match against   (マッチする)

He next faces a match against Philipp Petzschner.

He also scored a try in their match against the .

Cup match against his home-town club, Portsmouth.

game against   (対戦)

The first football game against them was in 1978.

Ireland lost their third pool game against England.

He hit two in an exhibition game against the Bears.

win against   (勝つ)

They achieved their only win against Singapore 1–0.

They started with a hard win against Bangladesh 1–0.

He scored twice in a 4–1 win against Banbury United.

fight against   (戦う)

This was part of the U.S. fight against communism.

We will fight against the wrongdoers instead of you”.

Foundation, Inc. to fight against the spread of AIDS.

war against   (との戦い)

Tarsun Khan was engaged in war against Masum Khan.

The war against the invaders lasted from 1208–1227.

They were constantly at war against the Mughal Empire.

campaign against   (反対キャンペーン)

The video was a part of a campaign against Dove.

Later, he launched a campaign against the demolition.

Sturge led a campaign against this delaying mechanism.

draw against   (引き付ける)

He made his debut in a 2–2 draw against Al-Arabi.

The record run was stopped by a draw against Siófok.

Eastman fought to a draw against Jorge Oliviera.

against each   (それぞれに対して)

The muscles work both with and against each other.

The show pitted two contestants against each other.

Segunda División teams were drawn against each other.

victory against   (に対する勝利)

Liga in a 3–0 victory against SpVgg Unterhaching.

A victory against the city wasn't so easily achieved.

Liga in a 2–0 victory against Karlsruher SC.

against each other   (互いに対して)

The muscles work both with and against each other.

The show pitted two contestants against each other.

Segunda División teams were drawn against each other.

debut against   (に対してデビュー)

He scored on his debut against Eastbourne Borough.

On 26 January, he made his debut against Jong Ajax.

He made his debut against Pune FC on 24 March 2013.

loss against   (に対する損失)

He made his debut in a 4–1 loss against Liverpool.

Yanes scored his first goal in a 3–2 loss against C.D.

The season ended with a 34–38 loss against No.

action against   (に対する行動)

In response, both announced legal action against him.

The referee of the game took no action against Shearer.

Legal action against the leaks by Murray is now underway.

matches against   (に一致)

Kenya hosted test matches against Portugal and Spain.

He played in two Test matches against India in 1951–52.

In 1932, he won matches against P. Frydman and O. Karlin.

lawsuit against   (に対する訴訟)

In April 2016, Wimdu filed a lawsuit against the law.

One notable case was Bell's lawsuit against Western Union.

As a result, Memmoli filed a $1 million lawsuit against Pryor.

played against   (対戦した)

At the Asian Open he played against Sean Storey .

He played against Dewsbury Rams and Keighley Cougars.

On 17 March 1961 he played against an Irish League XI.

charges against   (に対する請求)

McAnespie was acquitted of all charges against him.

Francis Bacon delivered the charges against him.

Abedin refused to press charges against her parents.

final against   (決勝戦)

He scored three goals in the final against Emelec (7–0).

Nigeria won the final against South Africa.

The lost the regional final against Rice.

protest against   (抗議する)

There was widespread protest against the bill.

to protect themselvesselves and protest against military.

That evening there was a vocal protest against the killing.

voted against   (反対票を投じた)

In June 2011, she voted against same-sex marriage.

He voted against term limits for certain officials.

Several Democrats also voted against the resolution.

fought against   (戦った)

The Navajo fought against the Apaches in the area.

On August 22, 2008, he fought against Santipab Sit.

Jäger troops had fought against the Russian empire.

series against   (に対してシリーズ)

Maroussi then lost the 3rd place playoff series against Aris.

A good series against India in 1967 established him in the team.

Astle was selected for the ODI series against West Indies in 1995.

up against   (立てかけ)

I will stand up against President Obama's agenda."

Three tigers are going up against eleven buffaloes.

She helps the residents rise up against these guards.

games against   (に対するゲーム)

Also included, friendly games against national teams.

He captained Queensland in two games against NSW in 1901.

Each team played two games against each of other two teams.

battle against   (との戦い)

He willingly assists in the battle against the Mayor.

Soon, it is time for the battle against the Blackdeath.

Mentor joined in the battle against Thanos.

violence against   (に対する暴力)

The journal did not promote violence against Jews.

Dr. Dre has been accused of violence against multiple women.

It was also criticised for inciting violence against the opposition.

goal against   (に対する目標)

Guadalajara by scoring his 101st goal against C.F.

Scored a goal against the Denver Outlaws on (5/13).

He then scored a goal against Mioveni in a 4-0 win.

season against   (に対するシーズン)

Martínez kicked of the 2012 season against Macara.

They lost their first game of the season against No.

The Bears opened the season against 15th-ranked TCU.

defeat against   (負ける)

He played in the opening defeat against Portugal.

He scored in the 1–2 home defeat against 1.

Stoke ended January with a 2–0 home defeat against Preston.

case against   (反対の場合)

Kajal's mother files a case against Neeraj's family.

The criminal case against him was eventually dropped.

Innoson Motors began its case against GT Bank in 2011.

friendly against   (に優しい)

He was also called up for a friendly against Peru.

The stand was opened for a prestigious friendly against S.L.

He made his debut in a friendly against Iran on 20 April 1998.

came against   (反対しました)

His run-on debut came against the Chiefs in 2007.

This score came against Cambridge University in 1855.

Tazawa's second start came against the Texas Rangers.

attacks against   (に対する攻撃)

His forces started major attacks against Kabul for one month.

"If they succeed, they will attempt more attacks against us."

There were false accusations and attacks against suspicious people.

friendly match against   (対親善試合)

In October, 2013 he played a friendly match against Bahrain.

His final international was a June 2008 friendly match against Canada.

His final international was a July 2005 friendly match against Canada.

protection against   (に対する保護)

the Royal Navy provided protection against piracy.

Ottla thus lost her protection against the persecution of Jews.

British ships had inadequate protection against these flash fires.

crimes against   (に対する犯罪)

She was charged with murder, kidnapping and crimes against .

Papon was tried and convicted for crimes against humanity in 1998.

€315 million) for involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

struggle against   (と闘う)

Their central theme is the struggle against the Ottoman Empire.

He was to struggle against the West Indies throughout his career.

Kupang became the base of the Dutch struggle against the Portuguese.

operations against   (に対する操作)

It did not participate in operations against Iraq.

The group flew with Fighter Command in operations against the .

The base is used to support military operations against Boko Haram.

fighting against   (戦う)

Ships were lost fighting against unequal odds.

For Sefo he had the daunting task of fighting against "Mr.

Bai Qi was therefore able to avoid fighting against Han forces.

against women   (女性に対して)

The bias against women was so bad at that time.

The game had no marketing efforts either for or against women.

She gradually worked to change cultural taboos against women sewing.

compete against   (対抗する)

It was also created to compete against The CW.

Mace would later compete against Travers in foot races.

Players do not compete against each other.

attack against   (に対する攻撃)

Bai Qi then turned his attack against the Han forces.

Sui-San died in Thanos' first major attack against Titan.

On June 4, the Japanese launch an air attack against Midway.

home win against   (ホーム勝利)

Strootman made his PSV debut in a 3–1 home win against AZ.

The winter break was preceded by a home win against Real Betis.

On 15 April, he scored twice in a 5-2 home win against Panegialios.

play against   (対戦する)

Blue and black balls play against red and yellow.

Ismail Qemali" was drawn to play against Teuta.

Each team will play against each other twice.

against other   (他に対して)

This area is defended vehemently against other gibbons.

Uyesugi reportedly made threats against other co-workers' lives.

It defends this hole against other sea urchins of its own species.

suit against   (反対する)

Conner filed suit against Patton in September 2002.

Her husband filed a divorce suit against her adultery.

Vilma filed a personal slander suit against Roger Goodell.

off against   (に対してオフ)

BIG faced off against Renegades in the next match.

On 30 October, he was sent off against FC Eindhoven.

The 4 losers from Round 1 play off against each other.

rebellion against   (反乱)

1573 Mirzas rose in rebellion against Akbar.

He helps Heigar initiate the rebellion against Team Blue.

Soon, the Aztecs rose up in rebellion against Cortés and his men.

goals against   (に対する目標)

He had 321 saves and a 6.15 goals against average.

He scored two goals against his brother, Gary Smith.

On the second match, he scored 2 goals against Kedah.

protests against   (に対する抗議)

He organized many protests against death penalty.

He also lead protests against Nurul Amin visiting Jessore.

He organized protests against this, fought back and succeeded.

against the government   (政府に対して)

The more radical element were pitted against the government.

on April 4, was an unprecedented demonstration against the government.

The result showed a considerable swing of 7.6% against the government.

title against   (に対するタイトル)

In January 2004, he retained his PABA title against Rud.

She won the title against Tanzee Daniel by Unanimous Decision.

On April 6, he would successfully defend the title against ACH.

rebelled against   (反抗した)

She rebelled against Adam, the angels, and even God.

Udvarhelyszék rebelled against him in absentia.

In 107 CE, the Xianlian Qiang rebelled against Han authority.

vote against   (反対票)

Clodius cast the single vote against the decree.

He received 100% of the caucus vote against no opponents.

In 2005, he won with 62% of the vote against Democrat David Cox.

defense against   (に対する防御)

as Black has no defense against the threat of Qg7# (26...hxg6 27.

Another possibility is that perforation is a defense against herbivory.

A plant's first line of defense against abiotic stress is in its roots.

revolt against   (反乱)

The DPA led the revolt against this".

A revolt against the Athenians in 411 BC was put down by force.

The war was followed by a failed revolt against the Carthaginian Empire.

decided against   (に対して決定した)

Chou's agency eventually decided against his proposal.

Ultimately, they decided against pursuing another film.

The NCAA eventually decided against instituting the rule.

discrimination against   (差別)

However, systematic discrimination against Albanians still existed.

It prohibited unfair labor practices such as discrimination against union members.

He described the purpose of the event "was to protest discrimination against the fat."

against all   (すべてに対して)

Russia allows voters to vote "against all" candidates.

Ranga fights against all odds and gets married to Sree.

Many songs are decidedly racist against all Non-Whites.

tie against   (結びつける)

Liga's Round of 16 tie against Lanús opened at home.

He was evicted on Day 49 when Adria broke a tie against him.

The Superbombers also played to a tie against March Field (No.

used against   (に対して使用)

The gun can be used against air, sea or land targets.

It is used against vegetable fly larvae and soil pests.

Public nuisance laws are also used against prostitution..

against humanity   (人道に対して)

Papon was tried and convicted for crimes against humanity in 1998.

Prime Minister Erdogan called antisemitism a "crime against humanity."

The government of Sri Lanka in 2008 termed it a crime against humanity.

playing against   (対戦する)

Nakubuwai made his test debut in 1994, playing against France.

The next year he made his test debut for France, playing against Fiji.

Baker made his Test debut on 11 December, playing against New Zealand.

team against   (チームに対して)

They plan to escape from the hell and make team against Yamraj.

On opening night he scheduled the "New York" team against Syracuse.

On July 27, 2017, she debuted for Japan national team against Brazil.

competed against   (対抗した)

They competed against each other in the Jordan Mixed Open.

The team competed against about 600 schools for first place.

On June 16, 2017, he competed against Tim Hague in Edmonton.

campaigns against   (反対キャンペーン)

European powers watched Spain's campaigns against the Rif closely.

He planned for further campaigns against the Romans, but died in 453.

The Ottomans, a Sunni dynasty, fought several campaigns against the Safavids.

filed against   (に対して提出)

n 2018, a recall petition was filed against Young.

A $191,000 tax lien was filed against him in 2006.

However, no charges were ever filed against him there.

made against   (に対して作られた)

This attack was made against Tokyo on 25 February.

There was no resistance made against the second posse.

Accusations were made against the Soviet side as well.

protested against   (抗議)

In divided Berlin he protested against the Berlin Wall.

In June 1873 he protested against the famous Pascal circular.

Andersen protested against Manus' account when it was published.

resistance against   (に対する抵抗)

For resistance against "quantum" computers, see below.

During resistance against the French, I was Nguyen Thiet.

He led the Nandi resistance against British colonial rule.

evidence against   (に対する証拠)

Later in the month Porter gave evidence against Fenwick.

The evidence against the young McFarlane is quite damning.

Lau denies this, and the ICAC fail to find evidence against him.

away win against   (離れて勝つ)

On 14 January 2018 he sealed a 2-0 away win against Apollon Larissa.

On 27 February, Niculae opened the score in a 2–0 away win against PAOK.

On 10 December he scored in a difficult 2-1 away win against Doxa Drama.

protect against   (に対して守る)

Selenium can protect against heavy metal poisoning.

Rubber soled slippers, to protect against electric shocks).

To protect against such moves, a player can hire a security company.

actions against   (に対する行動)

He fought in several actions against the French.

Early on, ShadowHawk's actions against criminals were brutal.

§ 2712) of SCA discusses civil actions against the United States.

brought against   (持ってきた)

However, no legal proceedings were brought against AFD.

No charges were ever brought against him.

No charges were brought against Swift's corporate officials.

home against   (に対して家)

Since 2008, the Sox went 19-4 at home against Seattle.

At home against the New York Giants, Dallas won 27–26.

Lofoten lost 1–3 after extra time at home against the 1.

directed against   (に向けて)

Some drugs are specifically directed against dividing cells.

>Other laws were directed against the practice of witchcraft by women.

Peter's first military efforts were directed against the Ottoman Turks.

violence against women   (女性に対する暴力)

In 2004 she initiated a global campaign to stop violence against women.

Although violence against women is prohibited, domestic violence is common.

One Billion Rising is an international campaign to end violence against women.

crimes against humanity   (人道に対する罪)

Papon was tried and convicted for crimes against humanity in 1998.

€315 million) for involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In 1951, he was condemned to 12 years imprisonment for crimes against humanity.

against both   (両方に対して)

Xerlin can validate XML against both DTDs and Schemas.

Local residents are against both proposals.

Enraged, Michaels demanded a match against both Daivari and Hassan.

record against   (記録する)

Gulko has a plus record against Garry Kasparov (+3−1=4).

Ryan's Eagles compiled an 8–2 record against the Cowboys.

The tie brought Alabama's all-time record against Texas to 0–4–1.

turned against   (反対した)

Horrified and disgusted, Daz turned against him.

Five captured guns were turned against the rest of the Union line.

Alya shared his views, and increasingly turned against her mother.

against his former   (前者に対して)

A week later, he scored the winner against his former club.

He scored 2 goals against his former side in a 3–2 friendly win.

Frank Nouble then scored the games third goal against his former club.

against former   (前者に対して)

She faced off against former Bacoor Mayor Jessie Castillo.

Means testified against former Attorney General Daugherty.

He debuted in a goalless draw against former on 28 January.

revenge against   (復ven)

Aadalarasu swears revenge against Nallasivam.

Shankar, angered by this, seeks revenge against Kanagavel.

They were bent on revenge against Lex.

defend against   (身を守ります)

Li Shigu sent Zhao to defend against the expected attack.

To defend against medical statutes, B.J.

In some cases, a check can be used to defend against such tactics.

points against   (反対点)

He had 27 points against Seton Hall on January 20.

Mikeal Hopkins also contributed 10 points against Towson.

He scored 34 points against Coppin State and Morgan State.

expedition against   (遠征)

He served as lieutenant in the expedition against Cartagena.

On Foy's return, the expedition against Portugal was preparing.

Doria also led an expedition against the Barbary states in 1601.

drawn against   (に対して描かれた)

He was drawn against Ronnie Baxter and lost 11-7.

Segunda División teams were drawn against each other.

Teams were drawn against a team from the same section.

offensive against   (攻撃的)

Báez determined to take the offensive against Haiti.

The event was an offensive against the "deutsche Physik" movement.

The MNLA also offered to join the offensive against the Islamists.

set against   (に対して設定)

The previous record was 742 set against Colorado State in 2011.

The hole is set against the scenic backdrop of Linksfield Ridge.

According to some this alliance was set against the Serbian Kingdom.

home draw against   (ホームドロー)

He made his debut on 19 April during a home draw against L.D.U.

On 17 August, he made his official debut in a 0–0 home draw against Beroe.

He made his Albion debut in a 1–1 home draw against Bury on 21 February 1998.

against the touring   (ツーリングに対して)

In 2002 he played for a Fiji XIII against the touring England A side.

He played for Auckland City in 1923 against the touring Great Britain Lions.

Jaavuo made his debut for France in 1994 against the touring Australian side.

round against   (反対する)

In the Australian Open he lost in the third round against Tomáš Berdych.

By contrast, Southampton played one replay in the fourth round against Millwall.

The points obtained in the preliminary round against the other team are taken over.

argued against   (反論した)

", in which he argued against the proposed Trump tariffs.

The members of the kibbutz argued against his and Hanna's departures.

They always argued against it.

run against   (に反する)

Only a single challenger chose to run against him.

He also caught an 86-yard catch and run against the Lions.

Deerfoot-Bad Meat was entered to run against the favourite J.W.

competing against   (対抗)

Styles competing against Jimmy Rave.

When competing against a Thoroughbred, local sprinters often won.

Turkey were also bidding for UEFA Euro 2024, competing against Germany.

wins against   (に勝つ)

The team amassed 75 wins against 67 losses during the Mike Rice years.

His career record over 72 tournaments was 310 wins against 291 losses.

He scored six wins against just one loss in his first official tournament.

campaigned against   (反対運動)

Pappu Yadav campaigned against Nitish-Lalu alliance.

The BBS has also campaigned against the abaya.

Afonso actively campaigned against the Moors in the south.

opener against   (開幕戦)

In 2016, Stony Brook won their season opener against No.

In the opener against Miami, he had 21 carries for 92 yards.

He made his NFL debut in the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys.