not advance   (進まない)

She did not advance to the semi-finals in either event.

Vitiny did not advance to the semifinals.

Daniel did not advance to the semifinals.

did not advance   (進まなかった)

She did not advance to the semi-finals in either event.

Vitiny did not advance to the semifinals.

Daniel did not advance to the semifinals.

failed to advance   (進まなかった)

He failed to advance through the audition stages.

However, they failed to advance past the group stage.

Italy and Chile failed to advance.

advance towards   (に向かって進む)

Romanian forces continued their advance towards Budapest.

The year 1955 was a milestone for Malaya's advance towards self-governance.

The Allied armies would then swing left to advance towards the River Seine.

advance through   (前進する)

He failed to advance through the audition stages.

As Sims advance through the game, new areas become accessible.

This saw Bahrain advance through.

advance guard

Around 7 p.m. the advance guard approached the citadel.

He is the advance guard of Team Big Body.

A birdman-themed Choujin, and the advance guard of Team Mariposa.

order to advance   (前進する)

Each level has a certain number of enemies that must be defeated in order to advance.

Cadets must attend at least one Advanced Training each year in order to advance in rank.

Neighboring provinces to Nobunaga's must be conquered in order to advance to the final section of the game.

continued to advance

The Nepalis resisted the attack but continued to advance.

During the fighting at Tarvis, Joubert's column continued to advance.

Foley still continued to advance, causing Mansker to fire three more times.

failing to advance

Romania lost 0–2, thus failing to advance further from the Group Stages.

He finished the tournament with 3 win and 4 loses, failing to advance to the finals.

On December 25, he lost to Chris Sabin, failing to advance into the finals of the tournament.

advance party

A little before dawn the advance party approached Amerigo's gate-tower.

The advance party arrived at Fort Chipewyan in late March, having covered in six weeks.

The 17th Construction Squadron advance party of ten deployed by road to Grootfontein on 13 March 1989.

well in advance   (事前に)

The Chinese attack was anticipated well in advance.

This school was well in advance of its time.

This means crops can be harvested well in advance of the heavy rain season.

able to advance   (前進することができます)

The Tigers were able to advance to the UAAP Final Four as the No.

Gomes was then able to advance to second base on a flubbed fielding play.

A single bank may not on its own be willing or able to advance the whole amount.

advance past

However, they failed to advance past the group stage.

The team has never been able to advance past the Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament.

Yego competed at the 2005 World Championships, but did not advance past 800 metres heats.

teams advance

The 5 winning teams advance to the quarter-finals.

The eight fastest teams advance to the first round.

advance further

This prevents saltwater to advance further inland .

Romania lost 0–2, thus failing to advance further from the Group Stages.

Zhuge Liang could not advance further so he retreated to the Wuzhang Plains.

months in advance

Shop owners had to make their orders 6 months in advance.

Suncorp Stadium was sold out months in advance for the final.

He also opted to terminate Gonzalo Higuain's loan deal six months in advance.

days in advance

Seedings for the draw were confirmed two days in advance.

Note that "Billboard" publishes charts with an issue date approximately 7–10 days in advance.

The game was sold out to Spartan Stadium's capacity of 72,027 days in advance, and the final attendance was later announced as 75,262.

advance beyond

Hepler did not advance beyond the heats.

The batter-runner himself may attempt to advance beyond first base, at his own risk.

The legislation did not advance beyond the initial filing in the New York State Assembly.

further advance

However heavy machine-gun and mortar fire from the airfield halted any further advance.

Union forces attempted no further advance on the Virginia Peninsula until the Peninsula Campaign of 1862.

Huige sent 3,000 soldiers to aid Zhu Tao in his efforts to further advance south to capture the eastern capital Luoyang.

rapid advance   (急速な進歩)

In the meantime, Lyon prepared for a rapid advance on Jefferson City.

Bragg had sorely underestimated Buell's ability to make a rapid advance on his position.

Nonetheless Majdanek was captured nearly intact due to the rapid advance of the Soviet Red Army during Operation Bagration.

advance notice

Listeners had six months advance notice of the closure.

Workers must provide advance notice of at least 10 working days for any strike.

As an associate of Farkas, Bánáthy likely had advance notice of the Russian advance.

advance along

The Guards were sent to support an advance along the southern approach to Stanley.

The Estonian Army stopped the 7th Red Army's advance along the entire front on 2–5 January.

At the end of September the First Army was ordered to advance along with the rest of the front.

advance toward   (に向かって進む)

By then, news came of the Romanian advance toward Sofia and its imminent fall.

Near it lay a wadi crater stretching west and allowing a convenient advance toward the farmstead from the north.

At 01:30, Regimental Commander, Colonel Frederick A. Daugherty, ordered Clark to advance toward the hill and retake the hill.

advance warning

This left his team open to accusations of having advance warning of rule changes.

This advance warning played an important role in the eventual defeat of the rebellion.

The last recorded eruption was in April 1979; due to advance warning there were no casualties.

advance against   (前進する)

Ernesto Hoost was forced out after a foot injury, allowing his first round opponent Stefen Leko to advance against Mark Hunt.

She has the courage to make a plan and keeps Meng You busy at the castle doors for Guan Suo to advance against the main field of the enemy.

World number 1 Rafael Nadal needed three sets to beat Simone Bolelli and David Ferrer equally took three sets to advance against Jürgen Melzer.

unable to advance   (前進できない)

By dawn, our troops were still unable to advance".

Nakano finished the tournament with 1 win and two points, unable to advance to the finals.

On the right (southern) flank of the army, the 51st Division was unable to advance further in Bois 4 on 11 October.

advance across   (横切る)

They stationed submarines in advance across the likely routes of the British ships.

SIGINT suggested that the Japanese were preparing a deliberate advance across the Indian Ocean.

In June 1655 Swedish forces started to advance across the northern territories of the Commonwealth.

winners advance

Two semi-finals, winners advance to the final.

Heat winners advance to the quarterfinals.

advance up

Harvick would only advance up to the 9th position.

Its role was to advance up a ridge to the outskirts of the village of Passchendaele.

major advance   (大きな進歩)

Echo cancellation was the next major advance in modem design.

The next major advance in modems was the Hayes Smartmodem, introduced in 1981.

The spread of paper and the printing press from China to Europe preceded a major advance in the transmission of news.

managed to advance

The French attack managed to advance on the flanks but was held up in the centre.

Regardless, both teams managed to advance to (and lose) their respective conference championships.

On the extreme left, only isolated groups managed to advance, where they met troops from the 51st Division.

began to advance

At this point, the Roman lines began to advance forward at all points.

They began to advance on AQAP positions in the countryside and mountains.

However, when Ma'mun finally began to advance on Baghdad, Ibrahim's support collapsed.

advance knowledge

It is not known whether the two had advance knowledge of the attacks.

Correctly designed experiments advance knowledge in the natural and social sciences and engineering.

To methodically reduce the average cost, one must use advance knowledge of a) what one will order and b) what the order will cost at various restaurants.