located adjacent   (隣接して)

It is located adjacent to the Sixty Dome Mosque.

A power station is located adjacent to the refinery.

An ENOC petroeum terminal is located adjacent to the DCT.

immediately adjacent   (すぐ隣)

It is immediately adjacent to Fontana's Downtown District.

These frequencies were immediately adjacent to the existing cellular band.

The Midtown Station is one of four stations immediately adjacent to Hiawatha Avenue.

adjacent areas   (隣接地域)

It is presumed that he was from Flanders or adjacent areas.

The adjacent areas to the east were uninhabited by this time.

Sackville Ward included the previously named College Ward and adjacent areas.

land adjacent   (隣接する土地)

Neither litigant owned any of the land adjacent to the road.

Steelville occupies land adjacent to Atglen, Pennsylvania which used to be wilderness.

There is a 101-room Hilton Garden Inn on university-owned land adjacent to the complex.

built adjacent   (隣接して建てられた)

Cardinal was built adjacent to Ohio Power's Tidd Plant.

A new bus terminal was built adjacent to Block VI in 1980.

2 was built adjacent to Kiln No.

directly adjacent

The bunkhouse was built nearby, then moved directly adjacent to the barn.

It is located directly adjacent to Interstate 78 and south of South Mountain.

The innermost cortical layer, the zona reticularis, lies directly adjacent to the medulla.

between adjacent

Steric hindrance between adjacent groups can also affect torsional bond angles.

The "sideways" distance between adjacent C atoms in hydrogen-bonded β-strands is roughly .

Members of the latter family consequently have unilocular ovaries with a single cavity between adjacent carpels.

adjacent land   (隣接する土地)

The adjacent land is now a banana ripening depot.

In 1963 two additional acres of adjacent land were added.

They named the adjacent land Cape Comfort.

adjacent buildings

A chapel and heliport are in adjacent buildings.

Pilgrims can use the adjacent buildings for accommodation.

There is a restaurant in the "bergfried" and adjacent buildings.

area adjacent

The skin sample needs to be obtained from an unaffected area adjacent to a lesion.

In reality, Draper's directions led Norwood to a secluded area adjacent to the Ivy Hill Cemetery.

62 Squadron RAF was positioned in a secure area adjacent to the A1 road near the former technical site.

lies adjacent

The house lies adjacent to the Church of St. Andrew.

It lies adjacent to the A4 national route.

This region lies adjacent to Maharashtra and south of Malwa.

situated adjacent

Bødalen is situated adjacent to Slemmestad.

The opera house of Amsterdam is situated adjacent to the city hall.

It is situated adjacent to "S.T Nagar" the commercial centre of Thrissur.

adjacent building

The fire spread to an adjacent building, which was not in danger of collapse.

However, towards the close of 2011, the site has been threatened by an adjacent building project proposal.

This building, along with another adjacent building, forms The Lister Hospital, a private hospital which opened in 1985.

adjacent to each

and Dundee United, have stadiums all but adjacent to each other.

The properties are adjacent to each other in the village of Hastings-on-Hudson.

Within a hamlet, members of the same lineage will typically build their houses adjacent to each other.

building adjacent

Bishop Block is a 2 storey building adjacent to the canteen sails.

Also constructed was an administration building adjacent to the hospital.

building adjacent to the existing Castings Technology International (Cti) headquarters building.

areas adjacent

In Kerala it is seen in the areas adjacent to the Western Ghat.

The areas adjacent to Nizhnekamsk Reservoir are covered by forest.

The areas adjacent to Autoroute de Delmas are primarily commercial and residential.

site adjacent   (隣接するサイト)

The cathedral stands on an elevated wooded site adjacent to Lough Oughter.

The transformation occurs at a catalytic site adjacent to a specific binding site of L-arginine.

Teutonic Cemetery The Teutonic Cemetery () is a burial site adjacent to St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

adjacent property

Frequent complaints about strong odors along the creek bed were received from adjacent property owners.

Recent years have witnessed the further development of and annexation of adjacent property to the original location.

Her studio, an Arts and Crafts-style structure built in 1916 solely for her use, was located on an adjacent property.

adjacent parts

They mainly live in the country's Gash Barka Region, as well as in adjacent parts of Ethiopia's Tigray Region.

The culture of the Torres Strait Islanders is related to that of adjacent parts of New Guinea and so their music is also related.

This event was the last of three earthquakes that ruptured adjacent parts of the plate interface, forming a northeastward migrating sequence.

adjacent islands

An abbess serves for life, except in Italy and some adjacent islands.

Within its regular outline, it comprises an area of , excluding adjacent islands.

The northern fishery involved hunting the bowhead whale off the coast of Greenland and adjacent islands.

constructed adjacent

A 25-bed hospital was constructed adjacent to the education block.

The church was constructed adjacent the Hospital of "Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini".

Memphis Memorial Stadium, now Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, was constructed adjacent to it two years later.

adjacent area

In the adjacent area in Lebak Bulus, Carrefour is located.

The adjacent area remains an open field with trees at the edge.

Later the adjacent area to the flood-caused lake was turned into a park.

runs adjacent

US 75 runs adjacent to I-680 for before turning south at 30th Street.

Lake Shore Drive runs adjacent to a large portion of Chicago's waterfront.

A section of the Brampton Valley Way runs adjacent to the Northampton & Lamport Railway.

adjacent regions

It occurs in extreme southeastern Europe and adjacent regions.

The species is native to the Indian subcontinent and adjacent regions of Southeast Asia.

Traditional dialect atlases (e.g., ) show one variant or another used in adjacent regions.