voice actors   (声優)

Most voice actors are primarily German or Austrian.

Both Male artists and Female voice actors are listed.

The series has included a wide variety of voice actors.

other actors   (他の俳優)

On rare occasions, other actors have stood in for the lead.

Many other actors supported themselves by working as waiters.

(All other actors had a separate person dub their singing parts.)

actors such

Featuring actors such as Trew Mulln, Russell Cummings, Stephanie Estes and others.

He is credited with giving break to actors such as Sanjeev Kumar and Mehmood Junior.

Several notable actors such as Sarah Bernhardt and Jean Marais have acted at the theatre.

actors and actresses

Most members, nonetheless, faced challenges as actors and actresses in America.

List of Danish actors This is a list of notable actors and actresses from Denmark.

, 22 actors and actresses have received two or more Star Awards in acting categories.

lead actors   (主演俳優)

.. [she] just cannot get effective emoting from his lead actors".

The lead actors were Noni Hazlehurst as Nora and Colin Friels as Javo.

On release the film climax was such that both the lead actors are killed.

young actors

both of these young actors to make excellent careers.

The young actors in film were members of the Glasgow Youth Theatre.

She is widely considered one of the best young actors in China today.

child actors

The two child actors had been hired illegally.

It was a unique exploration into the world of professional child actors.

During his period in advertising he had the opportunity to work with many child actors.

professional actors

There were no professional actors in the performance.

The vast majority of professional actors have undergone extensive training.

More than a third of professional actors in the United States are based in New York.

actors including

Suzanne joined him on-set, tutoring actors including Mel Gibson.

Leo and several of the film's actors including her co-star Amy Adams and Bale were nominated.

Attending were many of Capra's favorite actors including Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Pat O'Brien, Jean Arthur, and others.

film actors   (映画俳優)

He acted with famous film actors like K L Saigal, P.C.

The next game, "", featured more film actors, including Ray Liotta as the player character.

He is married to fellow yoga master Leslie Bogart, daughter of film actors Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

leading actors

Numerous leading actors and performers participated in its episodes.

Some Chinese-speaking viewers were bothered by the accents of the leading actors.

Members of the State Art Council nominated the leading actors for the USSR State Prize.

main actors   (主人公)

A band was formed with eight of the main actors in the series.

Throughout "House"s run, six of the main actors have received star billing.

The four main actors went on to feature in Forsyth's following film "Gregory's Girl".

many actors

The series aired on weekends and featured many actors.

The many actors who were attached to the theatre protested against its deconstruction.

The director also had a difficult time finding many actors to play the characters in the film.

several actors

His touring company also had several actors.

He also recast several actors, adding John Stanton to the cast.

However, he also stated, "...several actors should be given praise.

actors playing

followed by the actors playing out the familiar stories from the Gospels.

Alan Paule and other actors playing 'macho dancers' were trained by a real macho dancer for three months.

Flashbacks to high school with the seventeen year old Titus had all of the current actors playing the younger versions of themselves.

famous actors

Florida is also the home of many famous actors.

Romero was known as a voice over actor for some famous actors.

The hosts were two Mongolian famous actors - Anhbayar & Uuganbayar.

different actors

Five different actors – including Leo McKern – portrayed Horace Rumpole in these 40 different episodes.

Web 2.0 applications are used in the development sector for a number of purposes and by different actors.

A sequel of the same name, in the form of a television series, was released in 2018, with different actors.

character actors

Veteran character actors Parley Baer and Vito Scotti, who both had recurring roles in the original series, also appeared in the movie.

He has since become one of the industry's leading character actors specializing in roles on both the good and bad side of law enforcement.

Veteran character actors, Michael de Mesa and Jackie Lou Blanco were signed on to portray the antagonist roles of Juancho and Victoria Sanreal.

both actors

She is the daughter of Ingebjørg Sem and Tor Stokke, both actors.

He had two godfathers — Nigel Havers and the late Richard Griffiths, both actors.

Dart's work has been focused on both actors and filmmakers since the start of her career.

fellow actors   (仲間の俳優)

She was freed after 9th Thermidor and rejoined her fellow actors at the Théâtre Feydeau.

Between takes on "Gone with the Wind", she made sketches and drawings of her fellow actors.

The production featured Laurence Olivier in the lead role and fellow actors included Madeleine Carroll and Jack Hawkins.

actors and directors

She is known for her portraits of actors and directors.

Already his Great-Grandparents were actors and directors at different operas and theatres.

M. K. Raina Maharaj Krishna Raina, popularly known as M. K. Raina, is one of India's best-known theatre actors and directors.

male actors

The film has no male actors, with all roles played by females.

During his travel he watched the show presented by male actors and dancers there.

As no women were available to play female leads, male actors performed the female roles.

supporting actors

Squire is probably the best remembered of all the supporting actors who played Hunter as a result.

I would get to a location to work with supporting actors I hadn't yet met to do a scene that had certain problems.

He employed an orchestra of 40 players, and about 160 other staff in addition to the principals, supporting actors and chorus.

new actors

The characters of Bodie, Doyle and Cowley would be played by new actors.

To meet the challenges from new actors and new payment solutions, BankAxept AS was founded in April 2014.

The voice cast from the previous game return as their respective characters, and new actors were hired to voice the new characters.

group of actors

For each production a new group of actors is assembled.

In 2005 it became part of the group of actors sketch show "" (REN TV).

Matveyev was the one to introduce theater to the court by organizing a group of actors who staged various plays.

live actors

The film was done entirely in computer graphics with live actors inserted at the beginning and end of the film.

Throughout the game the plot is slowly revealed to the player through numerous cut scenes performed by live actors.

Introvision uses front-projected images with live actors instead of the traditional rear projection that Harryhausen and others used.