İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

adversely affected   (olumsuz etkilenmiş)

Populations are being adversely affected by the West Nile virus.

The appellant must also be adversely affected by the appealed decision.

Human health is also adversely affected by the effects of light pollution.

adversely affect   (olumsuz etkileyebilir)

The constitution requires that free speech not adversely affect public security.

This was also shown to adversely affect the assembly of the neurofilament network.

The introduced Canada Geese became prolific and began to adversely affect pastures and crops.

adversely impacted   (olumsuz etkilenmiş)

Sessions stated that the DACA-eligible individuals were lawbreakers who adversely impacted the wages and employment of native-born Americans.

This adversely impacted the work of the Montreal Laboratory, the joint British and Canadian project that was investigating nuclear reactor design.

This had adversely impacted on the Hall's acoustics, in particular in the area of tone and definition by increasing deflection in the platform area.