İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

later admitted   (sonra kabul etti)

Welke later admitted that he had missed the call.

Frye studied law and was later admitted to the bar.

He later admitted he wanted a different killer.

admitted to having   (sahip olmak)

At her trial, she admitted to having helped Fr.

Jones later admitted to having enjoyed having his students as followers.

Scorsese admitted to having viewed "The Ten Commandments" forty or fifty times.

admitted to practice   (pratiğe kabul edildi)

She is admitted to practice law in New Jersey.

He was later admitted to practice in Boston.

He is admitted to practice law in Texas, Washington DC, Michigan and West Virginia.

admitted to hospital   (hastaneye başvurdu)

Two were admitted to hospital and treated for exhaustion.

He was then admitted to hospital due to severe back pain.

Tara then takes on a bigamy case after a man is admitted to hospital.

not admitted

Those who wanted to be doctors, for example, were not admitted.

In 1894, pupils were not admitted to classes until they reached the age of 11.

As with the 1960 film "Psycho", audiences were not admitted after the film's start.

then admitted

Spain was then admitted to the United Nations in 1955.

He was then admitted to hospital due to severe back pain.

He was then admitted to the Uganda Bar.

admitted its first

The school admitted its first entering class in March 1993.

The University Hospital admitted its first patients in March 1967.

In 1954, Whitehall-Yearling High School admitted its first students.

students were admitted

Approximately 200 students were admitted to their first year of a MBBS in 1973.

(Chemical Engineering) course and first batch of students were admitted in 1977.

It closed in 1969, when black students were admitted to previously all-white Leon High School.

finally admitted   (sonunda kabul etti)

and he finally admitted to holding no university title.

While Koh initially refused comment, he finally admitted to the issue.

He was finally admitted to the United States as a political refugee in 1992.

first admitted

Girls were first admitted to the school in 1982.

He was first admitted to the New York state bar in 1986.

She first admitted the name of the song on her Twitter account.