Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

addition to other   (Además de otro)

For some infections it is used in addition to other antibiotics.

Some credit unions offer home loans in addition to other financial services.

", that had passed the Great Seal in addition to other business in Chancery.

new addition   (nueva adquisición)

A new addition to the site was opened in 1913.

A new addition to Downtown Dubai from Emaar is the Opera District.

The school has a large new addition to its land, completed in 2017.

addition to providing   (Además de proporcionar)

In addition to providing story development, the screens hide set changes.

This is in addition to providing literature, sales documents and email access.

In addition to providing ballistic protection it allows the vehicle to push its way through underbrush.

addition to playing   (Además de jugar)

In addition to playing football, he was also an active skier.

In addition to playing for the Stars, he coached the team from 1971 to 1973.

In addition to playing guitar on the record, Mercury also played guitar in concert.

addition to serving   (Además de servir)

He has performed as a principal dancer in addition to serving as a choreographer.

In addition to serving clients, NURV owns and manages a medium size web forum called General Forum.

In addition to serving as festival director, Ong has directed one performance every year at the festival.

later addition

The "mukhamandapa" (entry porch) seems later addition.

A bungalow-style portico is a later addition.

Their towers are a later addition.

addition to having

In addition to having the right team in place is having a prepared team.

In addition to having the Copa MX which is also organized independently to the Femexfut.

In addition to having an effect on extinction, island size can also affect immigration rates.

addition to writing

In addition to writing, Rozakis has been teaching for 42 years.

In addition to writing, he was a painter, exhibiting at the Royal Academy.

In addition to writing her own plays, she has completed translations of others' works.

recent addition

The wildlife area is a recent addition to the park.

Howe Hall's most recent addition to the residence is called Fountain.

The most recent addition to the park was the Mount Lofty area in 1997.

addition of new

The addition of new green technologies also falls on the O&M staff.

Yearly expansion brought the addition of new attractions and general improvements.

Missionary work was expanded with the addition of new programs and proselyting areas.

including the addition

An expansion of the gym (including the addition of a second, smaller gym) followed in 1978.

The 1997 model year received a few minor updates, including the addition of a color keyed cargo cover.

The remodel gave the property a more modern feel, including the addition of dancing dealers in table games.

included the addition

Twelve episodes aired in all and included the addition of five bonus shorts called .

This included the addition of 5 new attractions for the 2012 season and another 4 a year later.

In October 2007, BlitzMax 1.26 was released which included the addition of a reflection module.

addition to all

in addition to all other state and federal funding.

In addition to all the construction, the winning bid had to cost less than $5,000,000.

In addition to all the Orders of Glory she was also awarded the Order of the Red Star.

addition to several

They toured in United States, Canada and Europe in addition to several venues in Norway.

Each family member receives at least one large "tangyuan" in addition to several small ones.

He finished an infantry officers course and platoon commanders course, in addition to several command courses.

addition to many

In addition to many regional Emmys, she has won a National Emmy and a Peabody Award.

Such ABS mail coats were made for "The Lord of the Rings" film trilogy, in addition to many metal coats.

In addition to many private students, he has taught in the municipal musical schools in Bergen and Sund.

addition to working

Many of the residents work outside of the village in addition to working on their farms.

In addition to working in the city, families received land for tending small kitchen gardens.

In addition to working Place 5-8 Round Estonia vs Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina vs France.

addition to numerous

In addition to numerous gigs in Finland, the band also performed in Spain and Italy.

There are also seven local television channels, in addition to numerous international channels.

In addition to numerous scientific memoirs, he was the author of several books on geodesy and mathematics.

saw the addition

(The first half of the 19th Century saw the addition of Fort Boyard.)

Summer 2017 saw the addition of routes to Kalamata, Ponta Delgada and Madeira.

The expansion also saw the addition of a 25-seat counter grill to many of the restaurants.

addition was built

A three-story rear addition was built in 1951-1953.

A kitchen and bath addition was built about 1930.

A brick addition was built on the rear in 1923.

addition to performing

In addition to performing, Bellstedt composed for band, orchestra, piano, violin, and cornet.

In addition to performing with the Christian McBride Big Band and other groups as a side man.

In 2018, in addition to performing, Levy is developing a new production, "The Last Swingin’ Black Jew".

addition to teaching

In addition to teaching at UDP, he is an editor for Ediciones B.

In addition to teaching, his mother was also pianist at their church.

In addition to teaching, Farquharson also performed practical duties.

addition to acting

In addition to acting, Moss has also written and directed.

In addition to acting, he has directed and written screenplays.

In addition to acting, Hart has also hosted various ceremonies.

addition to various

The data was derived from the company’s customers in addition to various independent industry sources.

In addition to various metal plates, concrete and sandbags were used in some cases for improvised armoured trains.

In addition to various gigs, Note-oriety holds a concert once per semester, typically at the end of each semester.

addition to regular

The ship had refrigerated capacity in addition to regular cargo capacity.

“My family and I often did concerts in addition to regular church services,” he recalls.

Speer used forced Jewish labor on these projects, in addition to regular German workers.

through the addition

The wingspan is also increased by through the addition of raked wingtips.

In 2009, the station was made partially wheelchair-accessible through the addition of elevators.

However, much greater insulation can be achieved through the addition of bulk insulators (see above).

addition to winning

In addition to winning the league in 1895, Gibraltar F.C.

In addition to winning many national titles, various SD Budućnost society clubs have been European champions.

In addition to winning the inaugural league title, they also won the 1921–22 FAI Cup and the 1921–22 Leinster Senior Cup.

addition to traditional

In addition to traditional flatwound strings, choices now include various windings and materials.

In addition to traditional agricultural products, Wolfberries have begun to be cultivated in recent years.

Commodore began selling the VIC-20 and C64 through mass-market retailers such as K-Mart, in addition to traditional computer stores.

late addition

The King George V Dock was a late addition in 1921.

The ending playground scene was a late addition to the film.

The character of Captain Qwark was a late addition to the game.

addition to producing

In addition to producing the album, Steele wrote or co-wrote every song on it.

In addition to producing theatre, Leavitt developed and operated numerous live theatrical venues.

When a player rolls a one or a six, in addition to producing a unit (or units), they also receive a card.

announced the addition

In June 2016, the band announced the addition of guitarist Nevada Romo.

Anderson announced the addition of college football starting in the 2024 season.

On August 21, 2014 Carowinds announced the addition of Fury 325 for the 2015 season.

rear addition

It has a two-story, stuccoed stone rear addition.

A three-story rear addition was built in 1951-1953.

The rear addition contains a kitchen and smokehouse.

latest addition

The latest addition to the cast was Callie Thorne.

The Flexity Classic from Bombardier is the latest addition to the fleet.

The Core is the latest addition to the site and opened in September 2005.

addition was added

An addition was added to the house in the 1860s.

A one-story rear addition was added in c.1940.

Another frame addition was added to the rear about 1965.

addition to making

In addition to making feature films, Weiler directs commercials and music videos.

In addition to making a wine taste less acidic, these esters introduce a range of possible aromas.

In addition to making copies, Thermofax machines can be used to make a "spirit master" for spirit duplicator machines.

major addition   (adición importante)

A major addition and renovation completed in 1979.

Another major addition was built in 1884 and expanded in 1887.

A major addition added in 1912 enlarges the original main block to the southeast.

most recent addition   (adición más reciente)

Howe Hall's most recent addition to the residence is called Fountain.

The most recent addition to the park was the Mount Lofty area in 1997.

Al-Hussan International Schools are the most recent addition to the organization.

newest addition   (nueva adición)

It is the newest addition to the community's schools.

The newest addition to the campus was the construction of the .

These newest addition will be fielded in the Camiling-Avenida Line.

welcome addition   (bienvenida además)

He is a welcome addition to the squad."

A welcome addition to the directors keen on rendering movies on new themes".

His candid commentary and keen analysis will be a welcome addition to the network."

addition to receiving

In addition to receiving reports on grants made by the Foundation, the Committee is called upon to make decisions on larger awards.

In addition to receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, media appearances included write-ups in "CCM Magazine", and a performance on "The View".

CNN reported that it generated more than 21 million video streams by 3:30 pm EST that day—an all-time record, in addition to receiving 136 million page views that day.

addition of more

The format remains intact with the addition of more rhythmic songs.

Its success resulted in the addition of more confederates, increasing the number of cantons to thirteen () by 1513.

That treaty strengthened the Council, with the addition of more intergovernmental elements in the three pillars system.

addition to hosting

In addition to hosting on "The Lair", McMullen also hosted a monthly car DVD called "Ignition".

In addition to hosting pre-race coverage, Costas would conduct a live interview with incoming NBC broadcaster Dale Earnhardt Jr., who was running his final race.

In addition to hosting Aldine ISD varsity football and soccer games, Thorne Stadium has often been used by other southeast Texas schools as a neutral playoff site.

addition to creating

In addition to creating all the bird carvings and their display cases, Spear also helped design and build the museum itself.

In addition to creating the television adaptation, Miller and Wheeler were also expected to executive produce the series as well.

In addition to creating and selling parkas, Bogner also began rebuilding the business by creating other products, such as aprons.

addition to using

WCBS-TV also received information from The Weather Channel, in addition to using its radars and satellite imagery.

In addition to using BCWS and BCWP, prior to 1998 implementations often use the term actual cost of work performed (ACWP) instead of AC.

In addition to using the honey as food source, they would often stash honey in hidden pots that local sympathizers would exchange for supplies.

used in addition

Frequently, key whitening is used in addition to this.

For some infections it is used in addition to other antibiotics.

Drogue parachutes were used in addition to conventional wheel brakes.

addition to local

In addition to local musicians, NET.

In addition to local services, the following long-distance trains serve Hakodate Station.

In addition to local sports, it also carries coverage of the American Athletic Conference.

addition to standard

In addition to standard fuel needs, some organizations require that a flight plan include reserve fuel if certain conditions are met.

In addition to standard core curriculum programs, Advanced Placement courses are offered which can be used for credit at universities and colleges.

There is moderate-quality evidence that psychological therapies are a useful addition to standard antidepressant treatment of treatment-resistant depression in the short term.

addition and multiplication   (suma y multiplicación)

In mathematics, addition and multiplication of real numbers is associative.

Cantor then defines the addition and multiplication of the cardinal and ordinal numbers.

The very same addition and multiplication operations of matrices extend to this setting, too.

include the addition

Further changes to the game include the addition of treasure and the tweaking of save points.

Other 19th-century changes include the addition of the south porch, possibly during a restoration in 1876.

Other recipes include the addition of cinnamon into the mixture and coating the balls with roasted sesame seeds.

addition to new

In addition to new aircraft, PAL has chosen to lease more 777s for its growing long haul flights.

debuted in 2017, featuring a re-recorded soundtrack in addition to new scenes, lighting, choreography and costumes.

When Makmak Buin heard this, she made hammers, saws, and an extraordinarily large number of other tools within one day, in addition to new clothes.

addition to publishing

In addition to publishing, Denniston was an author.

In addition to publishing, Sousanis has spoken at symposiums and conferences around the world.

In addition to publishing "Body Bags" through 12 Gauge, he is also on staff as the Director of Development.

addition to football

In addition to football, he also ran track and field.

In addition to football, Fields was also a standout baseball player for Harrison High.

He attended Hialeah High School, where Ted competed in discus and shot-put in addition to football.