickname of "Little Memphis".

They acquired the nickname the "Bonshommes".

acquired the company   (şirketi satın aldı)

Eurofins_Scientific acquired the company in 2011.

Platinum Equity acquired the company in 2014.

When his children acquired the company they renamed it J.

land was acquired   (arazi satın alındı)

Additional land was acquired over the next 60 years.

The land was acquired by the federal government in 1893.

That piece of land was acquired in 1985.

acquired a majority   (çoğunluk elde etmek)

Krupp GmbH acquired a majority share-holding in Polysius.

In 2014, Heineken International acquired a majority equity in the company.

On 23 June 2017, Bremer Kreditbank AG acquired a majority stake in OLB from Allianz.

acquired a letter

He acquired a letter of marque on 29 October 1805.

That day Robertson also acquired a letter of marque.

He acquired a letter of marque on 28 March 1809.

property was acquired

Later the property was acquired by the Rev.

The property was acquired and developed by the pearlers, Streeter and Company, to supply meat to Broome.

The property was acquired as part of the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in 1938, and is used to house sanctuary personnel.

having acquired

He was known for having acquired impressive Talmudic and Kabbalistic knowledge at an early age.

In September 1998, Wesfarmers launched a takeover offer for SGIO having acquired a 15% shareholding.

He went to Oriel College, and later to Pembroke College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1640, having acquired a fair knowledge of the classics.

when it acquired   (kazandığında)

Premier took possession of the ship when it acquired Dolphin in 1997.

A further expansion was announced in June 2007 when it acquired the Hull-based bakery, Skeltons.

Later in 1984, Citibank Thailand obtained a full banking licence when it acquired the Mercantile Bank.

acquired the name

This view has acquired the name "perspectivism."

It acquired the name of the "Bishop of Ossory's Chapel".

acquired more

The Campaign acquired more than 50 hours of police video.

At the age of 40 he had acquired more than 300 concerts in his repertoire.

Nevertheless, his influence continued to grow as he acquired more territory.

acquired a large

He moved to London and soon acquired a large and fashionable practice.

Bandara, the school acquired a large number of infrastructure facilities.

Her parents had acquired a large woodland near Sikana, where Toomas tended cattle.

acquired the assets

In 1990, the company acquired the assets of U.S.

The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group acquired the assets of Fairview Press in Spring 2012.

In Jamaica, RUBiS acquired the assets of Shell in January 2013 ending its 90-year dominance there.

acquired distribution

Shortly after, A24 acquired distribution rights to the film.

In May 2018, Netflix acquired distribution rights to the film.

Shortly after, Netflix acquired distribution rights to the film.

acquired a new

In 2004, the church acquired a new rector, Rev.

Shortly afterwards, it acquired a new frequency, 1460 kHz.

She then battled the Black Widow, and acquired a new costume.

acquired distribution rights

Shortly after, A24 acquired distribution rights to the film.

In May 2018, Netflix acquired distribution rights to the film.

Shortly after, Netflix acquired distribution rights to the film.

acquired rights

Entertainment One acquired rights for Canada.

Ogden had acquired rights to a steamboat monopoly in New York waters.

In 2008, Columbia Pictures acquired rights to create a "Goosebumps" film.

family acquired   (aile sahibi)

A door is featured in the coat-of-arms the family acquired.

Ten years later, Robert A. Hefner and his family acquired the house and moved in.

In 2015, the Haslam family acquired all of CVC Capital Partners’ shares in the company.

building was acquired

The building was acquired by Simmons Bank.

The building was acquired by Francis Gould Hickman, the editor of the "Cotton Trade Journal", in the 1950s.

The building was acquired by Polaroid Corporation and was used as their corporate headquarters for some time.

soon acquired

The name soon acquired a suffix and was called Santa Fe de Bogotá.

Nevertheless, Hobbs soon acquired a love of cricket from his father.

This emblem soon acquired the nickname of the "Ferret and Dartboard".

acquired a controlling   (kontrol edinmiş)

In 2018, Imagine acquired a controlling stake in Jax Media.

Meir Shamir acquired a controlling share in the company in 1992.

In 2014, glendonTodd Capital acquired a controlling share of Liberty Library Corporation.

acquired the building

Melchior acquired the building at Højbro Plads 21 in 1855.

The Henry County Housing Authority acquired the building in the early 2000s.

The City of Casselberry acquired the building that would become the Art House in 2000.

acquired control   (edinilmiş kontrol)

In 1978 he acquired control of International Mining.

During the years 1522 to 1532 he acquired control over much of the lake and parts of Brianza.

At the same time, it acquired control of Radio Educación, which had previously been part of the SEP.

acquired many

Over the next 50 years, Northern expanded even more as it acquired many energy companies.

Through raids, trade and intermarriage, the Navajo acquired many aspects of the Pueblo culture.

In addition to indoor shopping centres, The Link also acquired many local estate markets in 2005.

rights were acquired

The music rights were acquired by Sony Music India.

The music rights were acquired by Lahari Music.

The music rights were acquired by Ananda Audio.

site was acquired   (site satın alındı)

A 4-acre site was acquired at Love Field, Dallas for a new factory to replace its Temple facility.

The site was acquired by the state in 1990 and is managed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

The garden's initial site was acquired in 1967 by a local retirement home, with the aim of creating a farm.

land acquired   (edinilmiş arazi)

The station was built on an plot of land acquired as a result of tidal borings.

Fort Levett's construction began in 1898 (on land acquired in 1894) and was largely completed in 1903.

It was built on Broad Street in the north of the City of London, on land acquired from (probably) two older churches.

acquired the film   (filmi aldı)

IFC Midnight acquired the film for distribution in the United States.

US Distributor First Run Features, acquired the film for a theatrical release as well.

In April 2017, Netflix acquired the film, with STX Entertainment still producing the film.

acquired a number   (bir numara elde etti)

Broadview acquired a number of businesses since its founding in 1996.

Townsquare acquired a number of stations from Double O Radio in August 2011.

AOL acquired a number of businesses and technologies help to form ONE by AOL.

before being acquired

She was ordered by the line before being acquired by Wilhelm Wilhelmsen.

It premiered 14 April 2017 on Swedish channel SVT1 before being acquired by Netflix.

30-35 Richmond Terrace was a hotel prior before being acquired by the University in 2006.

acquired its first

The company acquired its first ships in circa 1820.

The Turkish Air Force acquired its first F-16s in 1987.

In November 1993, PAL acquired its first Boeing 747-400.

previously acquired   (önceden edinilmiş)

Triton had previously acquired Alden Park Towers along East Jefferson.

British Waterways had previously acquired the site from the Port of London.

The Saints previously acquired the pick in a trade that sent Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals.

acquired another   (bir başkasını satın aldı)

They acquired another winding engine and two pumping engines.

He later went to Imo State University where he acquired another M.Sc.

By this time, Balmer had also acquired another moniker, "The Ice Man".

first acquired

The land that comprises North Four Corners Park was first acquired in the mid-1940s.

He first acquired a keyboard in his late teens and released his first music demo in 1992.

The islands first acquired protected area status as a fauna conservation reserve proclaimed under the "Crown Lands Act 1929".

acquired the remaining

Southcomm acquired the remaining operations of Cygnus at the end of 2014.

In 2013, Times Media Group acquired the remaining 50% of BDFM from Pearson.

Joseph Safra acquired the remaining shares of Safra Group companies from his brother Moise Safra.

already acquired

In 1519, Charles V I already acquired and inherited Catholic kingdoms.

The Portal has already acquired considerable attention from the community of jurists.

Bonagratia joined the Franciscans in 1309, having already acquired a degree in canon and civil law.

acquired the station   (istasyonu satın aldı)

Una Vez Mas LLC acquired the station in April 2004.

Howard Sellers acquired the station in September 1989.

In 1995 KOVR became a CBS affiliate, and in 2004 CBS acquired the station.

acquired the former

A French brewer acquired the former state-run brewery.

Dillard's, which acquired the former McAlpin's in 1998, closed in 2009.

They acquired the former "Marwyck" estate of actress Barbara Stanwyck in 1950.

group acquired

Shiseido group acquired Gurwitch Products 2016.

In 2018, the group acquired Tampa, Florida-based Thompson Cigar for $62 Million (USD).

In 2014, Adams Publishing group acquired 34 papers, including the "Messenger", from ACM.

station was acquired   (istasyon satın alındı)

In 1953 the station was acquired by the Harris family.

In 1990, the station was acquired by the Pelmorex Radio Network.

In August 2001, the station was acquired by Ventana Television and dropped Mas Musica in favor of HSN.

acquired property

Secondly, artificial or acquired property, or that which is of man’s making or producing.

Centurions who had acquired property by plunder were forced to turn over spoils to the state.

In 1811, he acquired property at the Montmorency Falls where he established a large sawmill operation.

acquired most   (en çok edinilen)

In 1998, the Sinclair Broadcast Group acquired most of the Max Media Properties stations, including KETK.

In 1961, Malcolm Pasley acquired most of Kafka's original handwritten work for the Oxford Bodleian Library.

On May 2, C&A Marketing acquired most of the assets and announced plans to reopen both and the equipment rental business.

acquired the license

Kahala also acquired the license to Wafflo.

Discotek Media acquired the license for the OVA series in 2018.

In mid-1996, Universal Pictures acquired the license to make a film based on "Spycraft".