activities such   (そのような活動)

They also encouraged recreational activities such as sports and arts.

Related activities such as brothel keeping and solicitation are prohibited.

They include activities such as parades and galas to choose the carnival king.

other activities   (他のアクティビティー)

Sheep breeding and beehiving are other activities.

Agriculture and beehiving are other activities.

Goat and cattle breeding are other activities.

activities include   (活動が含まれます)

Other activities include handmade shoes and carpentry.

Major achievements in professional activities include:

Her other charitable activities include:

economic activities

Main economic activities are farming and animal breeding.

Main economic activities are animal breeding and farming.

Major economic activities are farming and animal breeding.

political activities

The CCPOA is deeply involved in a variety of political activities.

In 1941, Ocak began to take part in political activities in Gaziantep.

Cook's political activities have largely been enabled by self-financing.

cultural activities

French domination did not deter Milan's cultural activities.

Mahrail is famous in the district for its cultural activities.

He was also involved in the cultural activities in his school.

extracurricular activities

fine arts, and extracurricular activities.

The main campus is , leaving for extracurricular activities.

Webster Schroeder participates in many extracurricular activities.

recreational activities   (レクリエーション活動)

They also encouraged recreational activities such as sports and arts.

People of village have a limited choice for their recreational activities.

It is also a popular destination for water-related recreational activities.

social activities   (社会活動)

Since 1936 he has been doing social activities.

C-Saw provided social activities and services.

Meanwhile, her social activities expanded.

research activities

The research activities are focused on four core areas:

It is the heart of academic and research activities of BTKIT.

Teaching, demonstration and research activities were reviewed.

activities including

The arts department at EC Drury had extra curricular activities including

The resort offers a variety of other winter activities including snow tubing.

They have many joint activities including conferences, publications and awards.

human activities

Various human activities threaten manatee populations.

And these rhythms are at the very root of human activities.

Some human activities can influence local water vapor levels.

criminal activities

He is at large and continues to pursue criminal activities.

After the Olympics Boudreault became involved in criminal activities.

Hijacked buildings have also been highlighted as dens for criminal activities.

business activities   (事業活動)

Consequently, he ceased his business activities.

He later focused his business activities on real estate.

He enjoyed farming and business activities.

illegal activities   (違法行為)

These illegal activities culminated in the Iran–Contra affair.

However, police also believed he was involved in illegal activities.

The police, aware of the Afghani family's illegal activities, are also in pursuit.

various activities

For entertainment, the place offers various activities.

They select Cadets for various activities.

Many youth clubs offer various activities, such as table tennis.

outdoor activities

Where he played basketball, soccer and other outdoor activities.

An 18-hole golf course is one of several other outdoor activities.

There are diverse opportunities for outdoor activities in the area.

activities during

Some hotels offer special arrangements or activities during these years.

The record is silent concerning his activities during these missing three years.

An account of her activities during the American Civil War was published in 1898.

educational activities

Samanabad is an important hub of educational activities.

The report found favourable results from educational activities.

Funds are raised by membership subscriptions and educational activities.

commercial activities   (商業活動)

In the early 1990s he started commercial activities.

Formerly government-owned commercial activities are now privatized.

Thompson & Co, operating a bonded warehouse and other commercial activities.

related activities   (関連する活動)

The population is engaged in agriculture and related activities.

Prostitution is illegal in Gibraltar, as are related activities.

90% of the population depends on agriculture and related activities.

activities within

The Athenaeum serves as a cradle of diverse activities within the arts industry.

Therefore, repair, reuse and recycling activities within social enterprises should expand and develop across Europe.

During the late 1970s her activities within the Objectivist movement declined, especially after the death of her husband on November 9, 1979.

range of activities

The school offers a wide range of activities.

The range of activities offered has become much more extensive over the years.

Development principles include conserving and reusing historical buildings for a range of activities.

such activities

He pointed out that such activities did much to enhance the political consciousness of poor white youth.

), the brothers occupied their after-school time with such activities as igniting each other's flatulence.

Initially, it was assumed that such activities could be carried individually, since the scheme could be revealed.

daily activities   (日々の活動)

Disability is the lack of ability to perform physical daily activities.

concerts, sporting events, daily activities, personal listening devices, etc.)

Additionally, God sits daily in judgment concerning a person's daily activities.

leisure activities   (レジャー活動)

Swimming in the river and going on nature walks are popular leisure activities.

The ancient Egyptians enjoyed a variety of leisure activities, including games and music.

In 1999, the A&F also launched "A&F TV", which featured young people engaged in sports and leisure activities.

activities related

These missionaries often serve in activities related to their former profession.

Less than 5% of all children were exposed to activities related to the protocol.

However, he did not give up his activities related to the entertainment industry.

religious activities

Then the temple reactivated its religious activities.

They joined together for religious activities.

In 1984, the temple reactivated its religious activities.

many activities

For 12 hours, many activities are going on.

The island has many activities.

There are many activities that could destroy these underwater habitats.

all activities

On 20 November, the UNHCR halted all activities in Kabul.

The EEIdF works in four branches; all activities are coeducational:

However, the Archdiocese has moved all activities to the new Co-Cathedral Church.

activities included

His extra-curricular activities included wrestling, track, and gymnastics.

Other activities included some air racing and a guess the altitude competition.

Her political activities included deputations, heckling and writing in the press.

development activities   (開発活動)

Life science is a key sector with extensive research and development activities.

KASE is the apex agency for all skill development activities in the state of Kerala.

In this role Kim oversaw all of Merck's drug and vaccine research and development activities.

main activities   (主な活動)

The main activities are football and Basketball plays.

The main activities in the area were farming and fishing.

The EMU involves four main activities.

community activities   (コミュニティ活動)

James was a leader in community activities in Brentford.

People with are often excluded from community activities.

Mousehole hosts a vibrant variety of festivals and community activities.

agricultural activities

Which stimulated agricultural activities greatly.

Other agricultural activities were developed as well.

There are light agricultural activities, including covered growing houses.

mining activities

When mining activities closed, so did the jail.

The main mining activities are PGMs and chrome.

This made the area well known historically for its mining activities.

sporting activities

The village has a wide area for sporting activities.

The school provides a venue for individual sporting activities.

The Franconian countryside is suitable for many sporting activities.

main economic activities   (主な経済活動)

The main economic activities are animal breeding and farming.

The main economic activities are agriculture and animal breeding.

The main economic activities are agriculture, tourism and fishing.

variety of activities

The FDM has been involved in a variety of activities, including:

Kempshott has its own village hall which hosts a variety of activities and meetings.

It is a year-round resort on more than that features a variety of activities and amenities.

sports activities

It is used mainly for leisure and sports activities.

Nasarpur is quite healthy for numerous sports activities.

He found that social and sports activities ashore were much improved.

student activities   (学生活動)

Among the school's student activities are over 20 varsity sports.

The school has a Student Council which governs student activities.

For 2015-16 the district budgeted $684,857 for student activities.

military activities

The "Klatchian Foreign Legion" parodies French military activities in North Africa.

Heavy bombings and other military activities led to the destruction of the airport.

Bay of Morto Bay of Morto is a small bay in Turkey known for several military activities in the past.

terrorist activities

They were all accused of taking part in terrorist activities of Narodnaya Volya.

Some members of the group manage to evade capture and continue with terrorist activities.

Unbeknownst to Samir, his brother gets involved in terrorist activities using the money Samir supplies.

sexual activities

Same-sex sexual activities have been legal in Anguilla since 2001.

In both videos, she takes part in the on-screen sexual activities.

Several SWAPO members denied that sexual activities ever occurred in prisons.

s activities

The Blue Card’s activities are not duplicated by any other Jewish welfare agency.

It relates a day’s activities of General James F. Hollingsworth during the Vietnam War.

As more post-PhD scientists were recruited, ATREE’s activities diversified and structure changed.

charitable activities

Her other charitable activities include:

The order survives today with many other charitable activities.

To off-set violent acts, the KKK participated in charitable activities.

work activities   (業務活動)

Of the total population, 2862 were engaged in work activities.

It is also a means of coordinating different work activities to avoid conflicts.

In Ikolahi village out of total population, 732 were engaged in work activities.

s activities

The Blue Card’s activities are not duplicated by any other Jewish welfare agency.

It relates a day’s activities of General James F. Hollingsworth during the Vietnam War.

As more post-PhD scientists were recruited, ATREE’s activities diversified and structure changed.

activities throughout

GUMSA is involved in various other activities throughout the year.

The UNHCR provided assistance to refugees with revenue-generating activities throughout 2011.

All law enforcement activities throughout the province are handled by the Afghan National Police (ANP).

different activities

However, a Vrata can consist of many different activities.

It showcases different activities and programs for Elementary students.

These operational services can be divided into three different activities.

activities through

Vygotsky believed we get our complex mental activities through social learning.

In 1955, she returned to Oslo but continued her espionage activities through a Soviet handler.

It features a group of flower-based characters and their adventures and activities through the garden.

activities against   (に対する活動)

The award was presented in the context of protest activities against the Munich Conference for Security Policy.

He was involved, during his time at the CIA, in its early activities against Ramparts magazine and its editors.

His activities against the Indochina war, caused him to spend a few weeks in prison in 1949, then sixteen months in hiding in 1952–53.

school activities   (学内活動)

University offers multiplex school activities.

In the early 2000s, cheerleading was considered one of the most dangerous school activities.

Arias would also volunteer her time in local public school activities related to music classes.

events and activities

Finland also has urbanised regions with many cultural events and activities.

The Newsletter is designed to provide a heads-up on important Institute events and activities.

2012 marked the Institute's 75th anniversary and a number of events and activities were held to mark this occasion.

academic activities

There are separate cups for athletic and academic activities.

The school runs academic activities from Saturday to Thursday.

Aside from his work, Campbell participated in other academic activities.

training activities

These training activities continued through November 1953.

screening activities   (スクリーニング活動)

To identify students who may be eligible for special education, various screening activities are conducted on an ongoing basis.

industrial activities

Meanwhile, his industrial activities had grown significantly.

It manages and executes the industrial activities of the agency.

Some suggested industrial activities around the Dead Sea might need to be reduced.

missionary activities

He opposed the spread of Christian missionary activities.

Sponsorship of missionary activities became a divisive issue.

The town was the center of Catholic missionary activities in the 9th century Sweden.

revolutionary activities   (革命活動)

From age of 17 was involved in revolutionary activities and never worked in any paid job until October Revolution.

The Bonifacio brothers were sentenced to death by the council of war owing to their supposed counter revolutionary activities.

He was drawn to revolutionary activities and started participating in acts of protests with the aim of driving out the British.

promotional activities

Starting in Barcelona, the band's performances and other promotional activities on the tour were filmed by Grant Gee.

The actor, who was reportedly absent from promotional activities for the film, cited personal reasons for the decision.

The Class started to blossom, thanks largely to the promotional activities of Conrad and a well structured Class Organisation.

tourism activities   (観光活動)

Forestry and recreational tourism activities, second.

Recreational tourism activities come second.

activities as well   (活動も)

The races are always part of a regional festival, called a stevna, with many other activities as well.

Leaders in this board support sporting activities as well as health promotion campaigns within the school community.

The airport is not used for scheduled traffic but features general aviation and is home to other leisure activities as well.

musical activities

All four had been involved in various musical activities before Deolinda.

In 1806 he reappeared in public in Leipzig, and became important there in musical activities.

Following the Empress Maria Leopoldine's death in August the court's musical activities were suspended.

activities and programs

It showcases different activities and programs for Elementary students.

The students continue to have full access to activities and programs at the high school.

The students continue to have full access to activities and programs at their high school.

professional activities

Major achievements in professional activities include:

For her work she has received many awards and was involved in a variety of professional activities.

At 1833 in order to expand his professional activities, he moved to Cairo (Egypt) and then Romania.

outreach activities

She takes part in outreach activities to encourage young people to consider careers in chemistry.

McClintock is very active in educational outreach activities related to his career as an Antarctic marine ecologist.

One of the church's most significant outreach activities has been its relationship with the Meadowbrook United Church of Kingston, Jamaica.

philanthropic activities   (慈善活動)

Thus acknowledging SXCAA's philanthropic activities.

Hansika is involved in philanthropic activities.

His philanthropic activities are directed via the Bakala Foundation.

activities designed

There are six activities designed to teach numbers, shapes, sound recognition, story comprehension and emotions.

Many youth clubs are set up to provide young people with activities designed to keep them off the streets and out of trouble, and to give them a job and an interest in activity.

According to the requirements for the Local Wellness Policy, school districts must set goals for nutrition education, physical activity, campus food provision, and other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness.

fundraising activities   (募金活動)

It also expanded the range of educational, social and fundraising activities.

Students participate in fundraising activities to raise money for the orphans.

The Amherst Area Chamber is supported by members' dues and its own fundraising activities.

physical activities

Along the way, they’ve provided meaningful social and physical activities for 4,861 people nationwide.

Currently, there is little understanding as to why these physical activities aid in relieving spasticity.

Plant physiology encompasses all the internal chemical and physical activities of plants associated with life.

service activities

It then responds to the consequent impacts on service activities.

Members of Acorn are involved in various community service activities.

She is an active member of BlueCross and is involved in several social service activities.

group activities

Donors make monthly payments ranging from 5 BRL to 200 BRL to maintain group activities.

Allowance was made for child-initiated and small group activities, role-play, and group discussion.

Kimodameshi is usually played in the summer, in group activities such as school club trips or camping.

access to activities   (アクティビティへのアクセス)

The students continue to have full access to activities at their high school.

trading activities   (取引活動)

He admitted to false trading activities masked by foreign transfers and false SEC filings.

The service sector is heavily concentrated on trading activities and catering-related services.

Hallaur bazaar, a weekly shopping market, is the backbone of all trading activities of the area.

activities and events

The Rayburn Student Center (RSC) serves as a focal site for activities and events on campus.

Family-oriented activities and events are organised throughout the country, though it is not a public holiday.

The activities and events Klan members were impressive to future recruits as they included family picnics and other social events that built solidarity.

whose activities

One of the most important industries in Bovisio was that of the Zari family, whose activities started in 1867.

The recording can further be used to identify advantage players whose activities, while legal, make them undesirable customers.

Major organisations include the Muslim Judicial Council, whose activities include the provision of Halaal certification of food.

activities are conducted

Ares’ investment activities are conducted through three business platforms:

Fundraising activities are conducted throughout the year, usually in the form of prize raffles at hall events.

To identify students who may be eligible for special education, various screening activities are conducted on an ongoing basis.

union activities   (組合活動)

Narayanan, was approached by party leaders but turned down their invitation because he wanted to concentrate on union activities.

For a brief period until MPLA monopolized trade union activities under UNTA, CNTA was the main labour organization inside the country.

In 1914, the club decided to concentrate on football and rugby union activities were split off into a new club called Harrogate Old Boys.

construction activities

The new governor started the broad construction activities.

The poet describes his coronation and construction activities in detail.

Care should be taken to prevent injury to oaks during this period, particularly during construction activities.

activities around   (周りの活動)

Thompson supported mission activities around the world.

Its long-term vision is to expand its activities around the world.

Other activities around the edges of the water included fishing and agriculture.

public activities   (公共活動)

His public activities also include lectures: “Social Network.

The EIF and the Guides within the FFE resumed their public activities after World War II.

All public activities, flights, and schools were either closed or canceled on Puerto Rico.

programs and activities

In 2018, WGI's various programs and activities generated million in revenues.

11135, the principal non-discrimination provision dealing with state-funded programs and activities.

Work includes overseeing the day-to-day operations of programs and activities governed by the CCECSS.

number of activities   (アクティビティ数)

held a number of activities.

BSM is established by two complementary process cycles each grouping a number of activities.

It also hosts a number of activities such as a spontaneous choir and informal fashion parade.

intelligence activities   (intelligence報活動)

The Constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately controlled intelligence activities.

Attempts to accuse anthropologists of complicity with the CIA and government intelligence activities during the Vietnam War years have turned up surprisingly little.

Under the new procedures passed by the U.S. Congress in the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, even the collection of metadata must be considered "relevant" to a terrorism investigation or other intelligence activities.

activities take

It can also be used to describe a club where these activities take place.

Internal and external sporting activities take place after Period 3 on Thursdays.

No community activities take place at the school since it became an academy in 2012.

artistic activities

Besides his artistic activities he studied Dentistry at the Warsaw Medical Academy.

The wide availability of drawing instruments makes drawing one of the most common artistic activities.

During the exile, his artistic activities were extremely limited; however, he still believes in change for his country and his people.

everyday activities

Operation is recommended when the disease begins to hamper everyday activities.

The patients can be mobile and perform their everyday activities yet remain under observation.

There he would see the beauty in still life at home and in everyday activities like peeling turnips.

popular activities

Manet depicted other popular activities in his work.

Sports and clubs are popular activities at the school.

Fishing and sailing are popular activities.

activities between

No information is available on Lie's activities between 1932 and 1941.

In 1922 began the consulary activities between Czechoslovakia and Colombia.

House assemblies are held weekly and pupils enter a wide range of activities between Houses during the school year.

following activities

These include the following activities.

Because this discipline is applied within multiple methodologies, the following activities will occur within differently specified phases.

Knowledge brokers are typically involved in the following activities below: Knowledge brokers provide a link between the producers and users of knowledge.

athletic activities

Patient pain is ofter exacerbated by sitting and athletic activities.

In these places, cultural, social and athletic activities are promoted.

Clubs and athletic activities were carried out before and after school.

scientific activities

She has participated in various scientific activities, both domestically and abroad.

Participant of more than 40 international scientific activities in Ukraine and abroad.

CMI's scientific activities are managed from the President's office in Oxford, United Kingdom.

teaching activities

After the town fire of 1640, he rebuilt Bergen Cathedral School and expanded preaching and teaching activities.

He also co-leads study away programs to the Galapagos, Bahamas and Costa Rica as part of his teaching activities at UAB.

A further main focus of Łaski's research and teaching activities was the course for economists from the developing countries.

activities take place   (活動が行われます)

It can also be used to describe a club where these activities take place.

Internal and external sporting activities take place after Period 3 on Thursdays.

No community activities take place at the school since it became an academy in 2012.

curricular activities

The OAA experience is shaped by events and extra curricular activities.

The arts department at EC Drury had extra curricular activities including

Apart from curricular activities, students are offered training in arts, sports and music.

certain activities   (特定の活動)

However, the way that only certain activities are classified today as art is a social construction.

Roles are not constant and chemical interactions determine when certain ants engage in certain activities.

Depending on how much of each trait a person has, it could make someone more susceptible to participating in certain activities.

activities of daily   (毎日の活動)

These outcomes include balance tasks, gait, and individual activities of daily living.

It is in Zones 4 and 5 (the hoggo and suntuure living fence) where most activities of daily life occur.

People who have disabilities often have difficulty performing activities of daily living (ADLs) independently, or even with assistance.

support activities   (支援活動)

Camps Eagle and Long closed on 4 June 2010, consolidating installation support activities at Camp Humphreys.

GOC uses the following for support activities: Golden Rock has three storage depots and a scrap-storage depot.

To this end, they are encouraged to support activities which further one or all of the principles of their faith.

farming activities

Farmers here perform farming activities all 12 months.

However, emissions can occur from farming activities and transportation.

Among them, 80% of people are engaged in farming activities on their “own land”.