Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

opening act   (acto de apertura)

Each concert featured King's X as the opening act.

The opening act for the June 26 show was Yoshie Shimizu.

Kilgariff later toured with DeGeneres as her opening act.

first act   (primer acto)

The first act was titled "The Birth of Venus".

The first act was well-received; the second act was not.

The 24 men lost were: This was the first act of the Palmach.

not act   (no actuar)

New Spain's rulers did not act on Fages' proposal.

Cromwell says about Lamarr that she could not act.

UW President Edward Birge did not act on the report.

second act   (segundo acto)

Magician Ed Alonzo joined Spears during the second act.

The first act was well-received; the second act was not.

Sung by Elsa, the song takes place during the second act.

act against   (actuar contra)

It wanted to government to act against euthanasia and abortion.

What is relevant for ethics are individuals who can act against their own self-interest.

REB was found to act against leukemia and melanoma in mice, and also against human adenocarcinoma cells.

final act

Nina, moved by this final act, stays with him.

The final act begins with all the characters asleep on stage.

It was opened on 23 July 1979 as Anzalone's final act as president.

support act   (acto de apoyo)

He booked the band as support act on an AC/DC tour.

He was a support act for Wet Wet Wet and Mariah Carey.

Later they played as support act for Blondie and Chelsea.

continued to act

Flaubert continued to act as his literary godfather.

She continued to act on stage while also appearing on film.

IHME continued to act as the coordinating center for the work.

third act

In the third act, you have to have your Dan O’Herlihy.

I said, “Where’s the third act here, man?

"; the third act is based on Jules Feiffer's "Passionella".

solo act

Slim Jim continued as a solo act in the 1950s.

In 1999 he established himself as a solo act.

The Peaches eventually left the label, and James recorded as a solo act.

did not act

New Spain's rulers did not act on Fages' proposal.

UW President Edward Birge did not act on the report.

These included films which Lancaster did not act in.

act upon

Bush was moved to act upon the request.

As humans have free will, they can choose whether or not to act upon those attractions.

Karthik starts to develop a physical attraction towards Purva but tries not to act upon it.

supporting act

Pitbull was the supporting act for the European leg.

She was the supporting act, promoting her album "Set Me Free".

Halfway during the tour, Before You Exit became a supporting act.

live act

The band is an acclaimed live act.

Presley was performing in a jumpsuit, which would become a trademark of his live act.

Northlane toured Australia in support and "established a reputation as a tireless live act."

last act   (último acto)

His last act as their Kahu was to baptize two babies.

This was the last act of the war in Sardinia.

She dies off-stage in the last act, an apparent suicide.

criminal act

But I never intended to commit a criminal act.

There is no section in effect who itself defines zoophilia as a criminal act.

Israel, however, found that "no criminal act had been committed" and no criminal charges were filed.

act of parliament

In 1900 a further act of parliament gave the council the power to electrify its system.

In Canada, no act of parliament binds the monarch or his or her rights unless the act states that it does so.

He was appointed (1841) one of those superintending the repair of Blenheim Palace, under an act of parliament.

double act

Lee and Herring became a successful double act on radio and television.

Bandu Samarasinghe and Tennyson Cooray's double act began with "Nommara Ekai" in 1987.

He left the minstrels to go on the music hall circuit in 1887, first as a double act, then solo.

passed an act

On March 23, 1868, the Legislature of California passed an act (Stats.

On June 19, 1862, endorsed by Lincoln, Congress passed an act banning slavery on all federal territory.

Bell passed an act directed against radical puritans in Barbados, suppressing "certayne sects and separatists."

act was passed

In 1906, an act was passed on the behalf of the nation's history and land.

This act was passed by the military dictator General Zia ul Haq who restricted the role of the Mayor.

The act was passed in 2010 to supply funds during 2011–2019 for pregnant students and parents in school.

sexual act

An inmate and a female nurse were caught on camera engaging in a sexual act in a closet.

Although no sexual act was alleged to have resulted, the original charge included "sodomy".

Deep-throating is a sexual act in which a person takes a partner's entire erect penis deep into the mouth and throat.

new act

The new act was called the "Clean Air and Climate Change Act" (Bill C-468).

This new act made it much easier to punish the intimate acts of men together.

ABRI was later nominated for MTV Arabia’s best new act and won a number of local awards.

able to act   (capaz de actuar)

To be able to act and intervene, God must possess a locus, a being.

Those who were able to act in all four capacities were regarded as the most accomplished jurists.

He eventually decided to leave the series to be able to act in the of the successful Argentine series "".

act of terrorism   (acto de terrorismo)

It was the deadliest act of terrorism in Belgium.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder described the incident as "an act of terrorism, an act of hatred, a hate crime".

Nevertheless, soon the evidence gathered on site of the explosion made it clear that the attack constituted an act of terrorism.

act of revenge   (acto de venganza)

Hungarians murdered Kuthen and the Cumans returned to the Balkans in 1241, pillaging Syrmia as an act of revenge.

There he writes the "Liber Pontificalis", a list of the popes, from which he omits Johanna, as a final act of revenge.

It was believed to be an act of revenge by pro-Palestinian militants for Kenya's supporting role in Israel's Operation Entebbe.

headline act   (acto titular)

The band also performed as headline act on the Main Stage of Vale Festival 2012.

He was expected to appear onstage as the headline act the evening the fire broke out, killing 165.

The opening ceremony was performed by local MP, Dudley Joel and the first headline act was Jack Hylton and his band.

rock act

In 1991 he left Rude Awakening for the soulful hard rock act Bad Xample.

The two began an intense collaboration, forming electro rock act Modwheelmood.

He then formed the band Vodka Collins, which became Japan's top glam rock act.

each act

The drug characters each act as if they are affected by their own namesake drug.

At judges' home visit each act performed a song they personally picked and performed it in front of their mentor and his/her assistant.

A study that asked participants to count each act of kindness they performed for one week significantly enhanced their subjective happiness.

act together

A cartel is a group of firms that act together in a monopolistic manner to control output and prices.

They were easily defeated (being accused of never getting their act together), but difficult to control.

Let 1994 be remembered as the year when the people of the world decided to act together for the benefit of future generations.

music act

The track was also remixed by house music act Antiloop.

Mo-Do appeared in the 1990s as an Italian electronic music act.

This marked the first time that a Korean music act performed at the award show.

act passed

Just in 1938, a unified Czechoslovak road act passed.

In 1815, control of the town was passed to Prussia, by an act passed by the Congress of Vienna.

After the act passed, Buchanan said the changes were what "Floridians have needed for a long time."

musical act

This is the biggest musical act of the whole fest and draws the largest crowd.

Thunderbird (Call Me No One song) "Thunderbird" is a song by hard rock musical act Call Me No One.

In 1978, Zappa served both as host and musical act on the show, and as an actor in various sketches.

act independently

These types of institutions act independently, maintaining their own endowments, and properties.

Under that new umbrella, both Davidson & Associates and Sierra On-Line would act independently from CUC International.

However, they are bound to act independently – free from other influences such as those governments which appointed them.

act of violence

He described the incident in Benghazi as a "senseless act of violence."

He said: "Those who did this act of violence fall into the trap of the people who want them to act that way."

That act of violence apparently takes the thirst for revenge out of Jonas and he leaves his now-empty 45 behind on the bar.

act more

endothelin) act more on the short-term ones.

The act more than doubled the number of visas given to immigrants on the basis of job skills.

Flaming emerged from the anonymity that internet forums provide cover for users to act more aggressively.

comedy act

Bates first received attention doing a standup comedy act at The Comedy Store.

Early in the decade, they worked briefly with the comedy act, "Sara and Sally".

Eaton has performed his comedy act in over three countries and on two continents.

such an act

Donwald abhors such an act, but perseveres at the nagging of his wife.

There are two major historical contexts within which the Edomites could have committed such an act.

A spoiler may also drop out at the last moment, inducing charges that such an act was intended from the beginning.

only act   (solo actuar)

It is the only act from Israel to become a UK number 1.

Some descriptors only act as adjectives or adverbs, however.

Mariah Carey was the only act to have more than one number one song, with her earning two.

failed to act

The other assassins failed to act as the cars drove past them quickly.

The Senate failed to act and so the United States did not join the World Court.

On the issue of the Ahmadiyya , Indonesia has failed to act and uphold their human rights.

how to act

Jakob is also surprised, but knows how to act around superiors.

Judaism teaches that the purpose of the Torah is to teach us how to act correctly.

Just like all kids her age (7 and three quarters), Zoé asks herself lots of questions and is not always sure how to act in certain situations.

act called

The act called for all thirteen ships to be ready for sea by March 1776.

Stratton first performed at the age of 10 in an acrobatic act called the "Two Welsleys".

Williams and three of her brothers formed a singing and dancing act called the Williams Quartette.

act of war

Fans had declared the strike as an act of war.

One typically does not enjoy the act of war.

It was done as an act of war".

dance act

He was a founding member of the electronic dance act the Prodigy.

Wilde is best known for his vocal work with English dance act Uniting Nations.

She created a dance act that proved highly successful with patrons of Havana nightclubs.

act without

It was sacred duty to execute the abbot's orders, and even to act without his orders was sometimes considered a transgression.

It follows from this view that one can perform an illegal act without committing a crime, while a criminal act could be perfectly legal.

Within this epic, Satan is directly linked to monarchical rule, whereas the pre-fallen Adam is able to act without the pomp of the court.

special act

Congress passed the special act, saving the boat.

By a special act of the legislature, he was admitted to the bar in 1808.

Byrd was promoted to the rank of rear admiral on 21 December 1929 by special act of Congress.

balancing act

Everything on this earth is a balancing act."

In 1964, construction began, and so did a difficult balancing act.

"Entertainment Weekly" described the album as a "fine balancing act" of "emo-edged" tracks and "wallop-packed rockers."

legislative act

In 1970, the center received its current name by legislative act.

The membership of the court was increased by legislative act from three to five justices in 1919.

On 28 November 2016, the university came into existence via a legislative act of Haryana Vidhan Sabha.

stage act

The band was part of Ozzfest 2003, as a second stage act.

More recently, Steve produced a stage act featuring the rest of his family too!

The duo were a popular music hall and stage act, appearing in venues all over the country.

ability to act

As characters are knocked out, they lose their ability to act.

The role challenged her ability to act as natural as she can be.

To show the compatibility of necessity and liberty, Hume defines liberty as the ability to act on the basis of one's will e.g.

decided to act

After the Exarchate's refusal, the municipalities decided to act.

The conspirators decided that they got no time to lose, and therefore decided to act quickly.

When Governor Letcher refused to give his official approval of the action, the men decided to act on their own.

terrorist act

It is believed that his help "stopping the terrorist act, would be worthy of that amount".

The mostly inactive spy Alfred Verloc is ordered by his superior Mr Vladimir to carry out a terrorist act.

However, a CIA officer, Carrie Mathison, suspects that Brody was turned by al-Qaeda, and tries to stop him from potentially committing a terrorist act.

does not act

Magnesium was chosen because it does not act as a tamper.

This extension is merely a guide and does not act as a valve.

Akasha does not act as an obstruction.

act during

Ritual fasting is an obligatory act during the month of Ramadan.

The same year she also performed as an interval act during "Melodi Grand Prix Junior 2013".

Following his duet with Geronimo, Farol became Sarah's opening act during her Perfect 10 Concert Tour.

vaudeville act   (acto de vodevil)

Morgan's mother had been a pianist in a vaudeville act.

She and her husband formed a vaudeville act, "The Dancing Cansinos".

They eventually formed a vaudeville act, calling themselves the Mills Sisters.