İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

legal advice   (yasal tavsiye)

legal advice).

When adopting a European strategy it is important that a franchisor takes expert legal advice.

After receiving legal advice Ernst & Young declined to appear before a parliamentary committee.

advice on how   (nasıl tavsiye)

Harry goes to him for advice on how to beat Nicodemus.

Businesses also receive advice on how to manage the cloud.

Alfred seeks Bernard's advice on how to become a gentleman.

medical advice   (tıbbi tavsiye)

He played twice before withdrawing from the rest of the season on medical advice.

These were on a number of topics, everything from medical advice to moral judgments.

On medical advice, Byomkesh goes to Dooars to recuperate with his two caring companions.

advice and consent   (tavsiye ve rıza)

He seeks the advice and consent of Parliament in declaring war.

The president appoints judges with the advice and consent of the Congress.

The Chairman is appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for a 5-year term.

provide advice   (tavsiye vermek)

who would be used to provide advice to the other characters.

They thus not only sell but also provide advice and support.

The oracle responded that the impious on Earth hindered Apollo's ability to provide advice.

against the advice   (tavsiyeye karşı)

Hull hoisted a white flag of surrender against the advice of his subordinates.

He continued working against the advice of taking rest and lost his sight completely.

O'Connor's order was made against the advice of Canada Revenue Agency commissioner William Baker.

provides advice   (tavsiye verir)

ACUPARI provides advice for students who plan to work or study in Germany.

The book provides advice to organizations in the form of a 10-point CEO action plan.

He provides advice to health professions and families on people living with quadriplegia.

give advice   (tavsiye ver)

Jerome Robbins was called in to give advice and make changes.

Historian Simon Schama would give advice to government to ensure that pupils learnt Britain's "island story".

At Holden and Charles, Jason bonds with two employees Jim and Frank, who get him drunk and give advice on asking Kelly out.

providing advice   (tavsiye vermek)

His song was declined, but executives were helpful in providing advice and other contacts.

The PCPID holds formal meetings twice per year, and issues an annual report providing advice and recommendations.

Subsequent case law has drawn a distinction between cases merely providing information, and those providing advice.

advice column   (tavsiye sütunu)

The "advice column" section expanded.

She also writes "Ask Annie", the school newspaper's advice column.

Williams wrote six books, and he also wrote a syndicated advice column called "Smart Money".

giving advice   (tavsiye vermek)

Salya says that he is giving advice as driver and narrates story of a crow.

Being the oldest, Forte acts as the big sister of the group, often giving advice to others.

She plays on the 'older sister' role of Eclipse, often giving advice and consoling her teammates.

expert advice   (uzman tavsiyesi)

Section 805 changes this definition by adding "expert advice or assistance" and "monetary instruments."

"Computer User" articles might include personal experiences, advice on how to use software, and expert advice columns.

It was from Krause that Schopenhauer learned meditation and received the closest thing to expert advice concerning Indian thought.

advice given   (tavsiye verildi)

Thus, customers are generally wary of advice given by sales engineers.

The nature of this Raag can be compared to the thoughtful, very serious, yet caring advice given by a true friend.

According to the advice given by his Tamil teacher, he started reading “Viduthalai”, a daily founded by Periyar in 1963.

technical advice   (teknik tavsiye)

He sought European technical advice on communications, transport, and irrigation.

Program wildlife biologists provide technical advice and direct management assistance to individuals with problems related to wildlife.

West Point engineers provided technical advice on the American Civil War battle scenes, providing Griffith with the artillery used in the film.

sought advice   (tavsiye istedi)

He sought advice from a Seanagal first.

Realising she needed to protect her boundaries, she sought advice from W.H.

Those at the second level usually had their horoscopes cast and sought advice and predictions.

provided advice   (tavsiye verildi)

The team examined an archaeological dig and provided advice on the work underway.

As Health Attaché, Cline coordinated HHS programs in Iraq and provided advice to the U.S. ambassador, HHS Secretary and others.

It had an arboretum where 2,000 plants were grown and distributed to local "fellahin", and the farm provided advice services to teach farmers from the Acre and Safad districts how to raise poultry and beehives.

practical advice   (pratik tavsiye)

2008 give some practical advice for analyzing and fixing them.

It combined practical advice with philosophical guidance for rulers.

It is issued 13 times per year and features "riding and practical advice for your horse."

advice and support   (tavsiye ve destek)

Sher Ali sent an envoy seeking British advice and support.

They thus not only sell but also provide advice and support.

But Vas told Sally Brockway from "Soaplife" that Dipi's advice and support actually helps Mishti accept her pregnancy.

gave advice   (tavsiye verdi)

Additionally, Minaj gave advice to callers about their sex lives.

He gave advice to Mars to pretend not to know who she was to trap her.

Others gave advice, and others were for more general purposes, such as false.

financial advice   (finansal tavsiye)

ASIC banned NAB staff who were previously licensed to provide financial advice.

They also include wealth management such as Rothschilds private banking and financial advice.

General financial advice is categorised as "Tier 2", and Personal financial advice is categorised as "Tier 1".

offer advice   (tavsiye sunmak)

Typical shows will offer advice and predictions for almost 200 players each week.

Fromme was also known for his broadcast appearances to offer advice and for several quotable quotes.

Each successive Monarch has had a Tekau-mā-Rua to offer advice and act as a senior council within the Kiingitanga.