İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not affected   (etkilenmemiş)

Ordinary mitten cat polydactyls are not affected.

Mainflingen's daily operation mode was not affected.

Insured deposits of €100,000 or less were not affected.

affected areas   (etkilenen bölgeler)

The affected areas are densely populated and mountainous.

About 120 people have been evacuated from the affected areas.

A map showing the most affected areas was released by ReliefWeb.

adversely affected   (olumsuz etkilenmiş)

Populations are being adversely affected by the West Nile virus.

The appellant must also be adversely affected by the appealed decision.

Human health is also adversely affected by the effects of light pollution.

severely affected   (ciddi şekilde etkilendi)

More than 300 people were severely affected by their torture.

On Mauritius, it was severely affected by deforestation and hunting.

The rest of the race was severely affected by poor weather conditions.

most affected   (en çok etkilenen)

The city of Svishtov was the most affected.

Treatment depends upon the following: Those most affected are:

A map showing the most affected areas was released by ReliefWeb.

greatly affected

The recession of 1969-1970 greatly affected Boeing.

For once, the cathedral in Mdina was not greatly affected.

Trade liberalization has greatly affected world food trade.

people affected   (etkilenen insanlar)

The number of people affected is about 5 per 100,000 per year.

This equates to 37.2 million people affected by food insecurity.

In Neiva, 15 fatalities were counted and 100,000 people affected.

negatively affected   (olumsuz etkilenmiş)

In 2009, a controversy involving Nokubo negatively affected his career.

However, its population has not been negatively affected by these activities.

Ogilvie (2004) argues that guilds negatively affected quality, skills, and innovation.

affected area

That serum is injected into the patient's affected area.

The worst affected area was redeveloped.

Instead, they simply improve blood flow to the affected area.

directly affected

This directly affected the German built Volkswagen vans.

Thousands of workers—estimates range from 12,000 to 20,000 —were directly affected.

Queens hibernating underground during the winter are not directly affected by the parasite.

deeply affected   (derinden etkilenmiş)

They are both deeply affected by the breakup.

Ochs was deeply affected by what he saw and experienced in Mississippi.

Carr-Gomm was deeply affected during the Billy Graham crusade to London in 1954.

badly affected   (Çok etkilenen)

Auchinleck was reportedly very badly affected.

Sweet peas can be badly affected by aphids, slugs and snails.

The first Test was badly affected by rain and there was little play.

significantly affected

On occasion, improvised details significantly affected the planned story.

Marketing has significantly affected the image of diamond as a valuable commodity.

The shape and energy of the land is significantly affected by gravitational forces.

areas affected

The City of Casalnuovo for the areas affected by earthquake.

Urban areas affected by food shortage adhered to a rationing system.

The extent of pain and the areas affected are related to the cause of the injury.

affected individuals

All affected individuals needn't show all the symptoms.

The affected individuals have low levels of plasmalogens.

Some affected individuals also have problems involving the nervous system.

heavily affected

The materials to make tarpaulins and tyres were heavily affected by this rationing.

In 1987, the Mexican wine industry was heavily affected by a legal ruling that opened the country to foreign wines.

On "American Sports", the album explores a darker musical direction, featuring "spooky", heavily affected keyboards.

seriously affected   (ciddi şekilde etkilendi)

The jamboree was seriously affected by the bad weather.

Months later, Nagai was found to be seriously affected by his head wound.

As of 2004, only the Comal population is seriously affected by the parasite.

less affected   (daha az etkilenen)

Thus, mishits are less affected by the newer clubheads.

The other towns of the Grand Harbour were considerably less affected.

In the early 1840s the UK was relatively less affected than the rest of Europe.

not be affected

The published edition of the encyclopaedia will not be affected by the changes.

HKEAA chairman Irving Koo assured the students that their education would not be affected by the error.

Academies are not required to follow the national curriculum, and so would not be affected by the reforms.

strongly affected

Despite that it strongly affected Chiapas politics.

Neither are the "bony prominences" strongly affected.

Births and deaths The economy is strongly affected by geography.

worst affected   (en kötü etkilenenler)

Liu Bang in particular was the worst affected.

The worst affected area was redeveloped.

It was worst affected in the 1982 flood.

affected people

In any case, the majority of the affected people were expelled.

Most affected people have a stable clinical course but are often transfusion dependent.

The collapse of the judicial system after the hurricane affected people who were held at Camp Greyhound.

particularly affected   (özellikle etkilenen)

Allen was particularly affected by the murder of President Kennedy in 1963.

Archaeological studies of domestic sites have been particularly affected by ongoing feminist work.

Significantly, farmers in developing countries are particularly affected by prohibitions on seed saving.

affected all

These factors affected all glass factories in the region.

Rain affected all three matches.

The tests reveal the extent obesity has affected all of the contestants' health.

affected many

The Board's powers were broad and affected many aspects of banking supervision.

Lower stock prices and job losses affected many telecommunications companies in 2001.

The economic depression of the 1920s affected many nations around the globe, including Greece.

profoundly affected   (derinden etkilenmiş)

Cay stability is profoundly affected by cyclonic disturbance.

Van Vogt was profoundly affected by revelations of totalitarian police states that emerged after World War II.

only affected   (sadece etkilenen)

The attack only affected the SLAF's training element.

The extinction seems to have only affected marine life.

The merger of the KPD and SPD to form the SED only affected the Soviet sector of the city.

people were affected   (insanlar etkilendi)

Almost 950,000 people were affected by Saola.

Over 20 million people were affected by the storm in China alone.

Additionally, an estimated 20 million people were affected by the storm.

all affected   (hepsi etkilenmiş)

The referee removes captured stones from all affected boards.

Power was cut to all affected villages.

By May 8, 2017, Microsoft had released a patch to all affected systems.

families affected

A total of $10 million in funds was given to families affected by the storm.

She worked closely with African-American families affected by school desegregation cases.

There are organizations that provide support for people and families affected by epilepsy.

children affected

Food prices rose and acute malnutrition rates doubled, with more than 95,000 children affected.

The week raises awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems and the support available.

A third of those who contacted Nacoa were children affected by their parent's drinking, whereas in 2014 and 2015 it was nearer two thirds.

more affected   (daha etkilenmiş)

Females are slightly more affected than males.

Large individuals were more affected than small ones and reproduction was reduced in infected specimens.

She supported the romanticism, but one a bit more affected by the enlightenment era, a view supported by Goethe and Tegnér.

area affected

Mongolia is an area affected by desertification due to overgrazing.

Signs and symptoms of candidiasis vary depending on the area affected.

The area affected by this earthquake was very similar to that affected by the 1893 shock.

affected more   (daha fazla etkilendi)

Males are affected more often than females.

The Mangla Dam Raising Project, however, has affected more than 40,000 people living in vicinity of the dam.