Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

across the country   (trên toàn quốc)

They were transported to camps across the country.

A language divide began to grow across the country.

Other stations across the country did much the same.

across all   (Trên tất cả)

It is distributed across all the ecozones of the world.

The capacity level is around 12,000 seats across all locations.

It was pooled across all networks at 6:30 p.m. Eastern War Time.

across the world   (trên toàn thế giới)

Olin has more than 20,000 alumni across the world.

Cosplay is popular at conventions across the world.

The accordion is widely spread across the world.

across the street   (qua đường)

The boys drilled in Wooster Park across the street.

Lincoln was taken across the street to Petersen House.

The shop was across the street from the bank.

spread across   (trải rộng)

These same deposits are spread across the barthes.

The disease spread across the South and Northwest.

Quickly organizations spread across both countries.

across the river   (Băng qua sông)

In 1874, the "Hope" bridge was built across the river.

His men swam across the river and destroyed the enemy.

The Federals retreated across the river during the night.

across the globe   (trên toàn cầu)

Politicians across the globe sent their condolences.

However, severity may differ widely across the globe.

As a result, the diaspora stretches across the globe.

across the state   (trên toàn bang)

The scheme started pilot projects across the state.

However, across the state, sympathies were mixed.

Combined voter turnout across the state was 89.44%.

came across   (đi qua)

There she came across the idea of humanitarian aid.

came across the drifting wreck and finished her off.

Technopolis felt the game came across as amateurish.

bridge across   (cầu bắc qua)

By1855 it built its own bridge across the Passaic.

It was the first bridge across the Yangtze River.

The first bridge across the creek was opened in 1926.

across the border   (qua biên giới)

The War of 1812 saw invasions across the border.

But the medicine man was not allowed across the border.

It then flows southward across the border into New Mexico.

comes across   (đi xuyên qua)

Prince Rajavahan comes across a "Matanga" Brahmana.

Death comes across a giant and is badly beaten.

On a street in London, she comes across Gavin once again.

come across   (băng qua)

They eventually come across old friends Lenka and Jiří.

Saying “It’s really how we come across to other people”.

Eventually they come across a barn and stop for a break.

located across   (nằm ngang)

is located across Bonifacio High Street and Serendra.

The station is located across the street from Cégep Montmorency.

It is located across Peachtree Street from the High Museum of Art.

all across   (tất cả trên)

They operate white taxis all across Shanghai.

People from all across the country came to see the buses.

Pakistan witnessed widespread protests all across the country.

cities across   (thành phố trên khắp)

In 2006, IWW ran shows in cities across Ireland.

The audio was released in many cities across Tamil Nadu.

tour, which played in 44 cities across the United States.

across the nation   (xuyên quốc gia)

“Like many Black churches across the nation, Mt.

This poll is compiled by sportswriters across the nation.

This movement swept across the nation in the 1870s and 1880s.

across the city   (Ngang qua thành phố)

Spies, led by Dr. Rice, chase Davey across the city.

The department has 8 stations spread across the city.

Overall turnout across the city was 37.8%.

across multiple   (trên nhiều)

Intermedia, "across multiple channels" in Latin, may refer to: and also:

These apps facilitate synchronization of user files across multiple platforms.

Kicking ball games arose independently multiple times across multiple cultures.

schools across   (trường học trên)

Hoyt has taught at festivals and schools across Canada.

There are specific Russian, Viennese, and other schools across Europe.

Since its inception it has worked with more than 400 schools across Pakistan.

moved across   (di chuyển qua)

Her grandparents had moved across from Alsace after 1871.

In 1847, he moved across the Mohawk River to Port Jackson.

Mastriet moved across the Jukskei River to join the for 2015.

across the entire   (trên toàn bộ)

There are no bridges across the entire width of the river.

In 1941, PSV decided to build stands across the entire ground.

A tricorder scan indicates EM bursts across the entire spectrum.

just across   (Chỉ băng qua)

Günzgen in the state of Baden-Württemberg lies just across the border.

Pulau Petak is an island next to Bandjermasin just across the Barito river.

It is much closer to Fengtian Town, which is just across the river from the station.

across the road   (băng qua đường)

Ash swerves across the road in front of them while texting.

It is across the road from the former Woolsheds Methodist Church.

The only Zoo in Lithuania is located across the road from Ąžuolynas.

directly across   (trực tiếp trên)

It is located directly across the Overseas Highway from Rockland Key.

It is located directly across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.

It is located directly across the Overseas Highway from East Rockland Key.

built across   (được xây dựng trên)

In 1874, the "Hope" bridge was built across the river.

Bhairivani Tippa Reservoir is built across this river.

Gajanur is well known for the dam built across the river.

stations across   (trạm trên)

Other stations across the country did much the same.

Several stations across Japan reported record-high wind gusts.

His songs can often be heard on popular radio stations across Yorubaland.

across different   (qua khác nhau)

The details of its life history vary across different parts of its range.

The protein composition of neurofilaments varies widely across different animal phyla.

Starch granules vary in composition and location across different chloroplast lineages.

locations across   (địa điểm trên)

MSTC have offices at 21 locations across India..

It had 2700 staff working at 90 locations across the state.

In 2001, there were 1,777 TCBY locations across the country.

across the region   (Trên toàn khu vực)

12-18 inches of snow fell across the region.

This is a similar instrument to that found across the region.

Pastor Babalola was also Travelling Pastor across the region.

people across   (người qua)

They also transported people across Lake Nyassa by canoe.

It had served over 5,700 people across Wales and Ireland.

As a result, six people across three states were infected.

found across   (tìm thấy trên)

They are found across Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Similar May Day customs are found across Europe.

It is found across the Palearctic and in the Nearctic.

distributed across   (phân phối trên)

This species is distributed across a wide range.

It is distributed across all the ecozones of the world.

In total, 54 000 magazines are distributed across Canada.

scattered across   (rải rác)

The members of the Unity Squad were scattered across Counter-Earth.

Large boulders known as glacial erratics are scattered across the area.

and many prehistoric stone barrows and circles lie scattered across the moor.

across several   (qua một số)

The Faculty is currently spread across several sites.

These rains triggered flash flooding across several islands.

The village is spread across several hills, known as the Tunworth Downs.

across much   (qua nhiều)

This band has travelled across much of the world.

The line runs across much of coastal Xihai'an.

It is widespread across much of Europe except the far north.

across many   (qua nhiều)

Tower designing was started immediately across many bureaus.

A MemSQL database is distributed across many commodity machines.

The islands are spread out across many kilometers of a vast ocean.

countries across   (các nước trên)

Europa Nostra's network covers almost 50 countries across Europe and beyond.

She worked in more than forty countries across the world in various capacities.

The 2009 team roster included players from six countries across four continents.

across various   (trên nhiều)

This title sets Bubsy traversing across various fairy tales.

Four studies showed no toxicity or mortality across various doses and processes.

These accusations were widely shared across various blogs and social media platforms.

way across   (đường ngang)

The Blue Texel has not yet made its way across seas to North America.

These divisions next fought their way across France, and into Germany.

The outer rampart of Perkin intrudes part way across the southern floor.

across the island   (băng qua đảo)

Filipino is also a common language across the island.

Support declined for Nelson Obuder's MEP party across the island.

As Christophe retreated across the island, he slaughtered and burned.

across the whole   (trên toàn bộ)

The price increased to 99p across the whole UK.

Churiya hill is a range of hills across the whole of Nepal.

The nurses based here cared for patients across the whole parish.

runs across   (chạy ngang qua)

The line runs across much of coastal Xihai'an.

"Thenali" completed 175-day runs across halls in South India.

Michael runs across a crossroad.

travel across   (đi qua)

Warp points allow players to travel across the universe.

It is a blur of colored vision, a haze of dots that travel across the eye.

back across   (quay lại)

Once again they fell back across the stream.

The war ended when Somali forces retreated back across the border and a truce was declared.

Douglas' body was then removed back across the Border and he was interred at Melrose Abbey.

communities across   (cộng đồng trên toàn)

Historically Jainism was practiced by many communities across India.

The album had huge success in Iran and between the Persian communities across the globe.

The case caught the attention of many: Congress, Wall Street, and legal communities across the country.

across the continent   (xuyên lục địa)

The championship consisted of 10 rounds across the continent.

This music inspired musicians across the continent and eventually worldwide.

In 1994, Ken began attending and winning freestyle competitions across the continent.

tour across   (tour du lịch xuyên)

Hunter continues to tour across the UK, Europe and North America.

They also announced a farewell tour across Canada beginning in May 2007.

That same year, she participated in a concert tour across North America, entitled "SLAM!

east across   (phía đông)

In Priest River, it intersects SH-57, and continues east across the Priest River.

The attack itself was directed about 4 miles to the east across Rock Creek at Fort Stevens.

Upland Finland in the east drain east across Russian Republic of Karelia into the White Sea.

extends across   (trải dài)

A proch extends across both sides facing the streets.

Its area extends across the cities of Wonju and Jecheon.

Its area extends across the cities of Donghae and Samcheok.

across the front   (phía trước)

An hour later a patrol of five aircraft flew across the front.

Shed porches extend across the front.

It includes a large wood parch extending across the front facade.

stores across   (cửa hàng trên)

The company has stores across the United States.

There are more than 4,500 stores across Poland.

At its peak, Deb Shops operated 337 stores across 42 states.

across most   (trên hầu hết)

As a result, pianos and organs became common across most conferences.

In 1992, the band played over 100 shows across most of the United Kingdom.

Between them, WCIC's network stretches across most of west-central Illinois.

venues across   (địa điểm trên)

Abri began to perform live in venues across the country.

Since then, it has run in a variety of formats and venues across Melbourne.

2007 saw him headline his first US tour to sell out venues across the country.

across northern   (trên toàn miền bắc)

It moved northeastward toward a trough across northern Florida.

The "Long Trail" followed the Peace River 530 across northern AB.

They are found across northern Africa and in Israel in arid regions.

across a wide   (trên một diện rộng)

This species is distributed across a wide range.

He directed surgical research across a wide range of areas.

load across a wide geographic area.

across both   (trên cả hai)

Quickly organizations spread across both countries.

A proch extends across both sides facing the streets.

These two seasons feature a story arc spanning across both seasons.

held across   (tổ chức trên)

Various protests have been held across Jammu and Kashmir.

Several vigils were held across Indonesia.

Auditions were held across New Zealand.

west across   (phía tây qua)

To the west across Cadiz Valley lie the Calumet Mountains.

At this point it flew west across Queen Elizabeth Islands of Canada.

They pushed them west across the Missouri River and north into Canada.

cut across   (cắt ngang)

Dutch dialects are varied and cut across national borders.

Several small streams cut across the trail, eventually flowing into the Thames River.

Classes can be placed together in modules, or cut across them, as the programmer wishes.

traveled across   (đi qua)

By 1893, Joseph's reputation had traveled across the Atlantic.

Subsequently, Kino traveled across northern Mexico, and to present day California and Arizona.

RAIN has cumulated more than 980 performances and traveled across 179 cities and 20 countries.

events across   (sự kiện trên)

It has staged non-denominational events across North America.

They organise social and fundraising events across the British Isles.

There were 150 performances and events across 18 venues over 20 days.

place across   (nơi trên)

Voting took place across 16 wards, each electing 3 Councillors.

The game takes place across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

It took place across the prefectures of Fukuoka, Kōchi, Tottori and Okinawa.

across the board   (mọi mặt)

Scores were 114–113 across the board for Márquez.

Two players take turns moving troops across the board.

Use that to lower rates across the board.

bridges across   (cầu bắc qua)

There are no bridges across the entire width of the river.

Like other bridges across the canal, the existing structure dates from 1826.

Until 1957, there were no bridges across the Yangtze River from Yibin to Shanghai.

across the province   (trên toàn tỉnh)

The election was one of many races across the province of Ontario.

There were over 430,000 eligible voters who voted in 612 polling stations across the province.

Moroccans across the province, whatever their earlier sympathies, rushed to arms against Spain.

across southern   (trên toàn miền nam)

Several schools were closed across southern Florida.

It operates principally across southern England.

Mackenzie helped construct many courthouses and jails across southern Ontario.

services across   (dịch vụ trên)

There are local bus services across the area, but some are infrequent.

The company provides IT services across several unique industry verticals.

There are many city buses and taxis providing services across the city and Bodh Gaya.

across the bridge   (qua cầu)

These were then hauled north across the bridge into Proctor.

The free Stanford Marguerite Shuttle also runs buses AE-F and EB across the bridge.

Nelson finally manages to drive his car across the bridge which had previously blocked him.

moves across   (di chuyển qua)

The player rolled virtual dice to determine how much a character moves across the board.

Players will race one another but will also race the Count, who moves across Russia on a separate track.

In scan welding, a part is secured on a stationary table and the horn moves across the part creating a weld joint.

universities across   (các trường đại học trên)

He has also maintained links with universities across Indonesia.

She was recruited by Division I universities across the United States.

Zipcar has partnered with over 600 colleges and universities across North America.

route across   (tuyến đường qua)

It was the predominant overland route across Texas for several centuries.

Along his route across West Cumbria, Bird killed 12 people and injured 25.

There is also a route across Sudan, to the Red Sea, but very little trade goes this way.

journey across   (hành trình xuyên)

The journey across Egypt would prove perilous.

Such tours have included a journey across America by bike in 2000.

It was able to make the journey across the Straits of Dover in around three hours.

sites across   (các trang web trên)

Safran Landing Systems has operational sites across the globe.

Depictions of this deity are found in several sites across northwest Africa.

Linx Cargo Care Group operates from more than 60 sites across Australia and New Zealand.

running across   (chạy ngang qua)

The main highway running across Brunei is the Tutong-Muara Highway.

Platt then fired his rifle at Mireles who was running across the street to join the fight.

Ryan completed his first mission by running across a beach to his rendezvous point, a boat.

shows across   (cho thấy)

The tour spanned four shows across two locations.

Quickly, multiple sold out shows across the United States.

He aimed to perform 22 completely different shows across 22 nights.

line across   (đường ngang)

For a long time there was a white line across the floor.

Sulla linked up with Chaeronea and extended the Roman line across the valley.

"Bosporus overhead line crossing 2" is the second transmission line across Bosporus.

across the top   (trên đầu trang)

Essential products are shown across the top two rows of the matrix.

As his name suggests, he sported a scar across the top of his bill.

1970 dollar notes are all printed with "Bermuda Government" across the top.

students across   (sinh viên trên)

The program is supposed to bond students across grades and create a cohesive enviornment.

The foundation reaches over 3,000,000 (3 MN) students across the globe through this curriculum.

It is run by the Ohio Department of Education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students across Ohio.

run across   (chạy ngang qua)

We were treated like two killers he had somehow run across."

As they leave the village, they once again run across Nakoda Hitam.

The first part of his poem describes Mazeppa's run across Ukrainian plains.

right across   (ngay bên kia)

It can be seen right across the Upper Hutt Valley.

Maya lives right across from Govindan Kutty's house.

Gen. Isaac R. Trimble's brigade on the right across the Port Republic Road, Brig.

across the northern   (băng qua phía bắc)

In that conflict, South Africa provided support across the northern border to UNITA.

Silver fruit-eating bats are found across the northern Andes, from Colombia to Bolivia.

In June 1655 Swedish forces started to advance across the northern territories of the Commonwealth.

across a range   (trên một phạm vi)

Rydges accommodates one million guests annually, across a range of market segments.

Simulations are carried out across a range of spatial scales, from global to landscape.

He holds a number of British and European records across a range of different strokes and lengths.

widespread across   (lan rộng khắp)

It is widespread across much of Europe except the far north.

It is widespread across western Europe.

It is widespread across western Canada and much of the western United States.

constructed across   (xây dựng trên)

More than of logging roads were constructed across the drainage.

In total, four bridges have been constructed across the Dawson River.

In 1891 an experimental bridge was constructed across the canal at Weed Street.

across the southern   (trên toàn miền nam)

Low plains stretch across the southern part of Ghana.

State Highway 1 cuts across the southern end of the runway.

The smaller crater Xenophon is centered across the southern rim.

move across   (di chuyển qua)

The cover provided by the uncropped land allows the species to move across the landscape.

Third, he planned a stealthy operation to withdraw from Lee's front and move across the James River.

Similarly, a shadow projected onto a distant object can be made to move across the object faster than "c".

across the county   (trên toàn hạt)

This prototype has now be replicated across the county.

Its area extends across the county of Gapyeong and the city Pocheon.

There are also a large number of smaller health facilities across the county.

used across   (được sử dụng trên)

This logo would then be used across the ABC's media outlets.

The Duhulla is used across the Arab world in regionally unique traditional music.

They were widely used across Europe, and later in Australia, North Africa, North America and South America.

toured across   (lưu diễn qua)

Quit toured across the U.S. for two weeks in 1999.

They toured across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

With its chorus he toured across Canada and the United States.

ran across   (chạy ngang qua)

It ran across what is today West End Avenue.

It ran across West End Avenue, which had not yet been built.

across the lake   (băng qua cái hồ)

Clint takes them across the lake in his speedboat.

Stresa and Verbania are in front of the town across the lake.

Some buildings that were moved across the lake include the General Store.

travelled across   (đi qua)

This band has travelled across much of the world.

In 1858, he travelled across the Alps to Milan, Geneva, Florence and Rome.

He travelled across India and did all kinds of jobs in different parts of the country.

views across   (quan điểm trên)

These climbs, however, lead to views across the Catskill range.

From the headland there are views across to several small islands.

There are panoramic views across the Firth of Clyde from this location.

south across   (phía nam ngang qua)

The steamboat would then paddle south across the lake to the portage at Canal Flats.

There is a long chain of mountains running north to south across the central part of Nevada.

As the fronts between the air masses shift north and south across Alberta, the temperature can change rapidly.

radio stations across   (đài phát thanh trên)

His songs can often be heard on popular radio stations across Yorubaland.

After that, his name got around and Stormin was able to circuit various radio stations across London.

"Songs from the album were well-received and got significant air time on radio stations across Canada.

lies across   (nằm ngang)

A small craterlet lies across the north-northeast rim.

The crater Regnault lies across the western rim of Volta.

A merged chain of tiny craters lies across the eastern rim.

north across   (bắc qua)

These were then hauled north across the bridge into Proctor.

Afterward, many of the Boii retreated north across the Alps.

To the north across from South Road is the campus of York College.

cuts across   (cắt qua)

The more recent Daarby Fault cuts across the coalfield.

State Highway 1 cuts across the southern end of the runway.

The A356 road between Dorchester and Crewkerne cuts across the down.

across time   (xuyên thời gian)

The party then gather power by helping people across time with Gaspar's instructions.

Error terms can be correlated across time for the same series, individual, and horizon.

Crowd ranking can sometimes change but is generally quite stable across time and schools.