İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

having an affair   (ilişkisi olmak)

Then he tells Simar that he is having an affair.

He suspects that his son is having an affair with her.

The owner and the woman are having an affair.

love affair   (aşk ilişkisi)

She shows him Paris while they continue their love affair.

Pandidurai becomes insane knowing his daughter's love affair.

Lindsay said that his love affair with Iceland began in 2006.

affair between   (arasındaki ilişki)

The affair between Darrow and Sophy is revealed to Anna.

Accordingly, the match was a back and forth grappling affair between the two fighters.

The affair between her and Clergue continued, however, with the consent of her husband.

extramarital affair   (evlilik dışı ilişki)

He was also accused of having extramarital affair with lover, He Ping.

He devotes one chapter called "The Secret" to his extramarital affair.

It was also revealed that Majercik was at the time, in an extramarital affair with the victims mother.

began an affair   (bir ilişki başlattı)

Thomas began an affair with her nurse Lena.

He and Goldman began an affair.

She recovered within weeks and began an affair with actor Jacques Charrier.

whole affair

Richard is annoyed but Anna finds the whole affair amusing.

The whole affair had taken nine minutes.

in which he describes how he became involved in the whole affair.

brief affair

They had met in 1951, had a brief affair, and remained in contact since.

After a brief affair with Lars she is introduced to a circle of lesbian women.

Their marriage collapsed, however, and Krenek had a brief affair with Alma Moodie.

begins an affair

However, she later begins an affair with him.

He meets Freya whilst on holiday, and begins an affair with her.

Shortly afterwards, d'Artagnan begins an affair with Madame Bonacieux.

love affair between   (arasındaki ilişki)

The novel describes the love affair between Kurt and another man Derry, and their relationship with a third man, Tony.

The battle between Mab and Merlin continues and the disastrous love affair between Lancelot and Guinevere causes chaos.

The dramatic center of the book is the love affair between Homos and Evelith Strange, a wealthy widow of the American plutocracy.

begin an affair   (ilişki başlatmak)

William then meets up with Maria and they begin an affair.

When Ryan confronts her, she kisses him and they begin an affair.

The pair then make love in Nadine's living room, and begin an affair.