İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

actively involved   (aktif olarak dahil)

Osborne was actively involved in Calgary politics.

He was actively involved in the Temperance movement.

Dr. Kato is still actively involved at Zenshuji.

actively participated   (aktif olarak katıldı)

He actively participated in 1965 war with Pakistan.

Chile actively participated in Operation Condor.

He actively participated in the fight for independence.

actively engaged   (aktif nişanlı)

Lynn is actively engaged in philanthropy.

Moreover, he was actively engaged in the Manchuria conflict.

Lauper was actively engaged in refining the material once the cast began readings.

not actively   (aktif değil)

As of 2009, stet is not actively developed.

The project had no releases and is not actively developed.

Soldiers not actively campaigning celebrated Christmas in several ways.

actively supported   (aktif olarak desteklenir)

They are also actively supported by developers.

Doro, however, actively supported the privatization plan.

From royalists to radicals, all actively supported the movement.

actively participate   (Aktif katılım)

She continued to actively participate in Puerto Rico's independence movement.

But Veoh does not itself actively participate or supervise the uploading of files.

Celebrities actively participate in NBA games, especially when it comes to All-Star Weekend.

actively promoted

While living in Lithuania he actively promoted various sports.

After the Norman Conquest the cult of St Augustine was actively promoted.

Her first actively promoted release was Hello Venus's debuted their mini-album "Venus" on M!

still actively   (hala aktif)

Dr. Kato is still actively involved at Zenshuji.

Ion Barbus, who is still actively serving in the parish.

The arena is still actively used for Portland Winterhawks hockey games.

actively working   (aktif olarak çalışıyor)

Researchers are actively working on this problem.

In January 2011, it was reported that Hirni was actively working on the campaign of Rick Santorum.

Wiig continues acting, producing & directing and is actively working to bring more film projects to Upper Michigan.

actively sought

These competent works are actively sought out by collectors.

He actively sought the removal of its president, Carleton Stanley in the 1940s.

Plaster casts of antique sculptures, designed to inspire students, were actively sought.

became actively

Off the field, Porcher became actively involved in the community.

After rising to prominence, Ruby Lin became actively involved in commercial work.

As a student be became actively engaged in the Association for Socialist Students VSStÖ.

participated actively

He also participated actively in budget discussions.

Xuxa participated actively in the trials.

He participated actively in the 1738 and 1740 "sejm"s (parliaments).

actively used   (aktif olarak kullanılır)

These processes are actively used to the present day.

The arena is still actively used for Portland Winterhawks hockey games.

Later, the gulf was actively used by Sweden and Russia for transport of goods.

actively participating

In later cartoons, he is actively participating in the action depicted not merely observing it.

DTL has played a vital role in its establishment and is actively participating in its smooth and proper Functioning.

Although actively participating in armed conflict, the National Liberation Army did not participate directly in the talks.

became actively involved

Off the field, Porcher became actively involved in the community.

After rising to prominence, Ruby Lin became actively involved in commercial work.

Clyne himself became actively involved in Child's search, and was in correspondence with him.

actively campaigned   (aktif kampanya)

Afonso actively campaigned against the Moors in the south.

She actively campaigned for human rights.

He actively campaigned against the plebiscite of 8 May 1870.

actively encouraged   (aktif olarak teşvik edildi)

Rabbi Yisrael actively encouraged a strong competitive rivalry between the young man in his Yeshivot.

Speakers of indigenous languages were actively encouraged to abandon their languages in favor of Spanish.

By 1986, the Chinese were actively encouraged to take part in parlaying the economic development of Vietnam.

more actively   (daha aktif)

With Devlin gone, Barnabas began to more actively pursue Victoria.

Young crocodiles feed more actively than their elders according to studies in Uganda and Zambia.

By the end of his freshman year, he began to feel like he had to oppose racial segregation more actively.

actively seeking   (aktif olarak arıyor)

The brand is actively seeking additional product categories for its business.

In June 2010 Murray announced that the club was no longer actively seeking a buyer.

NIA is actively seeking and receiving cooperation from the Bangladeshi Government and law enforcement agencies in the ongoing investigations.

actively opposed

In fact, he actively opposed the Ghost Dance.

Ukrainka actively opposed Russian tsarism.

He most actively opposed Bongo's rule between 1967 and 1971.

actively worked

Another fork of ChiliProject called OpenProject is being actively worked on.

During this time, he actively worked towards the creation of Les Creux Country Park, near Beauport bay.

She then also actively worked to improve conditions for prisoners of war.” and joined the U.S. Navy’s ambulance corps.

actively seek   (aktif olarak ara)

They actively seek to restore the Earth's homeostasis — whenever they see it out of balance, e.g.

Admiral Boorda ordered the units comprising each force to actively seek and "destroy" each other.

During this period, they will also actively seek other young orangutans to play with and travel with.

actively participates   (aktif olarak katılır)

Since 2008, Dyulgerov actively participates in opposition activities and anti-corruption movement.

He actively participates in special sessions at a number of international geophysical conferences.

Finland is highly dependent on foreign trade and actively participates in international cooperation.

actively pursued

SBSP is being actively pursued by Japan, China, and Russia.

From 1895 until his death, he actively pursued field work in geology.

Successive Chilean governments have actively pursued trade-liberalizing agreements.

did not actively

It did not actively participate in the creation of Israel, but it ceased its opposition to it.

They did not actively proselytize, but taught those who requested more information about the church.

Although Newton did not actively promote himself, he was concerned about maintaining a good reputation.