İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

later added   (sonra eklendi)

Wray later added details unreported at the time.

was later added, for the day earlier, March 31, 2018.

She composed melodies and later added lyrics.

added later   (sonra eklendi)

An extra county council was added later, for Cardiff.

A clock tower ("Sahat-Kula") was added later.

The north aisle was added later and is Decorated Gothic.

then added   (sonra ekledi)

A second phase of renovation, then added: 1.

A thin layer of water was then added for the fresh ice.

The press box was then added to the top of the 600 Club.

added another   (başka ekledi)

He added another 83 catches for 926 yards in 1994.

He added another 204 yards on 22 rushing attempts.

He added another 21 points in eleven postseason games.

building was added

A new building was added to the museum in 1999.

In 1922 a vocational building was added to the campus.

A second building was added in 1926.

added a new

Well they've now added a new genre, Disney Pop/Punk.

This year Ford also added a new "turn-key" ignition.

The facility recently added a new $30-million .

added more

International tensions added more activity.

He creatively added more life to her already well-written songs.

He added more than 60 tackles and three sacks in his senior year.

added new

In 1928–29 the same practice added new vestries at a cost of £1,450.

In 2003, the club also added new tennis courts at a satellite location.

The station added new jingles and liners and also added to its airstaff.

value added

The CEMAC countries agreed to replace the ICN with a value added tax (VAT) in 1999.

The system is equipped to provide value added services viz., SMS, DATA, Multi Media service.

Supplies to and from Crimea are treated as exports and imports for value added tax purposes.

added a second

Since then, Innovation has added a second mobile unit.

Irwin added a second U.S. Open title in 1979 at Inverness Club.

He added a second on 12 April, finishing off a 4–1 win against 1.

added during

A SLQ-A ECM system was also added during the 1970s.

The low E string was added during the 18th century."

A baptistery was added during the 20th century.

house was added

In 1627 a customs house was added at the site.

Much of the remainder of the house was added in the 18th century.

In 1885, a freight house was added.

wing was added

In 1952 a large rear wing was added to the house.

A two-story kitchen and service wing was added.

A new classroom wing was added to St. Ursula in 1967.

added support   (ek destek)

The game added support for multiplayer online play.

The 2.04 format added support for 24-bit samples.

On January 7, 2015, Ateme added support for the Rec.

further added

She further added: "It's probably one of my favorite videos I've ever made.

She further added,"..It is her charismatic image that stays with the audience.

and further added, "Just to be clear, I NEVER SAID, "I've given some thought to leaving the NFL!"

tower was added

In 1892 a tower was added and a reredos installed.

The 57-foot high square tower was added in 1912.

The tower was added in the years after 1500.

added together

For the general classification, these times were added together.

The trajectories are added together by using functional integration.

added up

All the prize winnings from this race added up to $105,080 ($ when considering inflation).

The year 2016 added up a new segment to the glory "Startupedia - The Development Dialogue".

Each player in the party rolls a Force Die and the number of White and Black dots are added up.

added several

The game added several new additions to the series.

The stadium's lighting was renewed, and club added several J.

To this he added several other jobs.

district was added

The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011.

The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

The district was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1989.

often added   (sıklıkla eklendi)

2-mercaptoethanol is often added to the Widal test.

It is often added to "shōchū", a Japanese distilled beverage.

It is often added to wines to increase the yield from other grapes.

added onto

It was also added onto the Microsoft Store as a digital copy.

Originally constructed in 1828, the home was added onto twice.

It has had one expansion in 1997 and was added onto once again in 2010.

added a third

The team also added a third programmer, Dave Taylor.

Amtrak added a third round-trip to the corridor on April 27.

The electric start added a third chain to the engine's internals.

added between   (arasına eklendi)

Fourteen symbols were added between 1950 and 2000.

Stables and a conservatory were added between 1762 and 1766.

The bell tower was added between 1923 and 1929 by Henry and John Queen.

added two more

In 2013, they added two more teams to their roster.

Grant added two more and named the trio Snap, Crackle and Pop.

The Rebels added two more Shene field goals to make the final score 30-17.

not added

The north and south transepts were not added until 1821–28.

Duplicate states are not added to the state set, only new ones.

Oil is not added to the other tube to allow for aerobic conditions.

site was added   (site eklendi)

In 1990, the site was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

This site was added to the Michigan State Historical Registry on June 10, 1980.

The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 19, 1972.

recently added

Giordano Bruno was more recently added to the list.

The facility recently added a new $30-million .

A field house was recently added to the sports complex.

added value

When categorised in this way, it is possible to gain added value from holistic and integrated analysis.

He impressed scouts by showing his agility during Senior Bowl practices and added value to his draft stock.

The complex has important economic effects in terms of jobs, creation of added value and foreign investment.

buildings were added

Slowly other buildings were added as the school grew.

More buildings were added to the school in the 1950s.

Additional buildings were added in the 1960s.

manuscript was added   (el yazması eklendi)

The manuscript was added to the list of New Testament manuscripts by Griesbach.

The manuscript was added to the list of the New Testament manuscripts by Wettstein.

subsequently added

Series 5 was subsequently added on 19 April 2019.

Series 4 was subsequently added on 14 December 2018.

Series 3 was subsequently added on 16 February 2017.

only added   (sadece eklendi)

The combined Volvo V50 was only added in the following year.

The 3' poly-adenine tail is only added after transcription is complete.

These repeated experiences of rejection only added to his lack of self-worth.

sometimes added

An extract is sometimes added as a flavoring in vodkas.

Oregano or black pepper is sometimes added.

Yellow demarcation lines are sometimes added to indicate their edges.

added additional

He added additional information to the captions of some photographs.

Lotus 1-2-3/G for OS/2 v1.0 added additional formatting options in 1991.

Harvey added additional titles such that most of their titles were licensed.

added around   (etrafına eklendi)

Girls' sports were added around this time.

Finally, a choir was added around the start of the 15th century.

The other large wooden-framed Empire windows were added around 1850.

company added   (şirket eklendi)

The company added a truck line in 1910, but still remained small.

By 1959, the company added summer sausage and opened its first retail store in Maumee, Ohio.

Alex George was president, and the company added a $1 million, four-acre facility on Twelfth Street.

band added

In 1999 the band added a new rhythm guitarist, Mojah.

Shortly thereafter, the band added saxophonist Butch Gibson.

The band added now three new demo tracks to the previous ones.

added benefit

This regime confers no added benefit and may increase failure rate.

It also had the added benefit of protecting the crews from the harsh Maine weather.

There was an added benefit of GLO subscribers winning the network's products every week.

added when   (ne zaman eklendi)

The second storey present today was likely added when the guardhouse was rebuilt.

In 1984, a second platform was added when the railway was expanded to four tracks.

Further experience was added when several former players of the 1890s rejoined the team.

soon added

Jam and mincemeat were soon added to the range.

Kublai soon added the Shanxi scholar Zhao Bi to his entourage.

He soon added the role of Selworthy in the curtain raiser "After All!

added time

Yeovil pulled a goal back in the fifth minute of added time through Tom James.

In the dramatic final minute of added time and with the game poised at 0–0, Brentford won a penalty.

On 25 December, he scored the only goal in a 1–0 away win against Aston Villa in added time at the end of the match.

added as well   (de eklendi)

In December 2018, Lyne Renée was added as well.

In some recipes, povidone-iodine ("betadine") is added as well.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur had to be added as well to do so.

porch was added

A Colonial Revival-style porch was added in 1925.

A one-story porch was added in the 20th century.

The south porch was added in the 19th century.

added a further

In 2013, Ioane added a further ten Super Rugby caps for the Reds.

Its CD reissue added a further five Weill compositions that Bunch recorded in 1991.

Jamie Foster added 4 goals before going off injured and Sammut added a further 2 goals.

newly added

Al Michaels partnered with newly added Hubie Brown for the NBA Finals on ABC.

The area newly added to the concession sat immediately to the west of the original grant.

Phototherapy, dermabrasion and radiofrequency have been newly added to the Department of Dermatology.

added an additional

Later versions added an additional Dragon race.

The grand champions added an additional $20,000 to their total.

With each passing year, Bowman Academy added an additional grade level.

added many

However, it also added many new features.

A second extension in 2015 added many shops and restaurants.

During World War II the plant expanded and added many full-time employees.

station added   (istasyon eklendi)

On October 19th, the station added a full-time airstaff.

In 2007 the station added an HD signal for its main programming.

The station added Internet streaming to its website in September 2008.

added along

Extra water and cooling showers were added along the route.

The two-stage powerplants were added along with a pressurised cabin.

A Mark 112 8-tube ASROC launcher was added along with other major modifications.

addition was added

An addition was added to the house in the 1860s.

A one-story rear addition was added in c.1940.

Another frame addition was added to the rear about 1965.

school added   (okul eklendi)

In 2015, the school added men's cross country.

In 2006, the school added a new auditorium to its main campus.

The school added a legal clinic to assist parents, students, and immigrants.

added back   (geri eklendi)

The box base was added back onto the statue in 1976.

WhenU was added back to Lavasoft's detection list a month later.

All the extra scenes we've added back in are just a bonus for the fans."

added further

Renovation of Kallara - Vechoor road added further connectivity.

Later updates added further jobs, such as the Beast Tamer and Dancer.

He also added further acoustic guitar during the 6 and 11 August sessions.

added weight

Adding the systems of a fighter aircraft added weight.

The added weight was borne by double log purlins, one on top of the other.

A. has tuned the van's suspension to compensate for the added weight of his gold jewelry.

when added   (eklendiğinde)

For example, cream has a tendency to produce oily globules (called "feathering") when added to coffee.

The revelations were earlier accepted as scripture when added to the Pearl of Great Price in April 1976.

An Arrhenius acid is a substance that, when added to water, increases the concentration of H ions in the water.

section was added

In 1999, a new section was added to the facility.

The tower section was added on to the building in 1936.

In 1802, a three-story, stone "mansion" section was added.

eventually added

Avila eventually added a wooden veranda and steps to the front of the adobe.

The paper eventually added Alsip, Crestwood and Bridgeview to its coverage area.

Additional rooms were eventually added on due to the increasing number of students.

added features

The games were remade with added features and music tracks.

Over time, the program evolved with added features and revisions to the user interface.

Due to the long wheelbase and added features, the XFL weighs more than the standard XF.

added to make   (yapmak için eklendi)

With five players, the sixes are added to make a 36-card deck.

Following this, "berbere" is added to make a spicy "keiy wat" or "keyyih tsebhi".

Supplemental lighting can be added to make sure that the plants receive the correct amount of light.

floor was added

A second floor was added to the building in 1931.

In addition, a new floor was added for two penthouses.

During the 1980s a fourth floor was added to the house.

extension was added

In 1506, an extension was added to the front.

A new extension was added from Braich-y-bib.

A rear extension was added to the house in the 20th century.

added before

Other foods (such as eggs or cheese) can be added before serving.

The main house was erected in 1783 and the kitchen and arcade added before 1798.

They may also be declined as the masculine soft declension, with a hyphen and "j" added before the ending.

added the following

Third grade was added the following year.

Classes resumed in 1964, with a faculty of law added the following year.

In that year it had only an hour hand but a minute hand was added the following year.

emphasis added

[emphasis added] Very Respectfully, [Signed]Wm.

[emphasis added] In ch.

Source awareness is described as the “awareness of the origin of a particular attitude” (emphasis added).

church was added

The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 1, 1979.

The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 14, 1973.

added tax   (vergi eklendi)

Value added tax (VAT) has gone up in 2010 compared to 2009: 23% as opposed to 19%.

The CEMAC countries agreed to replace the ICN with a value added tax (VAT) in 1999.

Supplies to and from Crimea are treated as exports and imports for value added tax purposes.

features were added

Further internationalization features were added with each later release of Java.

In 2004, it was renovated and new features were added, such as a new observation deck.

New features were added however unlike previous series, many of them failed to last and were continuously replaced.

added two new

"Chrono Trigger DS" added two new scenarios to the game.

In 2008 a £1.1 million development at The Place added two new further studios.

with a major renovation in the early 2000s that added two new side wing pavilions.

goals and added

He scored 26 goals and added 12 assists, playing several different positions on the pitch.

During the 2010 playoffs, he scored 4 goals and added 7 assists for 11 points in 14 games.

In 852 regular season games in the NHL, he scored 258 goals and added 326 assists for 584 points, with 1043 penalty minutes.

name was added

This was also when the "Bravo" name was added to better equipped van models.

Manning's name was added to the retired number's banner as an honorable mention.

From that point on, as-Salih Ali's name was added next to Qalawun's name in treaties.

wings were added

In the 19th century, a dome and two side wings were added to the church.

Two wings were added between 1865 and 1872, at which time it became the city hall.

Over the years new wings were added to that building, with the last addition being the South Wing in 1965.

added to each

Abba Mari collected the correspondence and added to each letter a few explanatory notes.

A separate microphone would be added to each tom, snare, cymbal, bass drum, and so forth.

, four editions of the book have been published, with the latest UFWC developments added to each.

added a fourth

Later, authors added a fourth course intended for college-bound students.

Most of Hugo's music is for three voices, though occasionally he added a fourth.

The Cubs added a fourth unearned run in the third, ending Doc White's day on the mound.

officially added

Two Gnostic Saints have been officially added to the original list.

Besides the arms of Orange, he officially added Veere and Vlissingen on 29 July 1732.

On April 31, 1973, it was officially added to the State Highway System as a route from US 77 to Loop 448.

team added   (takım eklendi)

In 2003, the team added black trim to their logo and jerseys.

The team added fil-Americans Cris Clay and Rudy Hatfield to bolster their lineup.

The season featured a new team added to the East division, and one removed from the West.

value added tax

The CEMAC countries agreed to replace the ICN with a value added tax (VAT) in 1999.

Supplies to and from Crimea are treated as exports and imports for value added tax purposes.

He was indicted in 2003 in the largest value added tax fraud in Norwegian history, but fled the country.

station was added   (istasyon eklendi)

The station was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.

A large addition to the station was added as part of the extension to Laval.

The light station was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

guns were added

Two quadruple Vickers .50-calibre (12.7 mm) Mark III machine guns were added in 1934.

After 1931, the torpedo tubes were replaced by tubes and a pair of C/30 anti-aircraft guns were added.

Single 20-millimeter Oerlikon cannon were installed on each side of her bridge and two 40-millimeter Bofors guns were added aft.

probably added   (muhtemelen eklendi)

The belfry was probably added at this time and a bell cast in 1844 was installed.

The fifth floor of the central section was probably added after a fire in the early 1900s.

The characteristic feature is the limestone particles, which were probably added as temper.

added other   (başka eklendi)

Succeeding popes added other congregations.

Fox and NBC then added other markets where they both own stations.

Ajinomoto later added other cuisine seasoning flavors to the Cook Do product line.

added his own

Stephenson then added his own sitar playing and other samples.

Dick Gaughan made minor changes to the words and added his own tune.

The album was the first on which Clemo added his own voice, using multi-layering to create harmonies.