Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

free agency   (agencia libre)

In October 2009 Cannizaro was granted free agency.

After the 2011 season, he elected for free agency.

He declared free agency in November of that year.

government agency   (agencia del gobierno)

The Flemish government agency for sports is Bloso.

Statistics Iceland became an independent government agency.

The government agency may check compliance through site visits.

advertising agency   (la agencia de publicidad)

In 2006, Freud purchased advertising agency DFGW.

Tina Sani began working for an advertising agency in 1977.

Peter gets a job at an advertising agency as a copywriter.

news agency   (agencia de noticias)

It was reproduced by the Italian news agency "ANSA".

He directed the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina.

It was launched by the Mongolian news agency Montsame.

intelligence agency   (agencia de inteligencia)

BIA) is a national intelligence agency of Serbia.

Indeed, he denied ever having worked for any intelligence agency.

During the Second World War, he served the British intelligence agency.

enforcement agency   (agencia de la aplicación)

The PRVWSD operates a law enforcement agency within the district.

During this nature of emergency, the MPD are considered a federal law enforcement agency.

Cleveland's law enforcement agency is the Cleveland Division of Police, established in 1866.

law enforcement agency   (agencia de la ley)

The PRVWSD operates a law enforcement agency within the district.

During this nature of emergency, the MPD are considered a federal law enforcement agency.

Cleveland's law enforcement agency is the Cleveland Division of Police, established in 1866.

agency responsible   (agencia responsable)

HSVP is a related government owned agency responsible for the urban development.

The NPI is the official agency responsible for place names in the Norwegian polar regions.

Most countries have a census bureau or government agency responsible for conducting censuses.

state agency   (agencia del estado)

PEMARZA, a state agency, carries on marine fishing.

From 1997 to 1998 he headed state agency that is in charge of tourism in Ukraine.

The state agency and EBRPD executed a 30-year agreement for EBRPD to manage the park.

travel agency   (agencia de viajes)

The firm still exists, but is now a travel agency.

Philip tells Stan that the travel agency is failing.

In 2008, she opened a travel agency in Hawaii.

federal agency   (agencia Federal)

The seven-member board of governors is a federal agency.

The CAB was an independent federal agency.

The task force provides assistance to a lead federal agency when tasked by DoD.

elected free agency   (agencia libre elegida)

Cuevas elected free agency on November 6, 2017.

Cloyd elected free agency on October 12, 2018.

Burns elected free agency on November 6, 2015.

talent agency   (agencia de talento)

She also opened her own talent agency called VAA.

From July 2013 she switched her talent agency changed to Oscar Promotion.

Chartwell Artists grew to be the fifth-largest talent agency in the world.

regulatory agency   (agencia reguladora)

The New York State Banking Department was the oldest bank regulatory agency in the United States.

As of 2018, California was the only state where no regulatory agency had adopted the FDA Food Code.

The five-member public regulatory agency oversees utilities, trucking, and telecommunications companies.

new agency   (nueva agencia)

In October 2019, Oh signed with new agency SidusHQ.

Lee signed with a new agency, FNC Entertainment in 2014.

In May 2019, Kwak signed with new agency Mada Entertainment.

ad agency   (agencia de publicidad)

After a year, he joined Sistas ad agency.

The ad agency McKinney was behind both.

Pratap started to work as a copywriter in an ad agency in Mumbai.

independent agency   (agencia independiente)

In 1985, Chino Fire decided to become an independent agency once again.

The office is an independent agency under the prime minister's supervision.

The Conservatoria was created by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia as an independent agency.

modeling agency   (agencia de modelaje)

In 2015, Stymest signed with modeling agency The Lions NY.

In Paris, they go for casting at modeling agency Metropolitan.

She was then invited by a modeling agency to work professionally.

detective agency   (agencia de detectives)

He runs a detective agency in Bangalore, Charu Bhaduri Investigation.

Police Inspector Andrew Houghton of a Boston-based detective agency investigated the case.

In the town of Vishrampur, two friends Gattu and Battu run a security and detective agency.

marketing agency   (agencia de mercadeo)

VMG launched the digital marketing agency V Digital Services in 2013.

1973: Creation of the first design marketing agency in France: Carré Noir.

He also owns INNOCEAN Worldwide, an ad & marketing agency, with his eldest daughter Chung Sung-yi.

space agency   (agencia Espacial)

$50 million will be allocated to the creation of a space agency.

Bangladesh's space agency, SPARRSO, was founded in 1983 with assistance from the United States.

This success made China's CNSA the fourth space agency to directly explore asteroids, after NASA, ESA and JAXA.

development agency   (agencia de desarrollo)

Nico Roozen is today Executive Director of the development agency Solidaridad.

The Week of Compassion is the disaster relief and Third World development agency.

It is being marketed internationally by the state economic development agency NRW.INVEST.

agency within   (agencia dentro)

The PRVWSD operates a law enforcement agency within the district.

He was assigned to the Office of the National Coordinator, an agency within HHS.

Sentencing Commission was established by Congress as a permanent, independent agency within the judicial branch.

executive agency   (Agencia ejecutiva)

The Service was first established as the "Scottish Courts Administration" in 1995, as an executive agency of the Scottish Office.

Within days of its receipt, Roosevelt approved the creation of a War Refugee Board, a U.S. executive agency to aid civilian victims of the Nazi and Axis powers.

Office of the Prime Minister (Thailand) The Office of the Prime Minister (Abrv: OPM; , ) is the central executive agency in the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand.

lead agency   (agencia principal)

In 2010, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension took over as lead agency on the case.

KSHB was designated as the lead agency for the provision of coastal housing and re-settlement.

Shetland Arts are the lead agency behind the project, Gareth Hoskins were the architects and D.I.T.T.

granted free agency   (agencia libre concedida)

In October 2009 Cannizaro was granted free agency.

In October 2009, Traber was granted free agency.

Cedeno was granted free agency on November 12, 1985.

agency called   (agencia llamada)

She also opened her own talent agency called VAA.

She started a public relations agency called Crush Communications in 2002, and became managing director.

In 1987 he and his Taiwanese wife, Lily Chen, opened a literary agency called "Big Apple Agency" in Taiwan.

agency based   (basado en la agencia)

RegInfo is an agency based in the Kvemo Kartli region.

Reed (company) REED is an employment agency based in the United Kingdom.

He is the founder of MVP Sports Group, a sports agency based in Los Angeles, CA.

governmental agency   (agencia gubernamental)

Representatives from an Israeli governmental agency visited in 2014 and approved co-financing for renovations and security upgrades.

It was the first governmental agency in the US devoted to environmental protection, even predating the US Environmental Protection Agency.

In 1922 Sweden established a eugenic governmental agency, the State Institute of Racial Biology, of which Lundborg was appointed as the head.

management agency   (agencia de gestión)

Feldman & Associates, a major Canadian touring and management agency.

Created in 1932, the GRCA is the oldest water management agency in Canada.

In August 2017, Oh signed with new management agency Celltrion Entertainment.

insurance agency   (agencia de seguros)

It is presently occupied by an insurance agency.

His two primary sponsors at this time were a deli and an insurance agency.

His insurance agency was located in the same building as the Cleveland Arena.

security agency   (agencia de seguridad)

Security in the Rapid Metro is being handled by a private security agency.

Alongside police forces, Festival organizers hired a public security agency.

It is the first Scotland wide social security agency in the nation's history.

transit agency   (agencia de tránsito)

No other Los Angeles County transit agency provides service to, from or within the City of Santa Clarita.

Cecil Transit Cecil Transit is a public transit agency providing bus service in Cecil County in the US state of Maryland.

Customers can also store cash-value on their TAP card that can be used with any Los Angeles county transit agency that accepts TAP.

government agency responsible   (agencia gubernamental responsable)

Most countries have a census bureau or government agency responsible for conducting censuses.

The Ministry for Primary Industries is the government agency responsible for the agricultural sector.

UK Sport UK Sport is the government agency responsible for investing in Olympic and Paralympic sport in the UK.

police agency   (agencia de policia)

He told the police agency that he was willing to infiltrate the group they were monitoring.

History of the Norwegian Police Service The Norwegian Police Service is the civilian police agency for Norway.

State Forestry Corps The State Forestry Corps (Italian: Corpo forestale dello Stato or CFS) was a national police agency in Italy.

booking agency   (agencia de reservas)

In 2012, after the Olympics he signed with Insanity Artists booking agency.

In 2017, Blue Raincoat Music acquired the Berlin-based booking agency Spar-ks.

By his early 20s, Walters had opened his own booking agency in Boston, Massachusetts.

estate agency   (agencia inmobiliaria)

Countrywide acquired the southwest Wales estate agency John Francis in 2015.

In April 2008, Johnston bought back his former estate agency offices in East Belfast.

He was invalided back to the Scottish Borders and decided the family firm should set up an estate agency.


English was used as the agency’s official language.

He served as the agency’s Chairman until 1998.

I am also deeply humbled by the weight of this agency’s mission.

press agency   (Agencia de prensa)

He worked in a press agency before travelling to Brazil, where he collaborated on the new capital Brasilia.

He joined with Franz Jung to launch "Wirtschaftskorrespondenz", a press agency with its focus on business news.

The French Resistance created its own clandestine press agency, the (Information and Documentation Agency) (AID).

employment agency   (agencia de Empleo)

He founded the employment agency Ecco in 1964.

Reed (company) REED is an employment agency based in the United Kingdom.

In 2014 Alexa ranked as the UK's largest employment agency website.

via free agency   (a través de agencia libre)

Starting pitcher Don Gullett left via free agency and signed with the New York Yankees.

When long-time Brewer star Paul Molitor left via free agency before the 1993 season, Hamilton became more important to the Brewers offense.

Having lost two of their starting six defensemen via free agency, Ottawa desperately needed to acquire a defenseman and Methot fit the bill for the Sens.

agency s   (agencia)

English was used as the agency’s official language.

He served as the agency’s Chairman until 1998.

I am also deeply humbled by the weight of this agency’s mission.

rating agency   (agencia de calificación)

Fitch Ratings international rating agency assigned “B-“ credit rating to Rodovid Bank.

Moody’s international rating agency assigned “B3” credit rating to OJSC «RODOVID BANK».

In January 2019 the rating agency Moody's assigned UBP a long-term deposit rating of Aa2 with a stable outlook.

own agency   (agencia propia)

In 2018, Publishers Marketplace announced Kirkpatrick had formed his own agency, Kirkpatrick Literary.

As well as being a professional footballer, Amin is also a football agent who founded his own agency, Pro Elite, in 2017.

Paranoid that he is being targeted by his own agency, Harry visits his supervisor Eckart, who assures Harry that the agency has higher priorities.

creative agency   (agencia creativa)

"Rediffusion Y&R" is the creative agency for its OTT platform for Hoichoi.

He is the creative head and partner of Blitz Creatives, a creative agency based in Bengaluru.

In 2014, Ruth Chao and her partner Antonia Li, co-founded INDICUBE, a dynamic creative agency based in Hong Kong.