no actual   (実際の)

Seth Voelker possesses no actual superhuman powers.

From that point on, Northern Wei royal lineage had no actual power.

The leak was found and plugged; JSTOR suffered no actual economic loss.

actual number   (実際の数)

The actual number of Austin 8s in existence can be found here.

The actual number of keys may be different in different media types.

The actual number of "zones" used varies widely, from several to over a thousand.

actual name   (実名)

Newer modifications led ultimately to its actual name.

His actual name is Dr. Kunwar Bahadur Saxena.

Master Honoré was one such lay artisan, and one of the few whose actual name survives.

actual events   (実際のイベント)

The scary thing is, somewhere out there exists video of the actual events."

Laura's age is still not accurately portrayed in relation to actual events.

The play is based on actual events ranging from the 18th to the 20th century.

before the actual   (実際の前に)

The lyrics to "It's Hard" were written long before the actual song.

This greatly weakened the children before the actual procedure was given.

Debussy's "Clair de lune" plays in the background before the actual start of the song.

based on actual

The play is based on actual events ranging from the 18th to the 20th century.

The categories are not based on actual technical measurement of the vehicle in question.

Apparently, the researchers can also modify the shape of the mask based on actual human faces.

actual cost   (実費)

The actual cost totaled $1.5 million.

The actual cost was about $6,300 for each evacuee ($94 million for 15,000 people).

Figure 3 shows the same EV curve (green) with the actual cost data from Figure 1 (in red).

actual construction

The actual construction date is unknown, but believed to be around 1880-1900.

Duluth's bridge was inspired by the one in France, though the actual construction is quite different.

The actual construction was done by two Dutch (joint venture) specialist companies, Van Oord and Boskalis.

actual power

From that point on, Northern Wei royal lineage had no actual power.

Yuan Yong became titular regent, but Yuan Cha became the actual power.

From then on, holding actual power and social status were melded together into a joint imperial hierarchy.

actual location

The actual location of the Mill was Kalurah, NY.

The actual location is closer to McAlpin.

This is half a mile away from the actual location by the Baltic Exchange.

actual date

The actual date of release was later reported as 21 January.

The actual date of construction is unknown but had been completed by March 1448.

The actual date depended on how the national team fared in the international tournament.

actual value

The actual value of the watch is $15.

Statistics based on real play with their associated actual value in real bets.

The actual value is approximately 1.7320508, making this a very accurate estimate.

although the actual   (実際の)

although the actual site of the Treaty was never specifically mentioned.

Pepper", although the actual release date in 1967 had been brought forward to late May.

The roof's gabled front dormer is finished in wood lap siding, although the actual gable in covered with wood shingles.

first actual

The publication, "Joystick Jolter" was the first actual fanzine.

The first actual mention of the county comes in 1016 when King Canute laid waste to the whole shire.

Cinema first appeared in Greece in 1896, but the first actual cine-theatre was opened in 1907 in Athens.

actual use

Condoms have an actual use failure rate of 10–18%.

It is based on the so-called "actual use" of the real estate cadastre.

The mission profiles describes the loads and stresses acting on the product in actual use.

actual physical

The list below consists of artists that had actual physical releases (promotional or otherwise) with Freeworld.

With "The Resurrection of Lazarus", he goes a step further, giving us a glimpse of the actual physical process of resurrection.

One meaning of the opera's title is a reference to the actual physical breaking of ice on the frozen northern rivers, signaling the advent of spring.

not an actual

It was a juvenile detention center, not an actual women's prison.

However, because of its distance, it probably is not an actual group member.

At first he believed that it was not an actual historical account; he believed it was that of folklore.

not the actual

The story was the pinnacle to him, not the actual drawings.

The NSA database includes data about people's phone calls numbers dialed, how long a call lasted but not the actual conversations.

The game was held in the Rose Bowl, although it was not the actual Rose Bowl Game, in which Ohio State beat Oregon six days earlier.

actual work   (実際の仕事)

The actual work of an association was completed by sub-committees which usually met quarterly.

He is never seen doing any actual work, just conversing with his colleagues about his boredom and frustrations with life.

If there is one, and if such a connection can be made, they hand the actual work of dealing with the lookup over to the DNS Client service.

actual historical

Many consider the County of Foix to be the actual historical centre of Catharism.

At first he believed that it was not an actual historical account; he believed it was that of folklore.

If Ōjin was an actual historical figure then historians have proposed that he ruled later than attested.

not actual

Azulai further stated that Jews who supported such efforts were not actual Jews.

They turn out copyists and critics and even teachers of art, but not actual artists.

The system by which Russians over the ages named their sighthounds was a series of descriptive terms, not actual names.

actual game

They were originally nameless in the actual game.

The actual game begins in the year 1582.

However, the actual game was drawn.

actual combat   (実際の戦闘)

By acting as additional logistical arm and leaving the actual combat to them.

Nor is the general seen wearing a helmet or in actual combat, as in the earlier sarcophagi.

Like a typical RPG, there are random battles, but actual combat resembles a sort of action RPG.

actual practice   (実際の練習)

In actual practice, astrologers seem to ignore partial aspects.

However, ācāra was the law that was conveyed in actual practice.

Even though a problem may be computationally solvable in principle, in actual practice it may not be that simple.

actual production

Plans for actual production of the aircraft were not announced.

The actual production and distribution of Coca-Cola follows a franchising model.

This disparity between agricultural goals and actual production grew later in the year.

actual event   (実際のイベント)

The winner of the race would drive at speeds averaging up to in the actual event.

The chaoticness of the imagery resembles how chaotic the actual event was in 2010.

Others were afraid of gang violence, but the actual event was both successful and peaceful.

actual data

MM5 features inputs from actual data, which is helpful because routine observations can be used.

The research was based on three years' worth of actual data from Marketing General, a BOARD customer.

Model-based classifiers perform well if the assumed model is an extremely good fit for the actual data.

actual performance   (実際の性能)

These performances are assessed and get equated to the actual performance.

The actual performance of Vezdekhod is debated, but according to the test commission Report No.

Unilateral contracts are contracts in which one party offers a promise in exchange for an actual performance.

though the actual

ET, though the actual start and end times varied by station.

RILP occurrence rates are estimated at 0.3% to 1.3%, though the actual rate is likely higher.

Duluth's bridge was inspired by the one in France, though the actual construction is quite different.