İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

shortly afterwards   (kısa bir süre sonra)

A uniform review was conducted shortly afterwards.

The population shortly afterwards was about 10,000.

The lyric video was premiered shortly afterwards.

soon afterwards   (kısa süre sonra)

He returned to his home, and died soon afterwards.

The group parted ways with de Clerck soon afterwards.

The Marian Persecutions began soon afterwards.

years afterwards   (yıllar sonra)

A number were used for some years afterwards as saluting guns.

He also helped the club to do so in the next two years afterwards.

The pitchfork mark was reputedly on this door for many years afterwards.

immediately afterwards   (hemen sonrasında)

Kotokanyu was told to retire immediately afterwards.

He served his one-game suspension immediately afterwards.

The engines were stopped but almost immediately afterwards a fog whistle was heard.

long afterwards   (çok sonra)

Not long afterwards, the ship's lone funnel collapsed.

Not long afterwards, Perez transformed his gym into an MMA gym.

Al-Dewish was put in prison, and died not long afterwards, possibly by poison.

died shortly afterwards

Æthelred died shortly afterwards in April.

His wife, who lost consciousness, died shortly afterwards.

Ward died shortly afterwards, on 8 July.

afterwards became

Barre shortly afterwards became the head of the SRC.

Lyfing became Bishop of Crediton in 1027 and shortly afterwards became Bishop of Cornwall.

He is described as a "religious and holy presbyter, who afterwards became a famous bishop".

time afterwards

Not much was heard about Capranica for a long time afterwards.

The conversation continued in this manner for some time afterwards.

An Inter-African Force remained in the region for some time afterwards.

died soon afterwards

He returned to his home, and died soon afterwards.

He was found and brought home, but died soon afterwards.

He died soon afterwards, on 18 January 1949.

not long afterwards   (Kısa süre sonra)

Al-Dewish was put in prison, and died not long afterwards, possibly by poison.

The remaining daughter, Susanna Phillpotts (1779-1837),died not long afterwards.

The Prime Minister visited the area not long afterwards and rebuilding commenced.

days afterwards

For days afterwards Izora and I were scratching [ourselves]!

He died three days afterwards in 1632.

Rappe died four days afterwards.

months afterwards

I had neck problems for months afterwards".

He fell ill some months afterwards and died in New York City.

A few months afterwards, B.J.