İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

government agencies   (Devlet kurumları)

Most funding for CAM is funded by government agencies.

There are no government agencies regulating franchises.

Most are run by IMSS and ISSSTE and other government agencies.

enforcement agencies   (Icra organları)

, 5,271 law enforcement agencies submitted NIBRS data.

They must also notify other nearby law enforcement agencies promptly.

The E7 was to be only available for law enforcement agencies to purchase.

law enforcement agencies   (kolluk)

, 5,271 law enforcement agencies submitted NIBRS data.

They must also notify other nearby law enforcement agencies promptly.

The E7 was to be only available for law enforcement agencies to purchase.

federal agencies   (Federal kurumlar)

The intervenors and the federal agencies appealed this decision.

Owners include private individuals and several state and federal agencies.

intelligence agencies   (istihbarat ajansları)

U.S. intelligence agencies continued to track bin Laden.

The order explicitly does not apply to intelligence agencies.

American intelligence agencies also agree with this attribution.

other agencies   (diğer ajanslar)

It gives less coverage than other agencies to crime, disasters, and violence.

The child protection services of Haringey and other agencies were widely criticised.

It continues to grow and now the County and other agencies along with the private sector.

state agencies   (Devlet kurumları)

In 1983, Conrail passed its commuter operations to state agencies.

NASCUS also provides examiner education programs for state agencies.

In 2000, he worked for the state agencies of industry and public treasury.

agencies such   (ajanslar böyle)

It also sources stories from Iranian news agencies such as FARS and IRNA.

Credit rating agencies such as Moody's, Fitch, and S&P provide a similar service for bond securities.

STOP's consumer representation is important during meetings with agencies such as the USDA, FDA, and CDC.

news agencies

Many news agencies across the UK reported this event.

Lebanon has two state-owned news agencies.

As reported by various news agencies KKD was floated in Odisha in 2007.

advertising agencies

All five companies are or were London advertising agencies.

He also worked in advertising agencies and in various radios.

Trem da Alegria's "members were 'recruited by advertising agencies'".

governmental agencies   (Devlet kurumları)

They are typically governmental agencies.

The Authority is backed by numerous local governmental agencies.

Following is the list of various governmental agencies of the state.

regulatory agencies   (düzenleyici kurumlar)

Often, regulatory agencies oversee the enforcement of these laws.

He assisted in applications to regulatory agencies for new products.

The Aquarium of Boise is compliant with regulatory agencies, which include the U.S.

other government agencies   (diğer devlet kurumları)

Most are run by IMSS and ISSSTE and other government agencies.

The fifth step was collaboration with other government agencies.

Additionally, Rademacher foresaw roles for other government agencies.

security agencies

The Specialized Security Corps are military security agencies dependent on the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

These people are known, but the security agencies have not been able to arrest these people and prosecute them.

Drug cartels are using new methods in narcotics production and narcotics exportation, to avoid Ghanaian security agencies.

agencies including

The ministry oversees four external agencies including the Japan Coast Guard and the Japan Tourism Agency.

He worked as a reporter for several agencies including, Radio-Canada, Pathe News, The Saturday Evening Post and International Movietone.

As one of the world's foremost Arctic experts, Balchen was sought out by numerous companies and government agencies including Canada and Norway.

departments and agencies

Twenty-five departments and agencies were approved of for federal support, namely the U.S. V.I.

The department shares this responsibility with 17 other departments and agencies at the federal and provincial levels.

Various departments and agencies of Cuyahoga County oversee water quality, watershed health, and economic and residential development.

local agencies

Headquartered in France, it operates local agencies and subsidiaries in Spain and Italy.

Growing public concern about exposure to dangerous chemicals in their everyday life has received attention from state and local agencies.

Some insurance companies and local agencies require that alarm systems be installed to code or be certified by an independent third party.

international agencies

He also worked at international agencies such as Wunderman Cato Johnson, Young & Rubicam, and Neogama BBH.

The services of the FBI Laboratory are used by many state, local, and international agencies free of charge.

The United Nations and other international agencies have adopted several conventions which promote gender equality.

public agencies   (kamu kurumları)

In California, Community Redevelopment Law governs the use of tax increment financing by public agencies.

The New York State Urban Development Corporation and ten other public agencies were also involved in the development project.

OCS administers six programs which provide funding for community development and poverty alleviation for private and public agencies:

travel agencies   (seyahat Acenteleri)

Such vehicles are owned by travel agencies and hotels.

Because of this tickets could not be purchased at travel agencies.

It has no toll-free phone number and does not use Internet travel agencies.

police agencies

Sometimes, police agencies use trucks equipped with cages for animal control.

It is responsible for managing the Macau public security and police agencies.

Postal Inspection Service and various state and local police agencies throughout the country.

rating agencies

Success of Georgia is recognized by different rating agencies.

It has been acreedited A* rating company by the top rating agencies of the country i.e.

Thus, part of the regulatory authority was abdicated in favour of private rating agencies.

various agencies

9189 crore have already been placed on various agencies.

The furniture plant refinishes and builds new furniture for various agencies.

Currently Reigan works as a club singer for various agencies in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

development agencies   (geliştirme ajansları)

This is in addition to humanitarian assistance and contributions to multilateral development agencies.

They were widely encouraged by development agencies from the middle of the 1980s in the Sahel area of Africa.

He advises leaders of governments, foundations, educational organizations and international development agencies.

aid agencies   (yardım ajansları)

The summit has been broadly welcomed by aid agencies.

Other aid agencies have also supported water privatization.

Bangladeshi aid agencies work in many developing countries.

service agencies

He then worked for social service agencies.

Regional service agencies are present in over half of U.S. states.

The advent of memorial service agencies gave rise to the memorial service.

funding agencies

Videoex is organized by the non-profit association Videoex and supported by private and public funding agencies.

Most funding agencies mandate efficient use of their funds; they want to maximize outcome for their money spent.

Besides the EU projects, he is principal investigator on 25 national projects supported by various funding agencies.

other federal agencies   (diğer federal kurumlar)

The NSLP has relationships with several other federal agencies and programs.

In many cases these responsibilities are shared with other federal agencies.

Many operational activities are partnerships with local, state and other federal agencies.

transit agencies

The station connects with other transit agencies at the adjoining Finch Bus Terminal.

By fitting bicycle racks on the front of buses, transit agencies can significantly increase the areas they can serve.

In 2009, the ORCA Card was introduced as a new way for fare payment between the seven transit agencies in the Puget Sound region.

health agencies   (sağlık ajansları)

Presentations to high-risk groups for children and the elderly, peer organizations, environmental health agencies and others are especially important.

The agency's response to the 2001 anthrax attacks was also criticized for ineffective communication with other public health agencies and with the public.

The CDC also operates the Public Health Associate Program (PHAP), a two-year paid fellowship for recent college graduates to work in public health agencies all over the United States.