Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

acted upon

This was approved by London but not acted upon.

It is unlikely the request was ever acted upon.

The Wikipedia community has not acted upon the petition.

acted in several

He had acted in several social and mythological films.

He has acted in several of my plays.

He has also acted in several films, also following a Heimatfilm theme.

not acted

This was approved by London but not acted upon.

The Wikipedia community has not acted upon the petition.

Although she has acted on film and television, she has not acted on stage.

acted in many

He has also acted in many Sum 41 short films.

He had also acted in many noted daily soaps and telefilms.

She became a model in many music video and acted in many plays.

acted in more

He acted in more than 80 films, mostly in Bengali.

He has acted in more than 20 Malayalam movies.

He acted in more than 50 Malayalam movies.

then acted

She then acted in another serial "Akela" which also aired on Sony TV.

A graduate then acted as a teacher having their own students or disciples.

She then acted in "Kathirmandapam", released in 1979, as Jayabharathi's daughter.

acted in films

He has acted in films, theatre and television.

Sheila Munyiva had acted in films before.

She first acted in films "Goodbye Boys" and recently "Sekali Lagi" with Malaysian actor Shaheizy Sam.

never acted

The lead actor, Anita Sands, had never acted before.

You would think that they were all superstars, but they never acted that way.

The United States Senate never acted on Kovachevich's nomination before Ford's presidency ended.

acted as regent

She acted as regent for her son because of his youth.

While he was a minor, Hedwig acted as regent.

Some of them were still minors, and she acted as regent until 1609.

often acted   (a menudo actuó)

He was quickly surrounded by strong people, who often acted on his behalf.

Warneke often acted as a substitute on Neil Mitchell's morning program on radio station 3AW.

He has Down syndrome and has often acted as a spokesman for those with the genetic disorder.

acted against   (actuó contra)

Together with his father he acted against the Union of Brest.

Bibikov acted against the Polish Bar Confederation (1771–1774).

Here he acted against Muslim orders, particularly, against oppression of women.

later acted

He later acted in stage comedies to supplement his income.

Miller later acted in the television series "Ramat Aviv Gimel".

The first face of JTV was Ghada Haddadin, who later acted as the anchor for English news.

acted alone

Gluzman's defense claimed that Zelenin acted alone.

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb believes he acted alone.

Authorities believe the thief acted alone.

acted alongside

He acted alongside Jo Han-sun as fraternal twins.

London acted alongside Bishop Gardiner to agitate against Cranmer in Windsor.

They acted alongside each other twice, both during Haddy's tenure on "Neighbours".

directed and acted

In 2014 Getty directed and acted in the short film "Smoking Solitary".

In 2010, she produced, directed and acted in "Paper Angels" by Genny Lim.

Soumya had already directed and acted in several short films and this is her first time in a feature film.