İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

issues affecting   (etkileyen konular)

Eight out of nine articles that were censored were on issues affecting the LGBT communities.

The duty to bargain in good faith extends to managerial issues affecting employment conditions.

The purpose of the convention is to discuss and vote on a wide range of issues affecting the fraternity.

without affecting   (etkilemeden)

The goal is to enhance runway safety without affecting airport capacity.

This makes it possible to change the implementation without affecting the clients.

If they are right, then MBE can improve moral behavior without affecting anyone's freedom.

factors affecting   (etkileyen faktörler)

Other factors affecting effectiveness include drug interactions, malabsorption and body weight.

Macroeconomic analysis also considers factors affecting the long-term level and growth of national income.

However, such tests cannot separate genetic factors from environmental factors affecting fetal development.

matters affecting

Philip returned to the Cape as unofficial adviser to the government on all matters affecting the indigenous people of Southern Africa.

All community radio practitioners are invited to use the site to share information, learn and debate about any matters affecting the sector.

Concurrent resolutions are generally used to address the sentiments of both chambers or to deal with issues or matters affecting both houses.

affecting both

The condition may either be unilateral (affecting one thumb) or bilateral (affecting both).

A second outbreak occurred in 1755, again affecting both the white population and the Khoisan.

Car sales declined in the United States, affecting both US based and foreign car manufacturers.