senior advisor   (シニア・アドバイザー)

Krause was also senior advisor to Maizière.

Tziki Aud is the group's senior advisor.

He is a senior advisor of the Acta Mathematica Vietnamica journal.

legal advisor   (法律顧問)

He was also a legal advisor to Marcus Aurelius.

Sen was the legal advisor of Cossimbazar Royal Estate.

Mirah Amiria Arismunandar previously worked as a legal advisor.

technical advisor   (技術顧問)

Bob Marucci served as a technical advisor for the production.

Bugliosi served as technical advisor on both of the pilot films.

officer Otis Gallop, who also serves as the shows technical advisor.

policy advisor   (政策アドバイザー)

In 1995 she was a senior policy advisor in the Clinton Administration.

Sikharulidze was moved to the post of President's foreign policy advisor.

Avik Roy Avik Roy (; Bengali: অভীক রায়) is an American journalist and policy advisor.

political advisor   (政治顧問)

In 2003, he became MNA Daniel Turp's local political advisor.

In addition, he has been political advisor of Jumblatt since 1991.

In 1991, Aridi began to serve as political advisor of Walid Jumblatt.

special advisor

The group was led by Dr David Cabot, special advisor on environmental affairs.

In 2017, Bonds officially rejoined the Giants organization as a special advisor to the CEO.

He is a special advisor mentoring rookies for both the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

financial advisor   (財務顧問)

Wright joined Pygott & Crone as a financial advisor.

After his musical career, he became a financial advisor.

Raiffeisen Investment was appointed as the financial advisor to the government.

military advisor

Li Xiuyuan was born to a former military advisor, Li Maochun.

According to an American military advisor, Hawkins was killed "by an Iranian terrorist".

In practice the emperor's nephew Archduke Albrecht was his chief military advisor and made the policy decisions.

doctoral advisor

His doctoral advisor was Ferdinand von Lindemann.

Her doctoral advisor, and role model, was Paul R. Ehrlich.

Her doctoral advisor was Bernard Chazelle.

thesis advisor

His thesis advisor was Andrew Wiles.

He then completed PhD dissertation at Purdue with Professor James Longuski as thesis advisor.

He received his Ph.D. with thesis advisor Heisuke Hironaka at the Harvard University in 1976.

scientific advisor

He will remain as a scientific advisor to the board.

His scientific advisor was Valentin Fabrikant.

She has served as a scientific advisor for NASA, ISA and ESA.

chief advisor   (チーフアドバイザー)

Streit accompanied the King as his personal secretary and chief advisor.

Teplan is the chief advisor of the State Minister for Environment of Hungary.

Joseph Knowland was chief advisor to the Southern Lumber Company of San Diego.

economic advisor

He was the primary economic advisor to Daniel Ortega.

He worked as an economic advisor for the Marshall Plan.

In 1988-1989, he was an economic advisor to President G.H.W.

faculty advisor

Emura then bestowed the second Ito name on the club's faculty advisor, Ms. Ito.

WERB is mainly run by the Berlin High School Radio Club and its faculty advisor Chris Wolfe.

The Russian university system requires a faculty advisor for all undergraduate and graduate students.

became an advisor

At that time, he became an advisor to Charles IV.

He fled westward to the Qara Khitai, where he became an advisor.

He became an advisor to then prime minister Siim Kallas in 2002.