Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

actions during

He showed no remorse for his actions during his trial.

For his actions during this battle Sgt.

For his actions during the battle, he was awarded his second Navy Cross.

actions against   (acciones contra)

He fought in several actions against the French.

Early on, ShadowHawk's actions against criminals were brutal.

§ 2712) of SCA discusses civil actions against the United States.

actions taken   (acciones tomadas)

Any actions taken by Puppet are then reported.

The actions taken against Templars in Germany varied by provence.

Several effects of actions taken by the Parliament can still be felt to the present day.

military actions

Brutal police and military actions seemed entirely justifiable.

During whole summer Ivan Crnojević participated in military actions.

Key military actions along the Mississippi River included the Island No.

such actions

He also points out the huge and ineffective cost of such actions.

for such actions, there may be a monetary payment in addition to the armed forces pension.

If he had any reasons of state for such actions, they remained unknown to his contemporaries.

other actions   (otras acciones)

In other actions, the session created a territorial lottery.

In other actions, the Governor was authorized to grant paroles.

The transition action can be replaced by the proper use of other actions.

legal actions

Family discord and legal actions ensued.

Many people saw the legal actions as bad for technology in general.

This led to many legal actions.

actions such

The DOM also provides access to user actions such as pressing a key and clicking the mouse.

This document is not only needed for public services, but also everyday actions such as renting a DVD or opening a bank or store account.

Generative concern leads to concrete goals and actions such as "providing a narrative schematic of the generative self to the next generation".

own actions

"Pain and pleasure are the result of your own actions.

The jiva is the actor and also the enjoyer of the fruits of his/her own actions.

By predicting the others behavior, one can direct and plan own actions to achieve it.

first actions

One of the group's first actions was a synchronized attack on 11 Catholic churches.

One of Aimery's first actions as king was to make a five-year truce with the Muslims.

One of the first actions taken by the session was a revision of the territorial livestock laws.

disciplinary actions   (acciones disciplinarias)

Across all ages levels African Americans have the highest rates of disciplinary actions of all types.

Males of color, especially African American males, experience a high rate of disciplinary actions and suspensions.

The policy must identify disciplinary actions for bullying and designate a school staff person to receive complaints of bullying.

heroic actions   (acciones heroicas)

Clement Scott wrote a poem, "The Women of Mumbles Head", in tribute to their heroic actions.

The Mayor's heroic actions clearly saved a woman and others from harm", Doyle said in a statement.

Queen Hippolyta commends Diana for her heroic actions and proclaims Diana the victor of the tournament.

certain actions   (ciertas acciones)

When you take certain actions, you must be quite happy to suffer the consequences."

Clank can control "Gadgebots", smaller robots similar to Clank, who perform certain actions for him.

Furthermore, characters themselves are often used as "resources" to perform certain actions in the game.

whose actions

When Australia toured England in 1961, no bowlers whose actions had been questioned were included in either team.

He oversaw a federation that was a massive corporate body and whose actions have global economic and political impact.

The Queen and lieutenant governor are figureheads whose actions are highly restricted by custom and constitutional convention.

all actions

However, not all actions by corporate agents are binding.

(5) In all actions involving the contract of marriage and maritial relations.

It introduced the Action Control Table, a color-coded table used to resolve nearly all actions in the game.

s actions

Location in Walikale: approximate zones of FDLR’s actions.

Meanwhile, in response to their father’s actions, the younger children run away from home.

He published a damning article in "Esquire", explaining how his life was "ruined" by his father’s actions.

past actions

She hopes to atone for past actions by doing so.

Players have access to seven eras of the game world's history, and past actions affect future events.

She reminds him that his wife had forgiven him for past actions, and asks that he accept that forgiveness.

s actions

Location in Walikale: approximate zones of FDLR’s actions.

Meanwhile, in response to their father’s actions, the younger children run away from home.

He published a damning article in "Esquire", explaining how his life was "ruined" by his father’s actions.

violent actions

However, Picard is skeptical of her claim because of their violent actions.

Ulster Loyalist paramilitary groups also carried out a small number of violent actions.

Many children brought into gangs are torn away from their families or forced to partake in violent actions.

specific actions

If the body is cremated, there are no specific actions to perform.

It is only through these specific actions that civil action may be taken against an offender.

They are not directly related to the specific actions required by the sports, or football skill.

political actions

I had marched, I had voted, I had gone to jail on political actions and worked for the candidates I believed in.

It allows the use of imagination, art and political actions – and allows everyone the freedom to localise their campaigns.

From these political actions, the suffragists successfully created publicity around their institutional discrimination and sexism.

several actions

He fought in several actions against the French.

On 24 May 1873, he received the rank of lieutenant general and participated in several actions against Carlists.

Battle of Balikpapan Battle of Balikpapan may refer to several actions in the Pacific campaign of World War II:

series of actions

In the past years several companies settled a series of actions against spammers.

She also took part in a series of actions, "Operation Kiss Garbage", from January through March 2011.

After the elections, the Malaysian Government took a series of actions to further debilitate the Barisan.

various actions

Bubsy actively speaks throughout the game based on various actions performed by the player.

Elise was also actively involved in various actions of the German revolutions of 1848–49 in the Palatinate and in Baden.

The evaluation of various actions (both combat and non-combat) are displayed in a console that can be viewed by the player.

take actions

In "Castles of Burgundy", players spend their dice to take actions based on the die's value.

This process is not mandatory for the customers and its can take actions to the court directly.

Natural guardians can take actions that will benefit and protect the minor and his or her property.

human actions

Both the parashah (in ) and the haftarah (in ) teach that Providence repays human actions in kind.

He first shows that it is clear that most events are deterministic, but human actions are more controversial.

Over the course of the first series Rose's human actions and responses contrast with the Doctor's alien perspectives.

government actions   (acciones del gobierno)

Thus, the Court in "Mackin" found the government actions unconstitutional.

Understandably, the opposition parties are active in exercising the parliamentary right to scrutinize government actions.

A number of individuals were not satisfied with or did not trust U.S. government actions in this area and took their own initiative.

actions led

Her actions led to the sterilization of many immigrants.

However, Ross's actions led to his release by the Wanderers.

The Serbian actions led to a significant reduction of the IMRO attacks.

enforcement actions

All registration, license, and permit renewals are handled by the Board as well as complaints and enforcement actions.

Also during Schapiro’s tenure, the SEC brought a record number of enforcement actions and returned more than $6 billion to harmed investors.

In May 2011, the Supreme Court of Belize granted BEL's application to prevent the PUC from taking any enforcement actions pending the appeal.

civil actions

§ 2712) of SCA discusses civil actions against the United States.

The families of two victims have filed civil actions against Reinking and his family.

Defendants in civil actions usually make their first court appearance voluntarily in response to a summons.