İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

action against   (karşı eylem)

In response, both announced legal action against him.

The referee of the game took no action against Shearer.

Legal action against the leaks by Murray is now underway.

killed in action   (eylemde öldürüldü)

His two older brothers were both killed in action.

Three Germans were killed in action and 15 wounded.

He is ultimately killed in action by Athrun Zala.

legal action   (yasal işlem)

Fearing legal action, DC ordered the story scrapped.

In response, both announced legal action against him.

The expansion module prompted legal action from Atari.

saw action   (eylem gördüm)

Armored cars also saw action on the Eastern Front.

He saw action at Ganawari and other skirmishes.

With the Tiger-Cats, Suter saw action in just two games.

action film   (aksiyon filmi)

In 2019, Lee starred in the action film "Ashfall".

Richard "Motown" Guerrero, in the action film "".

Puraskar Puraskar is a 1970 Bollywood action film.

take action   (harekete geç)

Nevertheless, Israel felt it needed to take action.

And so, I'm asking—no, demanding—we take action now.

Homer decides to take action by looking for it.

live action   (canlı aksiyon)

"Video fun" A live action educational video clip.

A live action film will be released on May 29, 2020.

Stunt pilot Paul Mantz flew the live action flying scenes.

action during   (sırasında eylem)

He was killed in action during World War II.

He was martyred in action during the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

military action   (askeri harekat)

They urged immediate military action to prevent its spread.

France welcomed the UK's military action.

The tough military action had brought with it a risk of civilian deaths.

class action   (sınıf eylemi)

There was a class action lawsuit due to this problem.

Swiss law does not allow for any form of class action.

On July 19, 2013 the class action lawsuit was settled.

no action   (Hiçbir eylem)

Therefore, the status of mitigation is “no action".

Despite calls for his dismissal, no action was taken.

The British ships observed but took no action.

political action   (politik eylem)

Most spending is done through political action committees.

The book had the pragmatic goal of studying Islam to inform political action.

He has mixed ratings from pro-choice and pro-life political action committees.

course of action   (hareket tarzı)

Priam cannot decide the next course of action.

The first plan was taken as the default course of action.

Hitler rejected this course of action.

direct action   (doğrudan eylem)

propaganda that did not lead to direct action.

He also supported IWW advocacy of direct action and sabotage.

He is stymied by a direct action campaign by conservationists.

affirmative action   (Olumlu eylem)

He pushed affirmative action and same-sex marriage.

"; "Is affirmative action right or wrong?

Another popular argument for affirmative action is compensation.

legal action against   (aleyhine dava açmak)

In response, both announced legal action against him.

In 2012, OHL brought legal action against the Government.

20th Century Fox brought legal action against the company.

action thriller   (Aksiyon gerilim)

The second installment was the comedy action thriller "Hot Fuzz".

Bhandal is currently working on his third feature, the action thriller "".

Sazaa (1972 film) Sazaa () is a 1972 Bollywood action thriller film, produced by S.K.

further action   (ileri eylem)

No further action was taken against Cardozo.

The bill received a committee hearing but no further action.

No further action was taken against him.

action sequences   (eylem dizileri)

Mesa shot many of the action sequences on the weekend.

The action sequences were choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping.

In the course of the game there are three action sequences.

action was taken   (eylem yapıldı)

The 2nd action was taken on July 24th-25th, 1942.

No action was taken against Savile at this time.

Despite calls for his dismissal, no action was taken.

action figures   (aksiyon figürleri)

Prizes included mini action figures and play jewelry.

The duo have been made into action figures.

The character has also inspired action figures and jewelry.

action film directed   (aksiyon filmi yönetmen)

Milap Milap is a 1972 Bollywood action film directed by B.R.

Nethaji Nethaji is a 1996 Tamil action film directed by Murthy Krishna.

Jwala (1971 film) Jwala is a 1971 Bollywood action film directed by M.V.

action potential   (Aksiyon potansiyeli)

which provided one of the earliest quantitative models of the action potential.

Using electromyography to record the muscle action potential of the larynx (i.e.

A dendritic spike is initiated in the same manner as that of an axonal action potential.

returned to action   (eyleme döndü)

He returned to action in May 2011 during the playoffs.

Anderson returned to action after missing eight games.

He returned to action on 23 February 2019 against the Detroit Pistons.

action comedy   (aksiyon komedisi)

In 2010, he acted in the action comedy film "Sura", also distributed by Sun Pictures.

In 2016, Free starred as Woody in Rooster Teeth's science fiction action comedy film "Lazer Team".

Edmund Lee of Screen International describes the film as "a thoroughly entertaining action comedy."

mechanism of action   (hareket mekanizması)

The mechanism of action of rufinamide is unknown.

Their mechanism of action differs slightly.

The exact mechanism of action is unknown.

action figure   (aksiyon figürü)

To date, this is the only action figure of Big Fau.

Firefly was first released as an action figure in 1984.

On a visit to a local toy collectors' shop he acquires a rare alien action figure.

action scenes   (aksiyon sahneleri)

The action scenes were shot in the villages of Rajasthan.

The typical Bond guitar line can be heard during some action scenes.

Miller wrote the film's action scenes, while Ray handled the characters.

action plan   (hareket planı)

A final action plan is expected in fall 2019.

CDKN supported the creation and roll-out of the action plan.

The book provides advice to organizations in the form of a 10-point CEO action plan.

first action   (ilk eylem)

His battalion's first action was at Kharkov in 1943.

His first action was to grant a royal audience to the Promoters.

It was his first action in a competitive match since November 2015.

action films   (aksiyon filmleri)

It is now hailed as one of the screen's first sound action films.

He also appeared in many action films, among them "Steel Frontier" and "".

", "Dark Shadows") and comic book-inspired action films ("Hulk", "Wanted", "", "").

action game   (aksiyon oyunu)

in the action game "", Aeneas is a playable character.

"Rogue Stormers" is a fantasy action game.

Contradicting its name, "LaserTank" is in no way an action game.

action drama   (aksiyon draması)

In 2011, Choi headlined KBS' action drama "Poseidon".

His second film, the action drama "" was released in 2011.

In 2011, Refn directed the American action drama film "Drive" (2011).

action lawsuit   (dava)

There was a class action lawsuit due to this problem.

On July 19, 2013 the class action lawsuit was settled.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the company in Israel.

disciplinary action   (disiplin eylemi)

Nine other marines received other disciplinary action.

However, no disciplinary action was taken.

He and Wiranto denied that the discharge was a result of disciplinary action.

class action lawsuit   (sınıf eylem davası)

There was a class action lawsuit due to this problem.

On July 19, 2013 the class action lawsuit was settled.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the company in Israel.

wounded in action   (eylemde yaralı)

He was severely wounded in action in 1942.

He was wounded in action in August 1918.

After being wounded in action, he was repatriated to Canada.

missing in action   (eylem eksik)

Wick was posted as missing in action, presumed dead.

No sooner did he arrive was he presumed missing in action.

Since his body was not recovered he wasn listed as missing in action.

action committee   (eylem komitesi)

Landry also was endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum political action committee.

The NRA-PVF political action committee (PAC) was established in 1976 as a NRA subsidiary.

Since 1977, a political action committee (PAC) and two subsidiary organizations have been established.

action thriller film   (aksiyon gerilim filmi)

Sazaa (1972 film) Sazaa () is a 1972 Bollywood action thriller film, produced by S.K.

In 2017, Xu starred in the American-South African action thriller film "24 Hours to Live".

Ek Aur Maut Ek Aur Maut is a Hindi action thriller film of Bollywood directed by K. Khan.

action potentials   (aksiyon potansiyalleri)

These nodes are areas where action potentials can be generated.

His early worked mainly focused on nerve action potentials and electrophysiology of nerves.

Dendritic spikes usually transmit signals at a much slower rate than axonal action potentials.

enemy action   (düşman eylemi)

The borough lost 99 civilians as a result of enemy action.

Seven aircraft were lost, only one as a result of enemy action.

82-0806) was lost to enemy action.

political action committee   (siyasi eylem komitesi)

Landry also was endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum political action committee.

The NRA-PVF political action committee (PAC) was established in 1976 as a NRA subsidiary.

Since 1977, a political action committee (PAC) and two subsidiary organizations have been established.

took action   (harekete geçti)

Under mounting national pressure, the State of Texas took action.

Western took action with his brigade that later earned him a D.S.O.

Following this Hamas again took action to crush the Salafist groups.

take action against   (harekete geçmek)

Fury organises the settlers to take action against Trist.

The magistrate agreed to take action against those who were involved.

July also saw Carlos Ghosn take action against French mass-media for libel.

collective action   (toplu eylem)

Instead, he wrote: "I prefer to think of what we study as "collective action."

through contract farming, group marketing and other forms of collective action.

Mancur Olson founded modern research on collective action and special interest groups.

action taken   (eylem yapıldı)

It did not disclose the action taken against Mr Onanuga.

Any action taken must in the first place concern these two countries."

Life is like a white canvas, each line drawn, smooth or rough is an action taken.

taking action   (harekete geçmek)

Doers go out and help the cause by taking action.

Now, big companies are taking action, with the help of the IoT.

The Sheriff's Department representatives left without taking action.

strike action   (grev eylemi)

The news followed six earlier days of local strike action.

The first wave of strike action began on 22 February 2018.

In 1985, she was hired by United Airlines, during a pilot's strike action.

seeing action   (eylem görmek)

He served in the American Civil War without seeing action.

In 1918, before seeing action, Balchen was recalled to Norway.

He served with the 63rd Infantry Division seeing action in France and Germany.

action comedy film   (aksiyon komedi filmi)

In 2010, he acted in the action comedy film "Sura", also distributed by Sun Pictures.

In 2016, Free starred as Woody in Rooster Teeth's science fiction action comedy film "Lazer Team".

Bhaijaan Elo Re Bhaijaan Elo Re is an Indian Bengali action comedy film directed by Joydip Mukherjee.

see action   (eyleme bakın)

F4U-4: The last variant to see action during World War II.

This unit would see action in the Second Battle of Caloocan.

He was deemed questionable before the Virginia Tech game, but did see action.

cause of action   (dava hakkı veren neden)

The elements of this cause of action are:

The former was the basis of the claim and was the real cause of action.

In the United States,"invasion of privacy" is a commonly used cause of action in legal pleadings.

social action   (sosyal eylem)

Research as social action: The research process in art education.

DJKM founded its social action branch, The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, in 1996.

It was a revelation for Hays to see how the arts could serve to empower people for social action.

action takes   (eylem alır)

The action takes place in the USSR in the 1980s.

The action takes place in Belarus in the 1980s.

The action takes place in St. Petersburg in 1908-1914.

such action   (böyle bir eylem)

It is the first such action by teachers in Arizona.

It was the first such action in Oklahoma since 1990.

He was ordered by a judge not to take such action again.

industrial action   (endüstriyel hareket)

However, no industrial action was taken.

KCB had a difficult beginning with ongoing industrial action.

This ballot achieved a turnout of only 41%, so again led to no industrial action.

action takes place   (eylem gerçekleşir)

The action takes place in the USSR in the 1980s.

The action takes place in Belarus in the 1980s.

The action takes place in St. Petersburg in 1908-1914.

action movie   (aksiyon filmi)

Antoine Fuqua's action movie is entirely free of surprise. stated that ""Pokkiri" is a full length action movie of Vijay."

He also played pilot Harry Walker in the 1973 action movie "Birds of Prey".

action when   (eylem ne zaman)

The chain should only come into action when pulled, not when hanging loosely.

Against Wake Forest, he saw his first action when he returned four kickoffs for 101 yards.

Olivocerebellar neurons exhibit rhythmic excitatory action when harmaline is applied locally.

wave action   (dalga hareketi)

It prefers sheltered, low wave action waters.

All the islands have disappeared from wave action and caldera floor movements.

Stagnancy was required to avoid churning or sculpting of the sediment by currents or wave action.

no further action   (Başka işlem yok)

The bill received a committee hearing but no further action.

If the reason is correct and traceable no further action is needed.

"Ouragan" saw no further action and was broken up for scrap in 1949.

saw action during   (sırasında eylem gördüm)

"Elli" saw action during World War I.

At least one Su-25 squadron saw action during the August 1990 Invasion of Kuwait.

"Elli" saw action during World War I and in the disastrous Asia Minor Expedition.

took no action   (hiçbir şey yapmadı)

The British ships observed but took no action.

The referee of the game took no action against Shearer.

However, the city council took no action on the proposal.

immediate action   (acil eylem)

The situation was now so acute that immediate action was necessary.

They have repeated their call for Canada to take immediate action to avoid irreparable damage.

C182 urges all governments to take immediate action to identify and eliminate the worst forms of child labour.

police action   (polis eylemi)

The opposition Democratic Alliance criticised the police action.

The police action in this matter was widely criticized in the mainstream media.

The police action in Ljuboten coincided with the security forces' counter-offensive in Radusa.

little action   (küçük eylem)

This produced many ideas and proposals, but little action.

Once the regular season began, Rodgers saw very little action that year.

The Marines saw little action for the rest of the operation, sweeps uncovered more PAVN.

civil action   (sivil eylem)

This is called "civil action for damages."

Ajay blames Paul for Priya's death and launches a civil action against him.

It is only through these specific actions that civil action may be taken against an offender.

government action   (hükümet eylemi)

Some involved large-scale transfers of people by government action.

These documents have both validated government action and citizen response.

Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman filed a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the government action.

action drama film   (aksiyon dram filmi)

In 2011, Refn directed the American action drama film "Drive" (2011).

Nishan (1978 film) Nishan is a Bengali action drama film directed by S.S. Balan.

Daku Kali Bhawani Daku Kali Bhawani is a Hindi action drama film directed by S.R.

court action   (mahkeme eylemi)

There was even court action, which the BBC won.

Douglass called for court action to open all schools to all children.

Trans Union requested a review of the compliance order which led to court action.

limited action   (sınırlı eylem)

After signing with the Bears, Griese saw limited action.

He returned to the field in 2008 but did not start and saw limited action.

Grimes again saw limited action the following week against the New Orleans Saints.

minutes of action   (eylem dakikaları)

He scored 23 points in 25 minutes of action before leaving the game.

In his debut, Morris recorded 2 points and 2 rebounds in 11 minutes of action.

He only totalled 226 minutes of action during his spell, and was subsequently released.

take legal action   (yasal işlem yapmak)

He also said that the government would take legal action.

He threatens to take legal action against her if she abandons the child.

Some of the dismissed staffers planned to take legal action against the station.

military action against   (karşı askeri harekat)

He was in favor of taking decisive military action against Christophe [8].

The President of the BJP, Rajnath Singh, called for a joint India-US military action against Pakistan.

action adventure   (Aksiyon macera)

The action adventure co-stars Will Sampson and Melody Anderson.

"Aquaria" is an action adventure game, based heavily on exploration.

Naksha Naksha ([English: "Map") is a 2006 Indian fantasy action adventure film.

plan of action   (eylem Planı)

With his new-found confidence, he comes up with a plan of action.

The plan of action in transforming the space is in the preliminary stages.

The three officers agreed on the plan of action and relayed it to the Allied force HQ at Caserta.

call to action   (eylem çağrısı)

So Much Gone by: Poetpunk "All poetry is a call to action."

Their call to action, highlighted in their manifesto includes: 1.

"The Washington Post" Ana Swanson said that the call to action is a "powerful" message.

major action   (büyük eylem)

Trusts must obtain the consent of TACs and FCRs before taking any major action.

1984 proved to be a busy year for "Point Steele" with her first major action of the year occurring on 5 January.

His first major action was the pedestrianization of Rédarès Street in 1984, followed by many other routes later on.

take any action   (herhangi bir işlem yap)

In June 2008, U.S. officials announced they would not take any action against Giesecke & Devrient (G&D).

Japan viewed the activities of Lim's organisations with disfavour, but were unable to take any action on American soil.

But, when the Kingdom of Sarawak annexed Brunei's Pandaruan District in 1890, the British did not take any action to stop it.

corrective action   (düzeltici eylem)

Most runway incursions happen quickly, leaving little time for corrective action.

When merited, the FLA oversees investigations and corrective action for any violations found.

NASA finally decided that this phenomenon did not pose any safety risk to the astronauts and took no corrective action.

decisive action   (belirleyici eylem)

Elizabeth, on the other hand, wanted him "to avoid at all costs any decisive action with the enemy".

The decisive action was the attack of the Russian Reiters, who knocked the enemy out of position and fled.

Steven E. Woodworth wrote that "Gettysburg proved only the near impossibility of decisive action in the Eastern theater."

action series   (aksiyon serisi)

The book is the third in an Indiana Jones–style action series.

He is currently costarring on the syndicated action series "SAF3".

She also acted in NBC's action series "Taken" (playing Asha Flynn).

action plans   (eylem planları)

Because it is stable there are no conservation action plans.

Two action plans were devised.

Based on a review of these data, CTC boards revise their action plans as needed.

threatened legal action   (tehdit altındaki yasal işlem)

He also threatened legal action after his exit from the show.

The BCP threatened legal action against the Independent Electoral Commission.

Turner then contacted the Embassy of Norway in Washington, D.C. and threatened legal action.

put into action   (harekete geçmek)

He ruled that the law could not be put into action.

It is not long before they are put into action.

Battlecruisers were put into action again during World War II, and only one survived to the end.

action games   (aksiyon Oyunları)

Civil War action games such as "" and "War of Rights" would take and improve the same steps years later."

They have influenced other open-world action games, and led to the label "Grand Theft Auto" clone on similar games.

He said that role-playing elements were added as the design work on pure action games was less appealing to developers.

bolt action   (cıvata hareketi)

These were rates that contemporary bolt action rifles could not match.

Springfield Model 1922 The Springfield Model 1922 is a .22 caliber bolt action rifle.

The rifles use .22 LR ammunition and are bolt action or Fortner (straight-pull bolt) action.

took legal action   (yasal işlem başlattı)

Goldman took legal action against nine of these news agencies, claiming they violated his copyright.

This attitude changed in the mid-1980s when TSR took legal action to try to prevent others from publishing compatible material.

Some influential citizens, notably Cleon, reviled the play as slander against the "polis" and possibly took legal action against the author.

lack of action   (hareket eksikliği)

on the lack of action by politicians funded by the NRA.

A bishop condemned the lack of action by the government.

Ben-Gurion even kept silent in face of the accusations about his lack of action.

offensive action   (saldırgan eylem)

Romania planned to take an offensive action on 16 April 1919.

The minor battle was McClellan's only tactical offensive action against Richmond.

Oil production became so low any possibility of offensive action became impossible and weaponry lay idle.

action video   (aksiyon videosu)

Sdaw Sdaw is a 1990 action video game developed by Lankhor.

Mutsu Tonohohon Mutsu Tonohohon is an action video game released in 2002 by Tomy.

G.Nius G.Nius is a 1988 French action video game developed by Lankhor for Amiga and Atari ST.

human action   (insan eylemi)

No human action had involved in the driving process and the truck travelled 120 miles.

His continuing field research led him to think of culture as a local context for human action.

Skinner considered free will an illusion and human action dependent on consequences of previous actions.

gallantry in action   (cesaret eylem)

It recognises acts of gallantry in action in hazardous circumstances.

He was slightly wounded and received the Silver Star for gallantry in action.

The citation said that it was awarded for: "For conspicuous gallantry in action.

combat action   (savaş eylemi)

the damage roll that many games require after a successful combat action).

He led his green troops into their first combat action at the Battle of Perryville.

The regiment, which saw no combat action, remained there until the close of the war.

action group   (eylem grubu)

An action group was established.

In spring 2019, Richards co-founded Supermajority, a women's political action group.

It was the first direct action group of its kind, and grew to be a national organisation with 24 chapters.

more action   (daha fazla hareket)

So in my Godzilla, you know, less dialogue and more action.

The game ends as Duke promises that after some "R&R", he will be "...ready for more action!

Atari added more action buttons for its Pro Controller, to improve performance in fighting games in particular.

went into action   (eyleme geçti)

The two fighter squadrons went into action in August, with 89 Polish pilots.

The 25th Armoured Assault Brigade first went into action at the crossing of the Senio on 9 April 1945.

The 12th US Infantry Regiment lost 54 killed, 102 wounded and 56 missing out of 470 who went into action.

action took   (aksiyon alındı)

The action took place north of Islamabad.

On the other hand, information about when the action took place (i.e.

This action took place at Murfreesboro, in the Battle of Stones River.

during the action   (eylem sırasında)

Chervochkin was arrested during the action and was placed under arrest for a month.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, theatre music was performed during the action of plays and as afterpieces.

During the production of the film, lighting was an issue during the action sequences and the song "Chellamae".