adding new   (新しい追加)

But it does not allow for adding new members to interfaces.

This applies to adding new scripture.

Damaged sealants can simply be repaired by adding new sealant material.

adding more   (さらに追加)

Much longer chains can be built by adding more stimuli and responses.

Cooking over 10 hours requires adding more broth or water every so often.

Beginning in 2005, Power started adding more rhythmic pop tracks into the playlist.

adding another   (別の追加)

adding another 100,000 florins.

The typical length of the species is , with the tail adding another .

Temporary bleachers adding another 1,000 seats were constructed by April 1, 2016.

adding a new

It proposed adding a new subsection c to Chapter III, section of the constitution:

The team settled on the concept of adding a new "network number" patterned on the idea of area codes.

Renovations included adding a new roof, creating a new entrance, adding an elevator, among other changes.

adding up

A marathon runner can lose water adding up to about 8% of body weight.

Registers are used, for example, when adding up strings of numbers into a total.

This is determined by adding up how many wins the opponents had in the New Legends stage.

before adding

The ptitim grains may be fried for a short time before adding water.

Milk is sometimes poured into the coffee/espresso before adding the whipped cream.

Renoir rehearsed with the actors for a week before adding technicians to the rehearsals.

adding additional

The Torah already forbids adding additional commandments.

The technology works by adding additional lines to the video signal.

The colony will continue to grow, adding additional branching as needed.

calculated by adding   (追加して計算)

It was calculated by adding together each rider's times on each stage, then applying bonuses.

The total energy of a system can be calculated by adding up all forms of energy in the system.

The general classification was calculated by adding each cyclist's finishing times on each stage.

formed by adding

It is formed by adding -vši to the infinitive stem.

It is formed by adding -l to the infinitive stem.

Negative numbers are formed by adding fù () before the number.

began adding

In 1917, Public Service began adding bus routes.

Vocalists for the first time began adding extra notes to the music.

She began adding rouge to her cheeks to adopt the look of prostitutes.

well as adding   (加えて)

This resulted in increased fuel consumption as well as adding to the economic plight of its owners.

This work included new flooring, ceilings, walls, as well as adding four turnstiles for increased traffic.

Money raised during this event go back into renovations and upkeep of the park, as well as adding new attractions each year.

adding a second

Expanding the house here simply meant adding a second story gabled room to each of the existing three bays.

A regular compound skew 2"n"-gon can be similarly constructed by adding a second skew polygon by a rotation.

Fusionopolis One was launched on 17 October 2008, adding a second R&D hub on physical sciences and engineering.

without adding

A second method allows creamed honey to be made without adding heat.

Because webhooks use HTTP, they can be integrated into web services without adding new infrastructure.

At the end of the 2000 AFL season, without adding any more games to his tally, Evans was delisted by Port Adelaide.

then adding

The ten's complement of 432 can be obtained by taking the nine's complement of 432, and then adding one.

Atole is made by toasting masa on a griddle, then adding water that has been boiled with cinnamon sticks.

"Atole" is made by toasting "masa" on a "comal" (griddle), then adding water that was boiled with cinnamon sticks.

later adding

", before later adding "AND THATS A WRAP !!!

In 1730 the philosopher John Gay became Vicar of Wilshamstead (later adding the living of Haynes).

The school opened its doors in 1991 with a sophomore class, later adding a freshman class in the fall of 1995.

further adding

Vangelis, Roussos and Sideras were also accompanied by their partners, further adding to the strain.

Europe was introduced by the colour Green, further adding to the growing party on the stadium floor.

He said that he had written a story "suitable for Karthi", further adding that it would be "an action oriented film".

included adding

The film needed three days of retakes included adding a role for Montagu Love.

Other initiatives included adding calorie labels to a number of food and drink products.

Other changes included adding more satellite imagery and making the navigation available in more cities.