not affect   (影響しない)

These names do not affect a soldier's pay or role.

This mode does not affect the KDR or increase XP.

These ailments did not affect his desire to perform.

does not affect   (影響しない)

This mode does not affect the KDR or increase XP.

This does not affect awards for subsequent finishers.

Generally, conjunctivitis does not affect the pupils.

did not affect   (影響しなかった)

These ailments did not affect his desire to perform.

The change in the law did not affect the incumbents.

Ultimately, this did not affect Binns joining the club.

adversely affect   (悪影響を与える)

The constitution requires that free speech not adversely affect public security.

This was also shown to adversely affect the assembly of the neurofilament network.

The introduced Canada Geese became prolific and began to adversely affect pastures and crops.

negatively affect   (マイナスの影響)

Ground-level ozone is found in smog and can also negatively affect the lungs.

Human disturbance-related variables negatively affect tiger occupancy and habitat use.

Human activities, including harvesting forest resources, can negatively affect forest ecosystems.

directly affect   (直接影響する)

Acid rain does not directly affect human health.

TBX3 is not thought to directly affect "KITLG" expression.

Nongenotoxins do not directly affect DNA but act in other ways to promote growth.

affect how   (どのように影響する)

However, these subgroups do not affect how the disease is diagnosed or treated.

They also affect how the deviant actor perceives himself and his relationship to society.

Display rules affect how likely people are to express the facial expression of fear and other emotions.

significantly affect   (大きく影響する)

Buoyancy and trim can significantly affect drag of a diver.

However, supply restrictions can significantly affect substitutability.

High amounts of screen time also can significantly affect a person’s mental health.

issues that affect   (影響する問題)

He also lectures at various universities on issues that affect the environment.

The Student Life Committee is responsible for advocating on issues that affect students.

They want to improve the legal, social, and economical issues that affect people with disabilities.

factors that affect   (影響する要因)

Some of the factors that affect the synthesis are:

The various factors that affect zap time do not do so in the same way.

Climate factors that affect trees include temperature, precipitation, sunlight, and wind.

affect all   (すべてに影響する)

These issues affect all of those involved in Cornish politics, even those who are at odds with these ideas.

While it can affect all types of grasses, Kentucky bluegrass and fescue lawns are least affected by snow mold.

Although PNP has been known to affect all age groups, it is more likely to afflict middle-aged to older patients.

affect both   (両方に影響する)

Motor neuron diseases affect both children and adults.

It can affect both females and males with a 6:1 ratio.

It is believed to cross the blood–brain barrier and affect both the body and brain.

negative affect   (否定的な影響)

When measured with an affect intensity measure, women reported greater intensity of both positive and negative affect than men.

Due to their migration, Ormella identified the negative affect it had on her family and felt a separation from her European life.

When a person sitting in a bus witnesses a pregnant woman or an old person standing, negative affect will be induced on the witness.

only affect   (影響するだけ)

They really only affect law-abiding citizens."

Plastic pollution does not only affect animals that live solely in oceans.

The crisis and the shortages in Venezuela not only affect people, but also their pets.

affect other   (他に影響を与える)

The case will affect other NHS employers and substantial arrears will be due.

Many bone diseases that affect humans also affect other vertebrates – an example of one disorder is skeletal fluorosis.

Arthritic disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can affect other organs in the body, leading to a variety of symptoms.

affect the outcome   (結果に影響する)

Because these natural phenomena cannot be controlled, they inevitably affect the outcome of the given activity or event.

Disruption to other wartime projects would be inevitable, and it was unlikely to be ready in time to affect the outcome of the war in Europe.

"[The trial court]'s error did not affect the outcome," Manella wrote, pertaining to the absence of chain of custody records for the evidence.

factors affect   (要因が影響する)

Both of these factors affect packing performance.

Several factors affect the cost to move a bulk cargo by ship.

Two factors affect their deployment.

positive affect   (ポジティブな影響)

The levels of oxytocin in the maternal brain correlate with maternal behaviors such as gazing, vocalization, positive affect, affectionate touch and other similar mother-infant relationship behaviors.

For example, individuals who have experienced trauma have been shown to exhibit greater optimism, positive affect, and satisfaction with social support, as well as increases in the number of social supportive resources.

A study on the relationship happiness to various character strengths showed that "a conscious focus on gratitude led to reductions in negative affect and increases in optimistic appraisals, positive affect, offering emotional support, sleep quality, and well-being".

greatly affect   (大きく影響する)

These wars did not greatly affect daily life in Ephesus.

The materials used to build the cages greatly affect the price.

Mountains and surrounding valleys greatly affect local climate.