more advanced   (より高度な)

An English only track is included for more advanced ESL students.

This allows defining functions with a more advanced type behaviour.

"Mutant 2" (1986) was an expansion module with more advanced rules.

most advanced   (最も進んだ)

Its most advanced candidate is the Neo-Urinary Conduit.

It is the most advanced of the early "Rance" re-releases.

The MMC5 is Nintendo's most advanced MMC.

advanced technology   (先端技術)

She is left stranded in "realtime", cut off from all advanced technology.

This advanced technology makes Germany the strongest nation on the planet.

It had advanced technology for the time, such as Automatic Train Stop (ATS).

advanced age   (高齢)

He died in 1986 at the advanced age of 32.

Allen was ten years younger than Mace's advanced age of 39.

This explains her relatively advanced age for the first marriage.

advanced training   (上級訓練)

In 2014 MITI was upgraded to an advanced training institute.

Many have advanced training in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy.

They receive advanced training and wear regular police uniforms.

technologically advanced   (技術的に進歩した)

RX, the most technologically advanced rallycross car ever created.

China is one of the world's most technologically advanced nations.

Wyatt wears technologically advanced suit to amplify his physical abilities.

advanced through

He advanced through the grades to Brigadier General in 1942.

Lucioni advanced through his grades and won an academic medal in 1916.

He kept his army close together and advanced through Muslim-held towns.

aggregate and advanced   (集約および高度)

"Cruzeiro won 2–1 on aggregate and advanced to the finals."

Zamalek won 7–0 on aggregate and advanced to the first round.

"Goiás won 4–2 on aggregate and advanced to the round of 16."

advanced towards

Afterwards, the VRS advanced towards Modriča and captured the town on 28 June.

As he was led in, Caroline rose and advanced towards him, flinging back her veil.

Chaytor's Force advanced towards Amman which was attacked and captured on 25 September.

teams advanced

The top four teams advanced to the knockout stage.

The eight fastest teams advanced to the first round.

then advanced

The winners of that round then advanced to the best-of-seven ALCS.

The Atlanta Falcons then advanced to face the San Francisco 49ers.

Graham's force then advanced to Tokar, encountering no further resistance.

team advanced   (チームが進んだ)

The team advanced to round of 16 and faced world No.

In 1999, the volleyball team advanced to the state semi-finals.

The team advanced to the Division I tournament 4 times under Calhoun.

group advanced

The top team in each group advanced to the Finals.

Top two in each group advanced to quarter-finals.

The top two of each group advanced to the Liguilla.

each group advanced

The top team in each group advanced to the Finals.

Top two in each group advanced to quarter-finals.

The top two of each group advanced to the Liguilla.

highly advanced

Because of the highly advanced decay, Simelane was charged with 34 murders.

Foxton technology includes a highly advanced clock generation and distribution network.

The fourth world is seemingly empty, but shows signs of a highly advanced, dead civilization.

advanced features

They include more advanced features, such as running speeds; with over half now running at .

In 1967, de Castro began a new design effort known as "PDP-X" which included several advanced features.

It also supports several advanced features, such as cryptographic signature checking and test result reporting.

advanced degrees

candidates already hold advanced degrees, typically more than one.

The school has 40 faculty members, with 83% holding advanced degrees.

Eighty-three percent of the Bilingual Department parents have advanced degrees.

forces advanced

In May 1991, EPRDF forces advanced on Addis Ababa.

In Spring 1429, Alexander's forces advanced on Inverness.

The Soviet forces advanced in three columns across the border.

advanced studies

Their qualified graduates can continue their advanced studies at UCSM.

Then he went to New York Film Academy and California for advanced studies.

In 2002, he pursued advanced studies in Singapore, he studied music under Lee Wei Song.

advanced stage

In most cases, symptoms present themselves at an advanced stage of disease.

A garda investigation into the cause of his injuries was soon "at an advanced stage".

In the most advanced stage, the nipples are below the fold and point toward the ground.

advanced directly

They advanced directly to the West Division final where they hosted the Edmonton Eskimos.

The Tigers advanced directly to the Grand Final after defeating in the Second Semi-final.

"Dublin won the Leinster Championship and so advanced directly to the quarter-final group stage."

advanced level

Hercules is also an advanced level martial fighter.

6), currently used by most horn students studying at an advanced level.

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) offers legal education at an advanced level.

advanced technologies

It was part of the New Millennium Program, dedicated to testing advanced technologies.

The Cube did, however, pioneer many advanced technologies including ride by wire throttle and pneumatic valve actuation systems.

VersaCold delivers a suite of fully integrated logistics services through its national network of facilities, transportation fleet and advanced technologies.

winners advanced

The winners advanced to the CONCACAF–OFC play-off.

The winners advanced to the Torneo Descentralizado.

The 43 winners advanced to the second round.

proficient and advanced   (熟練し、高度な)

The percentage of high school students who scored proficient and advanced in reading/literature declined to 52.5%.

The percentage of high school students who scored proficient and advanced in biology improved from 39.7% to 41.4%.

very advanced

Legal attained to a very advanced old age to nearly ninety years.

The disadvantage is that perturbation theory is very advanced mathematics.

Every sphere is governed by a very powerful being who is a very advanced soul.

advanced research

The crystal allows vehicles to run indefinitely, and opens up several advanced research topics.

Shortly after, an advanced research facility is established to fulfill the needs of studying the invaders.

MIT and the University of Washington are among the universities that received and used the compiler for advanced research purposes.

other advanced   (他の高度な)

Hancock's other advanced division, under Brig.

The other advanced members of the school were persecuted and tortured (according to Lee).

MRI is limited in its ability to evaluate fractures in great detail, compared to other advanced imaging modalities.

advanced degree

is a professional advanced degree in project management.

He has an advanced degree in economics.

almost always has a pure science background and an advanced degree, whereas a C.T.O.

advanced up

The 2nd Greek Battalion advanced up the right flank of the airfield.

The club advanced up to the quarterfinals and lost to AS Douanes 2–0.

In the 2010 edition, the club advanced up to the semis and lost to ASC Diaraf 2–0.

times advanced

The swimmers with the eight fastest times advanced to the final.

advanced placement   (高度な配置)

Nine advanced placement courses are offered.

For its college-bound students, Pisgah offers advanced placement tests.

The school has advanced placement and world language courses and an honors program.

army advanced

By 783 Abd al-Rahman's army advanced on Zaragoza.

On May 29, Grant's army advanced southwest to confront Lee.

Week by week as the Union army advanced, slaves were liberated.

troops advanced

The troops advanced toward the church.

Later, as the German troops advanced, he was evacuated to Moscow.

Heavy fighting occurred at the rebel-held positions around the Grand Canal as these troops advanced towards Dublin.

fastest times advanced

The swimmers with the eight fastest times advanced to the final.

heat advanced

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

The top 12 per heat advanced to the finals.

advanced state   (高度な状態)

Her main reason for returning to Egypt was her advanced state of pregnancy.

Today the stand is a Grade II listed building but is in a fairly advanced state of decay.

As this washed-up whale was in an advanced state of decomposition, some of the bones came loose.

each heat advanced

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

The top five runners from each heat advanced to the final.

advanced as far

The drive advanced as far as the Toledo 20-yard line, where Connecticut was stopped.

The Kings advanced as far as the 2014 Royal Bank Cup semi-finals before being eliminated.

Dunovant's men advanced as far as the ditch and abatis, but were driven back by heavy fire.

advanced toward   (に向かって進んだ)

Khmelnytsky advanced toward Lviv and Zamość.

In 259 BC they advanced toward Thermae on the north coast.

A few of them advanced toward the outpost to provide cover.

advanced courses

The book was widely praised and is firmly situated in design libraries and on the reading lists of advanced courses in design studies.

He followed advanced courses of Salvatore Sciarrino, Giacomo Manzoni, Sylvano Bussotti, and studied further with Jean Guillou in Zürich.

After the conclusion of the fundamental courses, to gain access to more advanced courses, it is necessary to be submitted to an evaluation.

advanced education

Education in Jordan Jordan prides itself on its advanced education system.

Students will gain marketable skills that can be utilized in working toward advanced education.

The church established cathedral schools in the Early Middle Ages as centres of advanced education.

advanced further

When the Australians advanced further they found only flat fields and ditches full of water.

II Corps failed on its right flank, where parts of the German front line held out but advanced further in the north.

However the Cossacks regrouped, pushed the Polish cavalry out of the camp and advanced further with the help of the Tatars.

advanced students

Soon, she was choreographing solo and group works for advanced students.

An honors course is a class in which the most advanced students are placed.

His specialty was as a historian, translator, philologist, editor, and teacher of advanced students.

advanced against   (に対して進んだ)

He soon after advanced against Shewa with a large army.

Dussasana, fearlessly advanced against Bhima.

Aurangzeb advanced against the Sultan of Bijapur and besieged Bidar.

advanced past

The highway never advanced past the planning stage, and it was ultimately cancelled in the 1970s.

The French attacked again at and advanced past Toutvent Farm, which lay in Sector S3 in the middle of the bulge in the German front line.

Mora also appeared in two of "La S"'s group stage matches in the CONCACAF Champions League, as Saprissa advanced past Portland Timbers of MLS and C.D.

advanced techniques

"EHIS" advanced techniques included The '5-direction' option.

There are also a variety of advanced techniques used for hand evaluation.

As the comic progressed, more advanced techniques were used to improve the quality of the comic.

advanced along

The 2nd Division advanced along Redan Ridge.

Sultan advanced along the west coast, laying siege to Mangalore on 20 May 1783.

The 3rd West Virginia advanced along the turnpike in an attempt to turn the Confederate right.

technically advanced   (技術的に進んだ)

The beam and base method of underpinning is a more technically advanced adaptation of traditional mass concrete underpinning.

Their first MotoGP effort, dubbed the Aprilia RS Cube, was technically advanced but difficult to ride and performed poorly in the championship.

Other sections on the mountain are rated as high as class 5.11, with the Middle Teton Glacier route considered to be the most technically advanced.

heats advanced

The fastest five athletes in each of the two heats advanced to the Final Round.

There were two heats; the eight swimmers with the fastest times from those two heats advanced to the final.

Thursday 13 August 1936: The fastest three in each heat and the fastest from across the heats advanced to the semi-finals.

less advanced   (あまり進んでいない)

In 1893, Peirce restated most of it for a less advanced audience.

The lower trims retain the previous MFD and the less advanced AWC AWD system.

However, it was less advanced in training and equipment and was not ready for deployment overseas until May 1940.

using advanced

They were found on the Atlantic seabed using advanced sonar scanning.

It is a high-quality reclaimed water which is purified using advanced membrane and ultraviolet technologies.

In 2011, three further exoplanets were rendered viewable in a NICMOS image taken in 1998, using advanced data processing.

advanced stages

The young are born in advanced stages compared to most carnivores.

Nonspecific symptoms: Specific symptoms: Specific symptoms usually develop in the advanced stages of temporal arteritis.

There are, however, some novel oral anticoagulant drugs that are currently in early and advanced stages of clinical development.

advanced version

The Prinny Cyclone is an advanced version of the spinning dodge move.

A more advanced version the Project 257DM was introduced in the mid-1960s.

The one stage "Meteor-2K" was the most advanced version of the Meteor rocket.

pool advanced

The top two teams in each pool advanced to the round of sixteen.

The top two teams from each pool advanced to the Cup/Plate brackets.

The top two teams from each pool advanced to the Cup/5th place brackets.

each pool advanced

The top two teams in each pool advanced to the round of sixteen.

The top two teams from each pool advanced to the Cup/Plate brackets.

The top two teams from each pool advanced to the Cup/5th place brackets.

advanced rapidly

Since then, the technology has advanced rapidly.

Fighter technology advanced rapidly during the Second World War.

After a pause at the canal, it advanced rapidly towards Bremen against delaying actions.

advanced design

In April 2018, Dongfeng Venucia opened an advanced design centre in Shanghai.

The advanced design gave a better ride quality than the BR1, being rated for .

The most advanced design was the six beam house, named for the number of beams that supported the roof.

advanced medical   (高度な医療)

It conducts basic and advanced medical courses, and graduates nearly 6,000 students a year.

The casualties are transported by a stretcher chain (noria) to the advanced medical post (field hospital).

It was expected that supplies of advanced medical equipment like pacemakers and stents will run out during 2016.