Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

not actually   (không thực sự)

Blue eyes do not actually contain any blue pigment.

not actually on the Red List), or are data deficient.

The key does not actually open a lock as such.

never actually   (không bao giờ thực sự)

Sam is now sure that she had never actually seen R.K.

To date, OMT was never actually implemented by the ECB.

Ted, of course, never actually made a sound.

did not actually   (không thực sự)

That issue did not actually appear until May.

Lloyd George himself was ill and did not actually join.

Lord did not actually do it.

actually made   (thực sự làm)

Ted, of course, never actually made a sound.

Despite hesitations the order was actually made in June 1938.

The film was actually made to pay the debts of "Mera Naam Joker".

actually used   (thực sự được sử dụng)

The term "anaphora" is actually used in two ways.

The first system actually used at Bell Labs was BESYS-2.

The MA520 locked down only the two ports it actually used.

without actually

cooled below its normal freezing temperature without actually freezing.

It eventually leans heavily toward D major without actually tonicizing it.

"Schopenhauer tells us that when the will is denied, the sage becomes nothing, without actually dying."

actually did

They actually didn't go back and retransfer the shows."

A fourth was planned to bear the name, but never actually did:

The lemon battery actually did work, and delivered 8 volts of electricity.

does not actually

The key does not actually open a lock as such.

Each Table of Contents cites one article that does not actually exist.

The team does not actually compete, but exists solely as an honorary entity.

actually happened

He would be out of debt if that actually happened.

Numaga reported what had actually happened.

However, the accounts substantially differ on what actually happened to the horse.

actually took   (thực sự đã lấy)

While the unit was reduced in size, a full withdrawal never actually took place.

The demolition of so much of the "dankazura" actually took place over a long time.

The school takes no stance on whether the baptism of Washington actually took place.

actually built

Only 100 were actually built by Curtiss.

Only 14,000 of the 140,000 projected apartments were actually built.

The bodywork and chassis were actually built by Mooncraft with assistance from Mazda.

actually not

The Gregorian ideas were actually not fully adopted.

Many such names are actually not official factory names.

M. Suganth of "Times of India" noted: ""Pasa Malar" is actually not a feel-bad movie.

actually written

The headstone is actually written in five pig-pen variations.

There is also very little text actually written down by Jafar al-Sadiq himself.

38 was first performed in Prague, it is not certain that it was actually written for Prague.

actually located

The only school actually located in the suburb is Scotch College.

The Tenaru River, however, was actually located further to the east.

Templestowe Hotel, despite the name, is actually located in Lower Templestowe.

actually more

Our Secretary of State is actually more like a Vice-President.

It has been claimed that Rascal was actually more popular than Mickey Mouse in Japan.

A recent survey has found that women mobile gamers are actually more active than men in India.

actually played

Only one game was actually played, with Hawaiʻi defeating Willamette 20–6.

Similarly, Red Mack's performance in the film is actually played by Alvin Alcorn.

(Holden's review itself became suspect due to his describing performances of songs not actually played.)

what actually

However, the accounts substantially differ on what actually happened to the horse.

Nonetheless, there are somewhat different interpretations as to what actually transpired.

He argued that she had taken the things that people believed as a representation of what actually happened.

actually occurred

(, that these meetings actually occurred has fallen into dispute.)

That all this actually occurred will not be disputed, nor will a rational explanation be attempted.

A moment later the Prince of Orange ordered a counterattack, which actually occurred around 10 minutes later.

actually quite

And in addition, the product is actually quite a lot.

It's actually quite a hardcore song."

Despite this, the figures were actually quite fragile and prone to breakage.

actually came

Most of the faked photos actually came from the tabloid press.

It is unknown how much of this tour actually came to fruition.

230 of the delegates actually came from the western occupation zones.

actually started

Goldman actually started to write two novels at the same time, both about Hollywood.

By the time Poseidon actually started producing nickel, the price of nickel had fallen.

Wheeler/Wallowa actually started as two separate operations, which were merged in November 1967.

actually part

Until 1527, Bretanha was actually part of a much larger parish known as Capelas.

This dungeon is actually part of the castle itself, where the previous levels were outlying complexes.

Virtually between the two former settlements, though actually part of Easter Aberdour, lies Aberdour Castle.

actually only   (thực ra chỉ)

This original version was actually only 26 inches tall.

Known as Ten Acre Reservoir, it actually only covered .

However, Vazquez was actually only compensated with 10.000 €.

actually took place   (thực sự đã diễn ra)

While the unit was reduced in size, a full withdrawal never actually took place.

The demolition of so much of the "dankazura" actually took place over a long time.

The school takes no stance on whether the baptism of Washington actually took place.

actually began

Icelandic immigration to North America actually began in the 1850s.

The Board’s first competitor actually began operation before the first tram ran.

Construction actually began in May 2009, with more than 400 workers engaged for over a year.

actually filmed

Most of the movie was actually filmed in Toronto, Ontario.

It was actually filmed at The Ritz Theater in Elizabeth NJ .

This is because the scenes were actually filmed at Sherway Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

actually existed

The brand's namesake, "Mr Kipling", never actually existed.

Whether the gardens actually existed is a matter of dispute.

Bodhidharma as a historical person may even never have actually existed.

actually does

And as soon as I heard the track, I thought it actually does work."

Throughout the game she threatens to snap various people's necks though she never actually does.

The praemaxilla actually does touch the lacrimal and extends to the rear until well behind the eye socket.

actually make   (thực sự làm)

He was the only draft pick by the Raptors 905 to actually make the team.

This suggests that benzodiazepines may actually make insomnia worse in the elderly.

It's like they were actually on the expedition, except I didn't actually make the crew sing a song about me."

actually exist   (thực sự tồn tại)

However, not all of these possible combinations actually exist.

Each Table of Contents cites one article that does not actually exist.

Discordian works include a number of books, not all of which actually exist.

ever actually

Only Dr. Hopkins is ever actually identified by name in dialogue.

Phipps became the first person to become immune to smallpox without ever actually having the disease.

From the available papers [the enquiry could find no sign that] she ever actually had forwarded anything to them", however.

actually named

It seems likely that the "Spratt sands" were actually named after him.

The aircraft was actually named "Topper" after a then-famous movie character.

This town was actually named under the late Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher.

actually very

Which is to say, it's actually very good."

The recording was actually very nice.

The goal is to make it sound like anyone can do this, but it's actually very difficult".

actually produced

While it was patented, the suit was never actually produced.

For example, Compaq actually produced prototype DeskPro systems using the bus.

NASCAR banned the Starlift from competition, and few if any were actually produced.

actually died

[Cookie's brother Michael actually died in an accident on March 20, 1955.]

His son stated that his father didn't disappear but actually died in 1998.

This is not borne out by facts, as the engineer actually died of heart disease.

actually won

She actually won $26,000 because she also found a money flag.

The March 86C actually won the race twice in a row, 1986-1987.

Republicans actually won a plurality of seats in the 1916 election.

people actually

Kvarforth said, "It seems like people actually [got] afraid again".

At the sharp end we find the frontline operators, the people actually doing the task.

These results are not representative of what young people actually think of older people.

actually just   (thực ra chỉ là)

She actually just sings the German Schlager.

This was actually just a joke and no movie was in the works.

The songs were actually just witty.

actually increased

The number of people born in the West Indies actually increased by 538.

The Walker Tariff actually increased trade with Britain and others and brought in more revenue to the federal treasury than the higher tariff.

When the corrections were made, Foote and Goetz argued that abortion actually increased violent crime instead of decreasing it and did not affect property crime.

actually shot

However, the film was actually shot in Hawaii.

Principal photography for the film was actually shot and completed in 2004.

After the archives were opened, it emerged that Yenukdize was actually shot in October 1937.

actually means

Occasionally the nickname "Jerzyk" may be used, which actually means "swift" in Polish.

But in signal processing, "decimation by a factor of 10" actually means "keeping" only every tenth sample.

The word PEN in Japanese actually means small, so you might think that this is the explanation, but it is'nt.

actually killed

The girlfriend was actually killed by a crazed killer with links to a music club.

Meanwhile, the police believe that Silas actually killed his wife and begin to hunt him down.

Pierce had actually killed his girlfriend when he caught her cheating on him with another doctor.

actually based

But the '3' substituting for the 'e' is actually based on a real thing"….

The story takes place in a fictional town named Hopewell, Illinois, but is actually based on the author's hometown of Sterling, Illinois around the Fourth of July in 1997.

Originally created by the network's resident writer and creative consultant, RJ Nuevas, the series is actually based on Filipino Komiks graphic novel, "Kukulayan Ko ang Langit" (lit.

actually called

The form of entertainment was actually called "ballets d’entrées".

Another stretch actually called the Coastal Road, from Fintas to Fahaheel is also sometimes called the Gulf Road.

In 1994, PJ's Smoothies was originally marketed as "Pete & Johnny's", but there was never anyone actually called Pete or Johnny.

actually the first

HHT is actually the first human disease linked to the TGF beta receptor complex.

Desmond's department store was actually the first anchor to open at Fashion Square in 1966.

Although very controversial, some scientists believe this was actually the first step toward developing a back-propagation algorithm.

actually went

She actually went in for the kill and then dramatically let the sword drop to the sand.

The Bielski partisans, for example, never actually went into battle against German tanks.

He had worked for a man who, as a teen, actually went with the party to search for the baby.

actually see

His bubbles are often seen before you actually see him.

You actually see David Ramsey doing it."

Wendy takes him to see the time barrier (the people on the other side can actually see and touch the time barrier, we cannot).

actually lived

The family actually lived in Rockingham, North Carolina but the town had no hospital.

The "New Times" reported that while he claimed to live in Miami, he actually lived in Miramar.

Rufus McAden and his family actually lived in the bank's three-story building on South Tryon Street.

actually seen

Sam is now sure that she had never actually seen R.K.

I like to be able to talk to people about what it is they've actually seen."

It was very infuriating; I was so upset that to this day I have never actually seen the movie."

actually held

This bull was dated 12 August 1308, eight days before the hearings with these leaders was actually held.

The match later dubbed "the original bandy match", was actually held in 1875 at The Crystal Palace in London.

The NHL's most significant rival in its modern era, the World Hockey Association, actually held a one game playoff.

actually taken

While the packaging claimed it had been "decocainized," no such process had actually taken place.

Frances finds out that Greta's daughter had actually taken her own life, and Greta is not French.

Anonymous sources at the prison said that dos Santos was "actually taken out of the jail by accomplices".

actually born

Marco — The only major character actually born in Pebble Town.

During the Unity crossover, it was revealed that Magnus was actually born during the Unity conflict.

The museum is located 2 km from the temple of Hoàng Trù near his mother's home where Ho Chi Minh was actually born.